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Association of Freelance heraldic researchers
The research centre of historical heraldic and genealogical European studies


It’s an association of more than a thousand researchers residing in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany and parts of eastern Europe.

It’s the largest group of researchers on line able to satisfy every question about the origin and genealogy of your surname.

It’s an enormous source of information including thousands of historical texts in virtually every location in Europe.

    For several years our association has been organising the history and diffusion of family names throughout Europe, revealing facts, personalities, great achievements and bestowed honours.
    In order to do this we draw upon information that is in library archives in most major cities, as well as from small parochial archives that exist in smaller, more isolated cities

Where possible, we can re-construct the history of your family name.

As a gesture of courtesy you will be sent a personalised (free) gift.

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