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File Name: selection-to-polar-array.scm
Author: Arch. Giuseppe Conte
Function: To make rectangular array from active selection.
Last version: selection-to-polar-array_2-6.zip.
Older version: selection-to-polar-array-2.4.zip.

How to create a polar series into "GIMP" from active selection.

This script it allows you to create polar series into image from the active selection.
You activate from Menu "ATG\Array\" the command "Selection to polar array" and you insert into dialog box: the coordinate of center of the series, the radius, the step and the number of elements.

Dialog box selection-to-polar-array script-fu


Examples of created polar series with the script-fu selection-to-polar-array.scm.

selezione esagonale
examplepolar series
Example 1 Example 2

How to install

Download the plugin selection-to-polar-array_2-6.zip you decompress it and copy the files selection-to-polar-array.scm in the folder of the scripts personal.