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  • IN > > > > Article FIND IN Find Magazines by Topic Bear Market Rally , by Content providedin partnership with There are good reasons to believe that the two-year bull market of 2003 and 2004 was nothing but a brief countertrend in the post-2000 slump in stock prices.
  • . Indeed, that year the S&P 500 index jumped 26% (not counting dividends) and a fall rally added another 9% in 2004.

    US Dollar Bear Intact
  • . If the dollar manages to extend its 2004 rally to new heights, everything precious-metals related will almost certainly take a major hit.
  • . Naturally this would not be good news at all for precious metals if it really transpires.
  • . The arguments for a renewed dollar rally range from election manipulations by central banks to the unwinding of various global carry trades to relative weakness in other paper currencies.
  • . While the dollar-rally theories sound plausible, are the odds really in their favor? These strategic and tactical price charts below can help us sort through all the dollar commentary and directly take the pulse of the dollar itself.
  • . All of today’s theses for a major dollar rally just ahead are betting against this primary dollar trend, a low-probability bet.
  • . The reason that a major dollar rally today is so improbable in technical terms, at least if this secular bear has not yet given up its ghost, is due to the dollar’s current position within its downtrend channel.

    BW Online | April 21, 2003 | Is the European Rally a Bear Trap?
  • . EDITION INTERNATIONAL EDITIONS APRIL 21, 2003 INTERNATIONAL -- EUROPEAN BUSINESS Is the European Rally a Bear Trap? Fundamentals are lousy -- but there are a few good buys STORY TOOLS INTERNATIONAL -- EUROPEAN BUSINESS Call it the relief rally.
  • . "Stocks are in the throes of a bear market rally that will peter out in a month or so, " says the chief investment officer of a Swiss insurance company.

    J@pan Inc - Money Watch
  • . o While 17 straight trading days with volume of over 1 billion shares suggests that the current equity rally may have legs, Money Watch's working assumption is that the secular trends -- bull market in bonds, bear market in stocks -- have not changed.
  • . This conjecture is all the more credible if one's working assumption for the US equities market is that the rally there is similar to the first large rebound seen in the Japanese market in 1995-1996 following the Japanese market's crash in 1990.
  • . That was a very nice rally, but not enough to dispel the bear.
  • . o Traditionally, Japan's domestic pension funds have been trend followers, piling into equities long after the rally has begun and usually helping to form the top in prices for the rally.
  • . Take away (or simply significantly reduce) foreign buying, and the current rally in Japanese equities will not only die on the vine, its downfall will be precipitated by profit-taking from domestic pension funds.
  • . It is within this context that we view the recent hiccup in the JGB market and the latest rally in Japanese equities.


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    J@pan Inc - Money Watch
  • . ====================================================================== Viewpoint: A Welcome but Short-Term Rally The Bottom Line: o Global stock markets are in a post Iraq/SARS rally, while the March-May crisis in Japan was apparently "solved" by the Resona bailout.
  • . While foreign investors are far from convinced that Japan has done anything to positively change the situation, the rally in the US, and the Resona bailout, has them again buying Japanese equities.
  • . o The government would probably like to take credit for the rally, given that it belatedly introduced a package of "countermeasures" on May 14.
  • . E-mail: ====================================================================== A Welcome but Short-Term Rally Global stock markets are in a post-Iraq War/SARS scare rally.
  • . The US market has apparently broken up through rebound resistance levels, in rallying 36.5 percent from a low of 7, 178 on the Dow Jones industrial average to a recent high of 9, 794.
  • . While seriously lagging behind the US rally, the Nikkei 225 is nevertheless up 18.6 percent versus 20-plus-year lows hit in April (7, 603.76 on April 28). / Your money - My portfolio
  • . The UK stock market has been in rally mode since March 2003.
  • . A good example is the widespread expectation that prices will rally each year in late-December, regardless of underlying economic conditions.
  • . The low point of each dip was pegged once a subsequent bounce-back rally drove shares up by at least 5 per cent.
  • . The longest-runner of the group was an 18 per cent decline from February to June 1994 with no bounce-back rally of any substance throughout this five-month period.
  • . A fresh rally kicked in and drove up the price of the average share by 40 per cent without stopping for breath.
  • . The end of that rally proved to be the high water mark for the bull market of 1981 to 1987.
  • . Using history as a guide, we are very near the top of the so-called normal range for bounce-back rallies The most likely outcome is that the current rally will end very shortly with shares not much above current levels.
  • . On the other hand, if shares continue to rally significantly above current levels, history issues a stark warning. / Markets - The Short View: Is this the new bull market?
  • .   | Main page content: The Short View: Is this the new bull market? By Philip Coggan, Investment EditorPublished: May 8 2006 17:59 | Last updated: May 8 2006 17:59 The equity market rally passed another milestone on Monday.
  • . The advance from the autumn 2002/spring 2003 lows has been a new bull market, rather than a rally within a longer term bear market.

    FSO Editorials: Elliott Wave In'l "Pornography and the Bear Market by R. Folsom & W. Gorman ~ 09.01.2004
  • . And last year’s rally notwithstanding, most stock averages remain well below their all-time highs.
  • . Last year's rally in the stock market didn't slowed the spread of pornography into mainstream culture, a very bad sign indeed; clearly the trend has accelerated in 2004.

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    Prairie Grains June 1998 Taming the Bulls & Bears
  • . I prefer out of the money calls because they cost less but still provide you the opportunity to benefit from a sharply rising market (but they won't do much good if a market rally is small).
  • . Again, the purpose here is to generate cash and buy time for the ever-hoped-for price rally.
  • . As long as we are buying time for a rally, let's consider the prospects for a drought- driven rally this summer.
  • . This is generally inadequate in covering the average producer's variable storage costs.
  • . The "carry" is generally understood to be the "spread" between two future contracts within the same marketing year.

    Moneycontrol India > News > Markets to see sharp upward rally: Gujral > VSNL > Technicals > Ashwani Gujral, Nifty, Technical Analyst, medium-term, market
  • . - News, {DISPHEADING} - TAX, Personal Finance, Money, Income Tax, mutual funds, insurance, debt, loans Markets to see sharp upward rally: Gujral 2006-06-05 09:45 Technical Analyst Ashwani Gujral feels that 2950 on the Nifty has been finally held.
  • . Gujral expects to see a sharp upward rally; he is looking for the rally to reach 3550.
  • . We should be looking for a rally from here, which could lead us to 3250-3270 and then to 3350 on the Nifty.
  • . This rally could also lead to 3500-3550 levels on the Nifty.
  • . Q: Tactically, what would you do, would you start picking the stocks you like or has it become a sell-earn rally for short to medium term? A: If one can live with not too many gains on a net basis, over the next 4-5 months or 5-10% downside, then for investors, it is a good time.
  • . They were sectoral outperformers in the rally.
  • . I do not think that the auto sector will make new highs even if the market does rally.

    Sucker's Rally On Its Last Legs
  • Sucker's Rally On Its Last Legs? Mark M.
  • . Rostenko It was quite the party, but it looks like the latest and greatest bear market sucker's rally may have finally run its course.
  • . To be sure, a few days of market weakness don't necessarily sound the death knell for a 6-1/2 month rally, but on both the technical and fundamental fronts, it appears that months of ominous developments have finally come to a head.
  • . The fact that yesterday's leaders are leading the pack once again suggests that this uptrend is just another bear market rally.
  • . The fact that some of the economic data has been improving does not necessarily signify a turning point nor a reversal, just like a bear market rally does not imply a new bull market.

    3 low-risk stocks even bears love - MSN Money
  • . Until the big-cap growth leaders arise from their death chambers, the bears boast, the recent two-year rally is just a head fake in a bigger campaign.
  • . The difference is that Wrigley kept rallying, almost tripling to $73.75 before the November 2005 rally got started.
  • . Now that the broader market's tide has turned toward the prospects for moderately lower consumer spending, however, the prospects for Hershey have brightened, and the stock has a good shot at a 15%-20% rally.


    18 stocks for the bull market's last gasp - MSN Money

  • . And major financial stocks, such as Citigroup (, , ) , Fannie Mae (, , ) and Bank of America (, , ) , which would normally be leading a market rally, are all trading near their 52-week lows.

    Technical Analysis - Grain Marketing Boot Camp
  • . When the volume begins to back off, that should be a sign that the rally may be running out of players and know is the time one should be looking to sell.

    Grain Marketing Terms A2-05 November 2005
  • . These are generally considered feed grains.
  • . • Rally - A quick advance in prices.
  • . • Short covering rally - A short-lived rise in prices caused by traders buying back previously established short positions.
  • . • Technical rally (or decline) - A price change led by technical market signals rather than supply and demand conditions.
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