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  • Saturday, June 17 - 2006 | : Browse related articles The bear market returns After a three year recovery from the lows struck on the eve of war in Iraq, global stock markets have plunged over the past few weeks.
  • . The word is that the bear market is back, and investors had better watch out that they do not get bitten.
  • . Saturday, May 27 - 2006 at 16:04 Bears markets change the investment outlook related stories In the year 2000 a famous US bull stock market that started back in 1982 came to a spectacular end with the Nasdaq crash, and since bottoming in March 2003 markets have swung upwards with a vengeance but have still not retraced their 2000 highs.
  • . That is because we are in a bear market and the next step is down, and over the past few weeks that is where markets have been heading.
  • . Bear markets can do terrible things to the assets of long-term investors.
  • . The typical length of a US bear market is 17 years, and the problem is that while share prices will have their ups and downs along the way, they will end a bear market unchanged on where they began, and that is not accounting for inflation.

    The treacherous nature of bear market rallies | Dr. Marc Faber
  • Saturday, June 17 - 2006 | : Browse related articles The treacherous nature of bear market rallies 'The market itself is forecasting recovery' reads the recent headline of a well known financial publication.
  • . As someone who follows market movements very closely and tries to read signals the markets may give about future business conditions, I was also interested in the market's recent strength.
  • . For a market, which has become very over-sold, it is only natural to rebound, but frequently these rebounds are merely bear market rallies, which are subsequently followed by vicious declines.
  • . Probably the most famous bear market rally in history is the rise, which took place following the October crash of 1929.
  • . This famous and well-documented bear market rally took place for a number of reasons.
  • . After the October 29 crash, the market had become very oversold - incidentally far more oversold than the US stock market's position on September 21, 2000.
  • . The interest rate cuts after April 1930 did, however, no longer support the stock market, which began to sell off once more.

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    Georgia Magazine: Building a Bear Market
  • . 200 North Athens, GA 30602-4999 Building a Bear Market When Maxine Clark (ABJ ’71) founded the fabulously ­successful Build-A-Bear® franchise, she ­rediscovered her heart’s desire Tracy Curlee (ABJ ’90) If you want to keep up with Maxine Clark you better lace up your running shoes.
  • . Carter was one of my marketing professors, and he would say things to make people think about consumer behavior.
  • . He was big on making a product ‘sexy’ and desirable through marketing and packaging .
  • . I didn’t invent the teddy bear, but I did come up with a new way to market it.

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    domain-b : Indian business : markets : Current correction an intermediate bear market: Faber
  • Need to check out original corporate information? Visit a division of The Information Company Private Limited information is money | > Current correction an intermediate bear market: Faber 8 June 2006 Investment analyst, Dr Marc Faber feels that the current correction is more likely to be an intermediate bear market and that markets may drop further even after a rebound.Faber feels the Sensex may go to 6, 000-8, 000 levels in the medium term.
  • . He further states that most equity markets may have seen the highs for the year.
  • . He also adds that the Indian market has not peaked out for good and that global economy is in a boom condition and liquidity is tightening.
  • . Is this just a vicious bull market correction or is this a bear market? What is your gut feeling? My feeling is that it is more likely to be an intermediate bear market.
  • . We had euphoria, very low volatility and deterioration in the technical underpinnings of the markets.
  • . The markets are becoming rapidly oversold and there could be a rebound at some point.

    domain-b : Indian business : markets : Profit-taking and not the start of a bear market: JF Asset Management.
  • Need to check out original corporate information? Visit a division of The Information Company Private Limited information is money | > Profit-taking and not the start of a bear market: JF Asset Management 8 June 2006 Geoff Lewis, Head of Investment Services, JF Asset Management explains how India still looks attractive in spite of redemption pressure from European clients.
  • . What is the redemption picture now? We are seeing significant redemptions and are definitely undergoing a major correction, which is not surprising given how much markets have rallied.
  • . In Asia, our clients have been less inclined to sell in India and in other emerging market funds, instead are looking for a good entry point in these markets.
  • . This indicates that there are still strong investor interests in these markets.
  • . What we are seeing is in fact more of a technical correction; profit taking and not the start of a bear market.
  • . For the markets to become bearish in nature there has to be a global inflation problem, or the Fed will continue to raise interest rates aggressively.

    Aided by Clifford and the Care Bears, Companies Go After the Toddler Market — Commercial Alert
  • | › › › › July 11th, 2003 Aided by Clifford and the Care Bears, Companies Go After the Toddler Market By Constance L.
  • . Hays New York Times Marketers have long had the nation’s schoolchildren in their sights.
  • . The program was created by Youth Marketing International, a Manhattan-based company that has worked with corporations like Kraft Foods and Barnes & Noble to market products to children from the barely hatched (as in 2 years old) to the well advanced (enrolled in college).
  • . "The Care Bears live in a star-speckled, rainbow-trimmed cotton candy world called Care-a-lot, " the literature, prepared for teachers by Youth Marketing International, reads.
  • . Help them name emotions that go with each graphic." The literature adds, "During small-group time, help your students decide what kind of Care Bear they would be." Marketing for small children isn’t quite at the level it has reached in, say, Taiwan, where a chain of kindergartens named for Tweety, the Warner Brothers cartoon character, features pictures of the quick-thinking canary in schools and provides Tweety uniforms for the children to wear.

    Grin and Bear It
  • . Logullo Nov 1, 2002 12:00 PM All the awful news about the markets can be good news for brokers who want to garner a little bit of publicity.
  • . Spot a trend and communicate it Insights into the bear market, 529 savings plans, congressional accounting reform — all are hot topics in business and financial news.
  • . “And with the daily news on the markets comes tighter deadlines.” Journalists need experts on their speed-dial — and that expert can be you.
  • . Expand your media relations skills Perhaps the best thing you can do in a bear market is build your relationship with journalists.
  • . One recent article in The Palm Beach Post featured Pomeranz, his photo and his market forecast for the rest of 2002, along with those of other local experts.
  • . Someone who has something to tell me needs to be tasteful, concise and have 100 percent knowledge of what we do here.” Bloch oversees dozens of story ideas and hears hundreds of pitches daily for CNNfn shows like Lou Dobbs Moneyline, Market Call and others.

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    Marketing - Registered Rep.
  • Marketing Articles BY KRISTEN FRENCH VANGUARD HAS LONG BEEN A RIVAL to advisors and brokers with its no-load, low-cost, direct-to-investors business strategy.
  • . By Brian O'Connell There's an old saw in business that says the success of a company depends not on size but on filling a void in the marketplace.
  • . By Steve Gresham There's an old saying in investment management consulting: If you want a clear picture of a manager, look at him during a bear market.
  • . Geracioti Washington's effort to make fund marketing more transparent could make selling these products a lot trickier for brokers....
  • . Logullo All the awful news about the markets can be good news for brokers who want to garner a little bit of publicity.

    Comstock Funds - Contrarian Charlie Minter Bear Market Bearish
  • | untitled - - Market Commentary 6/15/06 11:00 PM Now that that the market has shown signs of reversing to a significant down-trend, the bulls argue that the downside is limited since P/E ratios are reasonably valued or even undervalued.
  • . 6/01/06 6:00 PM Yesterday’s release of the Fed’s minutes from the May 10 meeting further confirms our view that the economy and markets are caught in the crosscurrents between potential inflation, a softening economy and a weaker dollar, exacerbated by domestic and global structural financial and economic imbalances.
  • . Bear funds have had a rough run the past two years, as their strategy of betting against stocks has put them on the wrong side of a solid bull market.
  • . They read or hear a well-respected analyst or strategist eloquently making a very compelling case as to why the market is more undervalued now than almost any time in history.
  • . You are insightful, perennial realists who relish publishing information and forecasts based on factual analyses that put most contemporary market forecasters to shame.

    In bear market, Eaton Vance thrives - Boston Business Journal:
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  • . Bizjournals Directory Find local business services by clicking on a category Business Pulse Survey: In bear market, Eaton Vance thrives Asset manager enjoys 14% income growth; tax-managed products draw investors Boston Business Journal - September 7, 2001 by Journal Staff Wall Street has had to navigate some very choppy waters for more than a year, but for Eaton Vance it's been smooth sailing.
  • . "They're one of the few companies that has done well in this market, " said Jeff Hopson, vice president and equity analyst at A.G.
  • . (If) it is, we made our own luck." Indeed, Eaton positioned itself to take advantage of a down stock market in part by passing on the good times, according to Hawkes.
  • . "We weren't a participant in the bull market, " Hawkes said.
  • . "But have a very good position in the marketplace in terms of product strategy and type of product offering to the institutional public." Eaton has been best known for its tax-managed mutual funds, which it offers through brokers.

    Moneycontrol India > News > We are in a strong bear mkt: Deepak Mohoni > TCS > MARKET OUTLOOK > Deepak Mohoni, Trendwatch India, Infosys Technologies, TCS, Tata Motors, Bajaj Auto, ITC, Reliance Industries,
  • . - News, {DISPHEADING} - TAX, Personal Finance, Money, Income Tax, mutual funds, insurance, debt, loans We are in a strong bear mkt: Deepak Mohoni 2006-06-07 15:11 Technial analyst, Deepak Mohoni asserts that one is not only in a bear market, but a strong bear market.
  • . Mohoni suggests people who have a bluechip portfolio since a long time should stay put, while people who entered the market in last one or two months, should book their losses, even though they may be substantial enough.
  • . Overall, this is looking like a bear market not just in India, but globally too.
  • . Q: Define the bear market that you are talking about because through this decline, we have been talking of a bear market within a bull run.
  • . If you are talking of a bear market, what is the span that we could have for it and what would be the range, given the position that we are in, that you would be looking out at? A: This is not a bull run anymore.
  • . It is not just a bear market, it is a very strong bear market.


    Commentary: Bonds market a real bear - Barry Bonds -

  • Web MSNBC          NBC NEWS   RESOURCE GUIDE • • • Sponsors: » » | Bonds market proving to be a real bear Giants star won't be able to cash in on historic feat, marketers say Jeff Zelevansky / Reuters file Phillies fans wear "juice boxes" to make fun of Barry Bonds at a recent game.
  • . A few years back, Bonds was the marketing king among baseball players, possessing deals with close to two dozen companies, including Wilson, New Era and Getty Images.
  • . advertisement Yet the Bonds of 2006 is being shunned by the marketing departments of Fortune 500 companies with the same fervor as opposing pitchers who fear tossing him a strike.
  • . And as he approaches Henry Aaron’s all-time mark of 755 home runs, Bonds will find marketers becoming even more uneasy about linking their brands to him, according to David Carter, executive director of the USC Sports Business Institute.
  • .   SPECIAL REPORT • “Most of these reluctant marketers will view a potential relationship with Bonds as a toxic blend of unethical behavior and devil-may-care attitude — attributes not likely to be embraced as a compelling combination by either shareholders or consumers of traditional consumer-related products, ” Carter said.

    Bear market: Who saw da game on da big screen? | Crain's Chicago Business
  • . "You can almost smell the turf." The Winter Olympics following on the heels of the Super Bowl adds "fuel to the fire" for January sales, says Jon Abt, vice-president of marketing at in Glenview.
  • . Chicago is one of the first markets to offer HD channels by satellite, and the Federal Communications Commission has mandated that all channels will be HD by 2009.

    A Bear Market for Courage
  • A Bear Market for Courage How Smart People Work Site Navigation Magazine Resources | A Bear Market for Courage Each month this year, Fast Company has celebrated 10 years of publication by reviewing and updating one of our favorite editions from our first decade.
  • . Even today, it's not clear that courage has much value in the marketplace.
  • . It is something permanent that cannot be captured by market vagaries or short-term metrics of performance.
  • . « Sound Off Reader Comments: Most recent of reader comments: Advertisement Featured Services Advertisement » Leading companies from Advertising/Marketing to Web Design.

    StartupJournal | Marketing and Sales
  • . Promote your Business to Investors, Media and Customers Experience Investing Clarity Subscribe today and get $10 off SmartMoney Select Practical Marketing Tips For New Entrepreneurs By SARAH E .
  • . NEEDLEMAN Many would-be entrepreneurs have great ideas for products and services, but often they don't know how to market them.
  • . , a nonprofit in Washington, D.C., offers advice on marketing and a range of other topics through its 389 offices across the U.S.
  • . Before joining the organization, he focused on the small-business market as an executive in banking in Dallas for eight years.
  • . What's the most common question you get about marketing from new business owners? The most common question is: How do I create awareness, buzz and drive traffic to my business products or services? There are any number of ways that can be done.
  • . What are some common marketing mistakes that new business owners make? One mistake would be creating marketing messages that do not accurately describe your products or services. @CallCenter