logo arch. Giuseppe Conte      Gimp Python plugin: palette-to-textile.py

File Name: palette-to-textile.py
Author: Arch. Giuseppe Conte
Function: Make seamless patter from GIMP palette
Last version: palette-to-textile.py.
Older version: palette-to-textile.py.

Introduction to palette to textile python plug-ins

To create seamless image of one the woven is very easy with palette-to-textile.py plugin.
Run the plugins, selects a palette, obtains a new image with the model of the woven. (See image).

Dialog box palette-to-textile python plugin

How to work the plugin

Examples of seamless image

Here are some patterns I created using this plugin.
You may use these patterns as background for website, as pattern in GIMP, Photoshop or Illustrator and in many other design requirements that you may have.

Seamless textile images.
woven textile patterns woven textile patterns woven textile patterns
Palette: pastel-14.gpl Palette: vmfa74.gpl Palette: green_15.gpl

Where to downloads others Gimp Color Palettes

You can unload other models of palettes from this link:


Download the python plugin palette-to-textile.zip. and decomprime it into personal plug-ins directory.