logo  arch. Giuseppe Conte      Gimp Python plugin: make-gradient.py

File Name: make-gradient.py
Author: Arch. Giuseppe Conte
Function: Make GIMP gradient from image.
Last version: make-gradient.py
Older version: make-gradient.py.

Introduction to the make gradient script

The Python plugin make-gradient.py read the pixel from an image and convert it to GIMP gradient.
To use run it from menu Image/Python-Fu/ATG/Make Gradient, on dialog box set the path and name to store gradient, the number segment of gradient, the gadient type. (See image).

Dialog box make gradient script

How to use the script

With this script is easy to create gradients that they simulate a sunset or a natural landscape. You take a photo panoramic, it selects a thin vertical strip and it rotates it in counter-clockwise direction. You read the maximum width of the image and insert it like number of segments in the dialog box of the plugin.

How to work the script

The make-gradient python script law from the active image a number of pixel equal to the number of segments of the gradient, beginning from the pixel of coordinated (0,0).


Some examples of gradient obtained from panoramics photographs.
On the left original photo, to right the gradient.

panorama image and gradient
Image 1 - Marine landscape and created gradient.

panorama image and gradient
Image 2 - Agricultural landscape and created gradient.

panorama image and gradient
Image 3 - Panorama landscape and created gradient.


Download the plugin make-gradient.zip and decomprime it into personal plug-ins directory.