Lovere Meteo

Powered by IW2EJH

!!! The first Weather Station active in Lovere !!!

-- Real time situation in Lovere --

!!! The historical data of the weather station !!!
Need more details? click here to get data sent via APRS system
Here is another APRS Server on the net
Here is another one
APRS Locator
or here
APRS in Lovere
Here you can see the history of the meteo data (week/month/year)
Weather Underground Network in Lovere

Weather Underground Map in Lovere

!!! weather info comming from other website !!!

Here below the latest picture captured by LEO satellite

Here is another Satellite view ( Time is UTC, add 1 or 2H for local time)

Sat view visible channel

Last Updated: July 10, 2008 18:24 AM