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  • . Though its impact would have been nominal, its imposition came at a time when the stock market was already in a downturn further contributing to creating an unruly environment.
  • . At the international front, the slumping global business, which began with a downturn in the booming IT sector, has contributed to the erosion of investors’ confidence world over.
  • . Though Enron’s collapse did not have any direct impact as such, nevertheless, investors in Nepal limped along with the global downturn in stock business.

    Asian Consumer Growth Prospects Index
  • . By almost all accounts the downturn in regional travel, which previously saved the industry post 9/11, is now causing major problems for airlines, hotels, tourist operators resulting in staff redundancies and a massive fall in the part time casual employment characteristic of the industry.
  • . Generally South East Asian markets dropped slightly, but more so in Singapore which is struggling to maintain it's high level of local consumer spending in the face of it's exposure to the global market downturn and accepted long re-structuring road ahead.

    The great recession
  • . Given that the OECD and other capitalist forecasters have alwaysbeen late in predicting downturns and are always far too optimistic, we can only assume that it's going to be even worse than they nowpredict.
  • . The World Bank notes that the downturn in growth is likely to pushthousands of very poor people over the brink.
  • . It's the downturn's one key cause.
  • . And those who never saw an economic downturnapproaching now see it going away, thanks to the stimulus provided bythe Fed and Congress.

    European Investment Management 2002 : Market Research Report
  • . It looks at the impact of the equity downturn on the competitive landscape, and suggests strategies that asset managers can use to capitalise on current and future trends.
  • . It looks at the impact of the equity downturn on the competitive landscape, and suggests strategies that asset managers can use to capitalize on current and future trends.


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    Homes: A year later, it's the home fires that burn brightly
  • . The uncertainty and fear of an economic downturn are part of the story of how Sept.
  • . If it's in the right location, the right builder, the right product, I'll make some money unless there's a total downturn in the economics of the world.

    InformationWeek | Planning For The Future | Downside Up | August 5, 2002
  • . "If you don't have the analytical side of CRM done, " he adds, "you can't get the economic benefits of the operational side." Throughout the downturn, some companies have continued to invest in initiatives to position themselves to meet growth in customer demand when the economy turns around.

    Haas NewsWire - October 7, 2002
  • . The 30-minute show is available at Robert Edelstein , real estate development professor, was quoted in the Wall Street Journal on October 3 in the article, "After Long Boom, Weaknesses Appear in Housing Market." Edelstein commented on the housing market downturn.

    Haas NewsWire, January 22, 2002
  • . "The region's tech-heavy focus, which propelled the area's growth in the late 1990s and early 2000, contributed heavily to the region's economic downturn in 2001.

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    Growth Opportunities in Electronics & Semiconductors
  • . World Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Device Markets The recent economic downturn that has stalled sales of new mobile phones is also restraining growth of the surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices.

    Growth Opportunities in Test & measurement
  • . Frost & Sullivan Viewpoint Market Watch The economic downturn has brutally impacted the optical communications market, in turn adversely affecting the fiber-optic test equipment (FOTE) market.

    NASD - Press Room - News Release - 9/30/05
  • . The firm's advertisements also suggested that individuals who invested with DLA would retain the value of their assets regardless of market conditions, or would regain prior losses sustained in the stock market downturn in 2000.

  • . But the slow pace of local economic recovery, which was influenced by a slump in export revenues and a global downturn, dragged on investment sentiment.


    Interim Report 2002

  • . Continuing sluggishness in the US economy and greatly reduced M&A and IPO activity has caused a downturn in the volume of releases issued by PR Newswire’s customers, especially those which are discretionary in nature.
  • . Financial results at CMP Media, the leading US high tech media group, continued to suffer the effects of the technology market downturn in which CMP’s major customers remain cautious in committing their marketing and advertising budgets.

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