From Cagliari


Left the harbor you have to continue toward the "S.S. 131" crossing it in direction Nuoro-Sassari till to reach the cross-roads of Abbasanta where you take the "S.S. 131 central dir." in direction Nuoro-Olbia. You coast along Nuoro leaving it on the right without entering there and you continue up to the cross-roads Dorgali-Lula. Here you continue toward Dorgali. You meet three cross-roads: you cross the first two alternatives without turning and in the last you turn to the right. Reached Dorgali you indifferently take the bypass to valley or to mount. After around 2 Kms you find on the left a gallery; gone beyond this you will see the splendid panorama of Cala Gonone. You go down for the last 5 Kms. When you arrive to Cala Gonone you go down up to the harbor that you coast along leaving it on the right up to arrive to a cross-roads. That in front of you is Marco Polo street; you go up till to find on the left the n 31-a-b.