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  • On this page: agricultural marketing cooperative agricultural marketing cooperative An agricultural marketing cooperative , also known as a farmer's co-op , or is a business owned by farmers, to produce or (usually) store and market agricultural products.
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    Direct Marketing
  • . Today, their main wholesale outlet is the Ozark Cooperative Warehouse in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
  • . Tenants have formed a marketing cooperative and a mail order catalog featuring the products was made available to promote them all across the country.
  • . State departments of agriculture or Cooperative Extension may have published guidebooks outlining the laws and regulations for direct marketing in the state.
  • . Guides for organizing and selling at farmers' markets are published by the Cooperative Extension Service in some states.
  • . A network of small farmers cooperatively produces and markets selected produce items to institutional buyers.
  • . Another way to utilize the WWW is to have a farm or business homepage purely for advertising purposes (perhaps cooperatively packaged).
  • . For an overview of promotion strategies and advertising, refer to Sell What You Sow! , The New Farmers' Markets and Extension publications such as the Pacific Northwest Cooperative Extension series Farmer–to–Consumer Marketing (especially no.

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  • . Publication Date: 2004 Published by: Coopnet Document Type: Paper How to market in traditional rural areas? In this paper, the author examines how to set up marketing cooperatives in traditional villages, in traditional rural areas of the developing countries all over the world.
  • . Cooperative marketing : Its definitions, models and examples from Tanzania, India, Bangladesh and Israel.
  • . Planning of marketing in traditional rural areas : Production and marketing, marketing cooperative - financial structure, management, their role in developing countries, marketing planning - production plan, processing, packaging, transportation, contracts, trade name, credit, cash flow, education and instruction.

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  • Agricultural marketing cooperatives are organizations, owned by, that help market a common .
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  • | Starting an Agricultural Marketing Cooperative - 1994 - Direct Marketing Resource Guide Title: Starting an Agricultural Marketing Cooperative - 1994 Authors: UC Center for Cooperatives Abstract: This publication answers key questions related to the development and operation of an agricultural marketing cooperative.
  • . It was written for the small scale cooperative, but provides key information for any producer cooperative.

    Agricultural Marketing Programs Act (AMPA)
  • . AMPA amalgamated the Prairie Grain Advance Payments Act (PGAPA), Advance Payments for Crops Act (APCA) and the Agricultural Products Cooperative Marketing Act (APCMA).
  • . It also covers eligible costs incurred by the agency for products sold under a cooperative plan.
  • . Price Pooling Program: Producers of all agricultural commodities, including processed product, that is marketed under a cooperative plan.

    Direct Marketing Ag Products to Tourists
  • . However, increasing traveler awareness of where to buy certain products and seasonal availability calls for cooperative efforts between various levels of government and business interests.
  • . Therefore, cooperative promotional efforts (mutual signing, radio ads, and so on) among several direct outlets in an area may help stretch tight budgets and reach more customers.
  • . The goal of cooperative promotion is to exchange travelers.
  • . Farm trail maps, placemats with a map showing the location of direct outlets, and directories are examples of printed promotional material that has been cooperatively produced in Michigan.
  • . For information on the basics of direct marketing, pricing, fruit and vegetable production, consult the Cooperative Extension Service Publication Catalog.
  • . Michigan State University, Cooperative Extension Service Bulletin E-1145, SF-13, East Lansing, MI.
  • . Especially useful in the areas of consumer buying habits, farmers' markets, farm cooperatives, and packaging.

    Starting an Agricultural Marketing Cooperative
  • nnt692 Starting an Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Center for Cooperatives.
  • . Starting an Agricultural Marketing Cooperative .
  • . Center for Cooperatives, University of California.
  • . Audience and Purpose: This book studies the three steps in starting a cooperative: determining the need for a cooperative, organizing the cooperative, and beginning business operations.
  • . It is meant for members of any group who believe a cooperative structure might allow them to take control of their economic needs.
  • . Content: The chapters of this publication focus on topics such as the nature of cooperatives, when cooperatives are needed, choosing strategies, making preliminary feasibility estimates, drafting agreements, finding capital, and other keys to success.
  • . Format: Soft-bound booklet Availability: This material may be obtained from the Center for Cooperatives, University of California, Davis, CA 95616; telephone 916-752-2408.

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    FAO of the UN : Agricultural Marketing : Linking Farmers to Markets : Cooperatives
  • LINKING FARMERS TO MARKETS Cooperatives Cooperative linkages Nine case studies are presented under this category.
  • . Three (, and ) involve cooperatives who have developed agribusiness ventures with only limited external assistance.
  • . Other cooperative ventures (in, , , and two cases in ) have benefited to a greater or lesser extent from external assistance, by governments, donors or NGOs.
  • . ARGENTINA San Juan Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives The producers.
  • . The San Juan Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives (FECOAGRO) produces annual seeds of horticultural, floral and forage crops.
  • . Using this plan, each member cooperative allots the areas to be cultivated on the 430 ha held by members.
  • . Farmers deliver their produce to the cooperative, which, in turn, consigns it to FECOAGRO, which issues a provisional receipt.
  • . Linkages with both the Rural Agricultural Network (REDAR) and the Cooperative Program for the Development of Rural Agroindustry (PRODAR) in Latin America and the Caribbean facilitate participation in international trade fairs.

    Wholesale Marketing
  • . It originated as a publication for the Broome-Tioga Farm to School Workgroup, whose members include food service directors, farmers, and representatives of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome, Tioga, and Cortland Counties.
  • . Department of Agriculture Agricultural Marketing Service, July 1999 4 bulletins that describe a project through which a group of limited-resource growers in the northern Florida area formed a cooperative to market fresh produce to local school districts.
  • . The bulletins outline the experiences of the New North Florida Cooperative, now in its 3rd school year of operation.
  • . Hanson, University of Maryland Cooperative Extension It is important that local farmers realize that produce does not sell itself -- they must sell it.

    University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives: Marketing Cooperatives
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  • . Karg, Rural Cooperatives November/December 2000 Community Forestry Connections seeks to inform and encourage the long-term health and prosperity of small, privately owned woodlots, their owners, and their communities.
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