CustomerSat Named Award Finalist By American Marketing Association

  • Profit from Customer Feedback™ Press Release CustomerSat Named Award Finalist By American Marketing Association EXPLOR Award Recognizes Market Research Innovation and Leadership Mountain View, CA – June 15, 2005 – CustomerSat, Inc., the leader in real-time, multi-channel feedback solutions that build customer satisfaction and loyalty, has been named Finalist for the 2005 EXPLOR Award for Market Research by the American Marketing Association (AMA).
  • . The EXPLOR Award recognizes creativity, innovation, and business impact of market research.
  • . “ACS priorities include knowing our customers and market better than our competitors do, continuously strengthening our value proposition, and exceeding customer expectations, ” said Anthony Pichnarcik, Global Voice of the Customer Leader, Honeywell ACS.
  • . 2005 Award Finalists will present their research case studies during the AMA Annual Marketing Research Conference on September 27-28 in Boston.
  • . With advanced technologies and proven market research techniques, CustomerSat solutions have helped companies such as AMD, Ariba, BellSouth, Canon, Digital Insight, Honeywell,, and WebEx.

    Points West Article - Winchester's English Shotguns: A Marketing Maneuver with Lasting Influence
  • . Winchester's English Shotguns: A Marketing Maneuver with Lasting Influence Herbert G.
  • . Or is it? During the late 18th and throughout the 19th centuries London gunmakers routinely marketed arms under their own proprietary names that were built by subcontractors in Birmingham or elsewhere in Europe.
  • . Having established a dominant position within the repeating rifle market, the firm wanted to expand its influence into other areas.
  • . Recognizing that the dynamics of the arms trade were rapidly changing and that the demand for double barrel shotguns would soon exceed the production capabilities of those American companies manufacturing such arms, Winchester's management decided to aggressively attack that market.
  • . As he had been advised that conditions were ripe to take over the market, Oliver F.
  • . In addition, the company began marketing even lower priced English shotguns by other makers.
  • . Remington & Sons nor the Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company were pleased by Winchester's incursions into what they had considered their own markets.

    whatworks; Action in the Community - marketing the Dallas Burn soccer team to Hispanic American consumers - Statistical Data Included American Demographics - FindArticles
  • IN > > > > Article Content provided in partnership with FIND IN Find Magazines by Topic whatworks; Action in the Community - marketing the Dallas Burn soccer team to Hispanic American consumers - Statistical Data Included , by The Memo In November 1996, the Dallas Burn, one of Major League Soccer's 12 professional teams, was coming off a banner freshman year.
  • . "In 1997, we knew we would have to start a grassroots effort to tap into [the Hispanic] market, " says Dallas Burn vice president of marketing Andy Swift.
  • . The Discovery Advertisement In 1997, the Burn became the first professional sports team in Dallas to create a separate marketing department devoted exclusively to Hispanics.
  • . Everything from sales and advertising to media and public relations used both grassroots and conventional marketing strategies, says Swift.
  • . The Burn commissioned Dallas-based Hispanic advertising agency Ornelas and Associates, which handles the national Hispanic accounts for Budweiser and Taco Bell, to conduct market research and develop a tagline that would appeal to the growing market.

    Book Marketing Update -- book marketing and book selling advice from John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books
  • . Box 205 Fairfield IA 52556 Phone: 641-472-6130 Email: Marketing and Selling Books: Creating Bestsellers Have you ever asked yourself, “How am I ever going to market my book?” Well, while the answer isn't quick and easy, it is something that anyone can do.
  • . Marketing your books is essentially a matter of making friends, lots of friends.
  • . If you are into book marketing, selling your books, book publishing, self-publishing, book promotion, free publicity, e-publishing, selling e-books, print-on-demand, POD publishing, writing books, loving books, internet marketing, online publishing, website promotions, writing novels, or promoting books — and you want some free information and resources to help you sell books — you've come to the right web site.
  • . If you are tired of waiting for others to sell your book, you can now take action to start marketing your books without spending a lot of money or committing a lot of time.
  • . — John Kremer, author, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books The new 6th edition of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books will be ship on May 30th.


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  • . | RST Archives Sales and Marketing News from RAB Your Search Results: Radio Sales Today In the Radio Sales Today Archive, you'll find timely marketing news, money making promotions, sales tips, and super-hot news about consumer behavior from past issues of RAB's daily fax/email newsletter.
  • . The Non-Traditional Revenue Tip of the Day is presented by independent professionals on the cutting edge of new business development, including Co-op, Event Marketing and manufacturer-funded plans.

    An Interesting Career in Psychology: International Market Research Consultant
  • . For most of my 18 years at American Express, I worked in the market research field.
  • . So many social psychologists have stumbled into market research (not knowing that the field existed during graduate school) that it would have to be called a mainstream, alternative career path for social psychologists.
  • . Over the years, the corporate market research role has broadened well beyond the scope of simply carrying out studies.
  • . An important career choice that market researchers face is whether or not to stay in research.
  • . A number of market researchers make the move into nonresearch marketing positions to broaden their overall corporate experience and to open up other career-path possibilities.
  • . Staying in market research literally means that the highest level position that one will attain is head of market research.
  • . Nevertheless, I chose to stay in market research simply because I like doing research and believed that I could make my greatest contribution in that area.

    Unleashing the Power of Market Intelligence - American Press Institute
  • . Featured Discussion Leaders Circulation Director, The Day Publishing Company Session: Finding New Advertisers by Finding New Customers Vice President/Marketing, North Jersey Media Group Session: Total Data Integrity: What information matters, how to acquire it and house it, how it flows through an organization, and how to use it responsibly and effectively.
  • . Director of Marketing, Savannah Morning News Session: Keeping Market Intelligence a Strategic Priority: Ways to make sure market information is used to guide your organization's strategic decisionmaking.
  • . Marketing Analysis Manager, The Sacramento Bee Session: Ahead of the Curve (Large Market): A look at how to reveal and take action on valuable insight provided from data-mining market intelligence Marsha Lawrence Sr.
  • . Vice President and General Manager, Los Angeles Times Session: Where We Could/Should Be Marketing Sales Consultant, Valassis Session: Databasics Joni Silverstein Vice President, Market Development, Gannett Co., Inc.

    Belo Horizonte-Market Access
  • - - - - - - Search Meeting of the Americas Third Business Forum of the Americas Belo Horizonte, Brazil - May 1997 Synopsis of the Workshop 1 : Market Access The papers received on the issue of market access have some points of convergence.
  • . A great number of contributions on market access refer to their interdependence with other issues.
  • . The first one stresses the need to include the debate on market access in other disciplines of the negotiation process, like services and investments, while the second refers to the need of garanteeing certain conditions within the remaining areas, so that tariff reduction becomes part of a balanced process.
  • . Basically, these barriers represent the main obstacles to market access, and there are those who consider that the negotiations on non-tariff barriers should advance before negotiating tariff reduction.
  • . Negotiations on Market Access should be initiated shortly (Council of the Americas / Chamber of Commerce of the USA / AACCLA - Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America, USA; North-South Center, USA; The Torrington Company, USA; DISCUS - The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, USA).

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    ICT and marketing challenges in Latin American Libraries - 66th IFLA Council and General Conference - Conference Programme and Proceedings
  • . There are leading institutions with remarkable programs, nevertheless it is necessary to design marketing strategies to improve their benefits.
  • . A case study based on a Mexican university library system is presented in order to analyze how ITC applications and marketing techniques have been harmoniously combined.
  • . Although every country in the region must find its own solutions, some ideas are presented to emphasize that marketing is not exclusively for businessmen.
  • . "The Latin American IT market represents 3% of the world market, but growth in Latin American is above the world average" (Callaos, 1999).
  • . Challenges and Strategies: the marketing role in libraries "Libraries in Latin America and the Caribbean have sought to adapt to new technological developments, while their efforts have been concentrated on meeting local needs.
  • . Marketing is not only a practice for businessman, it is the "science of strategy" whose main objective is client (user) satisfaction, and we librarians shall know it and apply it as part of our permanent activities in the management and planning processes.

    American Direct Marketing Services, Inc.
  • Printer Friendly Version Download in PDF Format Download in Word Format Forward to a Colleague Contact the List Manager Datacard Last Updated: 4/2/2006 AMERICAN DIRECT MARKETING SERVICES Stock Market Players 263, 810 Stock Market Investors @ $110/M These Stock Market Players are affluent individuals who typically trade in listed stocks on the various exchanges.
  • . Most (85%) have incomes exceeding $115, 000 per year, and like the market action.
  • . © 2000-2006 American Direct Marketing Services, Inc.

    Marketing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • . Topics in Marketing Key concepts / / "" / / / / Promotion / / / Promotional media / / / / Marketing , as suggested by the, is "an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders".
  • . Simply, if it does not facilitate a "sale" then it is not marketing.
  • . Perhaps the simplest Western definition of all was that summarized by in his earlier books as: "Marketing is human activity directed at satisfying needs and wants through exchange processes".
  • . On the other hand, , in the context of a move to relationship marketing, summarized a rather different European view in his definition: "Marketing is to establish, maintain and enhance long-term customer relationships at a profit, so that the objectives of the parties involved are met.
  • . However, the most widely accepted definition of marketing on a global scale comes from the (CIM) in the UK which is the largest marketing body in the world in terms of membership.

    Computer and video games - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • . The game Alcorn created was so much fun that Nolan decided to go ahead and market it.
  • . The, however, produced a dark age in the market that was not filled until the (NES) reached North America in 1985.
  • . The last two decades of game history have been marked by separate markets for games on, and .
  • . The North American market was dominated by the early on after its debut in 1989, with the proving a strong, roughly equal rival in 1991.
  • . The was the first 16-bit system to be marketed in the region, but did not achieve a large following, partly due to a limited library of English games and effective marketing from Sega.
  • . entered the handheld market with its N-Gage game-phone in 2003.
  • . Due to gaming's relatively short history, technical limitations, and the commercial pressures currently affecting the North American and Japanese markets, electronic games are ensconced in a period of extreme .
  • . Sales A typical retail display (in, ) with a large selection of games for several major consoles The two largest markets for computer and video games are the and .


    Sales&Marketing - Marketing Mayhem - 01/05

  • | SALES& MARKETING Marketing Mayhem Unsure about how to market your shop? Read this primer on how to properly position your sales and marketing efforts to compete in today’s marketplace.
  • . Marketing is the greatest challenge and biggest concern for small and mid-sized businesses.
  • . Marketing is the least understood business function and the most mysterious.
  • . Money pit, black art, expense and necessary evil are common perceptions of marketing.
  • . As times change and businesses grow, every company reaches a point where marketing becomes a critical business issue.
  • . Either way, the questions of, "What is marketing, what do we do and how do we do it?" arise.
  • . The American Marketing Association defines marketing as, "an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders." Huh? No wonder there is confusion.

  • Faculty Profile Area(s): Marketing, Nonprofit Management and Leadership E-mail: Telephone: (416) 736-2100, ext.
  • . 66416 Office: Room N304G, SSB Brenda Gainer BA Hons (Alberta); MA (Carleton); MBA (Maine); PhD (York) Associate Professor of Marketing Royal Bank Professor of Nonprofit Management Director, Nonprofit Management and Leadership Program RESEARCH Areas of Expertise Consumer behaviour, especially socio-cultural influences on consumption and gender issues; non-profit and public marketing and management, especially the arts.
  • . Current Research Projects Market Orientation in Nonprofit Organizations; Developing Philanthropy; Leadership in the Cultural Sector.
  • . TEACHING 1987 - Present Schulich School of Business, York University Teaching Area/s Marketing; Nonprofit Management and Leadership Courses Taught Nonprofit Marketing; Arts and Media Management; Quantitative Methods for Doctoral students; Marketing Area Doctoral Field Seminar; Consumer Behavior; Skills for Leadership and Governance. - The News Leader in Direct, Database and Internet Marketing
  • . June 17th, 2006 By WALTHAM, MA -- Blogs and RSS feeds may be more hype than reality, while podcasting and video streaming could be good bets for business-to-business direct marketers, according to Anne Holland, president of MarketingSherpa.
  • . By A seller of discount health and prescription drug cards and its telemarketer will pay civil penalties of $300, 000 and $50, 000, respectively, to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they violated the do-not-call provisions of the FTC's Telemarketing Sales Rule.
  • . By The Direct Marketing Association has decided to shut down its inMarketing magazine with the June issue.
  • . The monthly, which competed for ad dollars with other marketing trade publications, was sent to DMA members.
  • . InMarketing’s predecessor, DMA Insider, was a bimonthly.
  • . By HSBC’s Retail Services unit acquired the credit receivables and will manage the ongoing credit program of Medford, OR-based Musician’s Friend, one of the world’s largest direct marketers of musical instruments.

    FAO:AG21:Magazine:Spotlight:Urban food marketing
  • Search Magazine | Guide Spotlight / 1999 Urban food marketing Feeding the cities requires coordinated action among city authorities, food producers, transporters, market operators and a myriad of retail sellers Each year the world's urban population grows by more than 60 million.
  • . However, FAO says, many urban managers and planners think of their city more in terms of housing, transport, security and social facilities, rather than food marketing systems.
  • . As a result, market infrastructure in developing countries is often poorly planned, municipal regulations lag behind changes in the food economy and commercial practices, and - here's the bottom line - urban consumers are paying more for food than they should be.
  • . FAO's Agricultural Support Systems Division (AGS) has researched extensively the constraints facing urban food marketing in developing countries.
  • . First, in many Latin American and Asian countries, both the construction and the expansion of wholesale markets have lagged behind the growth in urban populations and food flows. - Publications Home
  • . ASEE provides companies and colleges with the largest exposure available to the engineering education market.

    The American Consulting Group's services include marketing consulting, research, training and expert witness.
  • | The American Consulting Group is a marketing consulting and training firm My specialty: Business-to-business technical products.
  • . Summary: Market research to define new product opportunities Revitalize existing product growth and profits Establish, evaluate and upgrade distributors & reps Competitive intelligence and action plans Market research to define range of subjects Due diligence for potential acquisition On-site seminars on numerous marketing & sales subjects Expert witness and litigation support My focus is increasing the share, sales and profits of my clients.
  • . Multi-day seminars on marketing, new products and sales channels.
  • . Part-time faculty for marketing courses.
  • . Marketing. @CallCenter