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The HARTIK development stopped some time ago, when SHaRK became stable. However, I still use HARTIK for some experiments, and it is one of the kernels on which I run adaptive reservations (the other one is Linux/RK). For this reason, I maintain a version of the HARTIK kernel, presenting some improvements respect to the original one (mainly, some bugfixes and an improved building system. Moreover, the latest HARTIK release changed some function names and syntaxes respect to my one).

This version of HARTIK can be compiled on DOS (using DJGPP V1 and V2 -- I don't support Watcom anymore) or linux systems. In order to install it, download the file, unzip it with unzip -a, enter in the hartik, and copy the correct configuration file from the mk directory: copy mk\ or copy mk\ for DOS, or cp mk/ Then, you can type m all for DOS, or make all for Linux. After that, you can build an example entering in the examples directory and typing, for example, make APP=aster.

Please, mail me for any kind of problem.

The QoS Manager

The QoS manager implementing the Adaptive Reservation abstraction is distributed together with some other software, such as a MultiMedia demo for HARTIK and a port of the MPEG library (used for all my experiments).

In order to install the package containing all these programs, download, and decompress it with unzip -a on a DOS or linux system. The following directories will be created:

In order to compile everything, you need to unzip and in the same directory. After that, enter in the hartik directory to configure and compile HARTIK as shown above. Then, you can finally compile the QoS manager and the other libraries and demo by simply entering in their directories and typing make or make APP=<program_name>.

Unfortunately, most of this material is still undocumented; some preliminary documentation about the portable QoS Manager can be found here. Please, let me know if you need more information.

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