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Year of Origin    March 2002

Artistic statement :
The spirit of this performance is the fest (as Friedrich Nietzsche said:
"Against the art of the art-works I want to tech a superior art,
the art of invention of fests"; the idea is a collective creation
which runs in the net as communication, which is made of communication,
which brings people who live very far from eachother in contact, but than we
also want to play on the semantic limit between real and virtual, so this
collaborative performance concretized itself also as concrete, "real"
thing out of the net, as installation, but contemporaneously, to
celebrate the global poetry day, March 21, promoted by UNESCO.
Global Poetry Net-Action happened March 1-31 contemporaneously in Internet
and in various cities and countries, in co-operation with artists in
situations related with avant-garde and experimentation. Every artist/poet
sent a poem to Caterina Davinio by e-mail: a poem, a visual poem, an
object-poem, a photo of  a performance or of a poetry reading, or whatever
else was, for the artist, "a poem".
March 21 (The Day of Poetry, promoted by UNESCO), "the poetry moved around
the planet": the arrived poems were sent , by e-mail, to other artists, in
New York, Los Angeles (USA), St. Petersburg, Perm (Russia), Montevideo
(Uruguay), San Paolo (Brazil), Rome (Italy), other cities and countries.
Some artists, based in various places in the world, received them and "let
the poems exit from Internet", exhibited or utilized them in poetry readings,
fests, performances, happenings, which  were photographed and re-sent, by
e-mail, to Caterina Davinio, who put them on line. This collaborative
virtual/real event was realized in cooperation with 200 poets and artists
who took part in the virtual-action, and the artists and artist's groups who
realized real events and performances (see the list in the web site).

Artist's biography/CV

Caterina Davinio ( ), Italian artist and writer, curator,
lives in Rome and Milan (Lecco). Graduated in Italian Literature at Rome La
Sapienza University, she is one of the first artists in Italy, together with
few others, who experimented new technologies (as video, computer and
Internet) in literature since 1990; as curator she has brought the attention
of the public and of the critic to the connections between experimental
poetry and technologies, by organizing, since the beginning of the 90ties
itinerant festivals (Art Electronics And Other Writings, 94-95, Electronic
Poe(try)visions, 96, 97, 98, 2000, Virtual Words, 99, Techno-Poetry, 2001)

which have brought the Italian performance and visual poetry in contact with the circuit
of the video, computer and web art.
As an artist, Caterina Davinio has made computer art, Internet performances
and projects, audio-visual digital poems, real time computer interactions,
video installations, computer printings exhibitions. Among her works:
"Dialogže al metroquadro", computer animations 93-94, "Terminal Videopoems",
video-actions cycle 96-97, "UFOp (Unidentified Flying Poetry Objects)",
computer art cycle 99.

Web & Net Projects: - Poetry in Fatica Function, 1998-2002,
Other e-mail art/net-art performances and happenings:

"Parallel Action - Bunker" (June 7, 2001), virtual happening during the
opening of the 49th Venice Biennial 2001 in the contest of the Poetry

Paint From Nature (nature as media landscape and telematic passage).
Dedicated to September 11 2001 tragic events (February 4, 2002).

Her works were showed in universities and museums, in international
exhibitions and festivals, in Italy and in other countries. She took part in
the 48th Venice Biennial (experimental poetry meeting), in the 49th Venice
Biennial (she also collaborated to the Poetry Bunker by selecting 100
international experimental poets), in the electronic art biennial of Rome
(editions: 1997, 1999, 2001).
Latest exhibitions: XI International Poetry Festival of Medellin (Colombia),
2001 (video)
Le tribý dell'arte I (The Art Tribes), Galleria d'Arte Moderna e
Contemporanea of Rome (general curator Achille Bonito Oliva), Sala Oreste,
Rome 2001
Le tribý dell'arte II (The Tribes of Video and Performance section),
Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea of Rome (general curator Achille
Bonito Oliva), Rome 2001
2ND INTERPOETRY EXHIBITION,  Prof. Dr. Wilton Azevedo Curator, Sal„o
Cultural Jo„o Calvino, Universitŗ Mackenzie, San Paolo, Brasile
Museo Nazionale delle Arti e delle Tradizioni Popolari, Rome
VII Biennial Of Experimental Poetry, 2001, Mexico City

Tower Of Peace, Biennial of electronic art, Rome 2002
Caterina Davinio founded the cultural association Art Electronics (for the
promotion of electronic writings and arts). In the videotheque "Art
Electronics and Other Writings" she collects and promotes computer
and video experimental works (URL
Among her publications we remember: articles appeared in various catalogues
and magazines, poetical texts in anthologies of contemporary poets, the
novel CÚlor CÚlor (Campanotto Editore, Pasian Di Prato-Udine, 1998).