Dear Navigator, Welcome in Chat web site.

It has been created in November 1999 with the objective to show pictures of chat friends… I would have never guessed it could involve more than 800 pages.

800 pages… it’s impossible to translate them in more languages. Notwithstanding, it would be a pity for you to leave us now that you are here and I hope the language is not a problem for you.

You can benefit from some services that, though in Italian, can be useful to communicate and socialize with us.

THE GUESTBOOK - This is the place where you can leave your messages, your suggestions and comments to improve the quality of this site.

THE FORUM - This is the place where you can leave your messages for other chatters, attend to discussions or choose a new subject for discussing. You can leave your e-mail address in The Forum to introduce yourself and keep contact with other friends.

LA CHAT DEL SORRISO - SMILE CHAT - In this place you can meet all the community chatters and, if you know Italian, you can exercise in writing it. If you feel uncomfortable with us you have the possibility to choose other channels connected with the rest of the world and in all other languages.

CHATTERS' PICTURES - Here you can see a lot of boys and girls faces. You do not need to know Italian… images speak worldwide languages.

And last, but not least, if you like the site, please vote it in Internet classification where this site is enrolled. A lot of votes will encourage me to do more and maybe… to translate the site in English!(VOTE)

Cheers and hope to meeting you soon !

  Traduzione a cura di: SuperPatty
  27 Maggio 2003