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  • . What is the redemption picture now? We are seeing significant redemptions and are definitely undergoing a major correction, which is not surprising given how much markets have rallied.
  • . In Asia, our clients have been less inclined to sell in India and in other emerging market funds, instead are looking for a good entry point in these markets.
  • . This indicates that there are still strong investor interests in these markets.
  • . For the markets to become bearish in nature there has to be a global inflation problem, or the Fed will continue to raise interest rates aggressively.
  • . Investors in Asia who are closer to the Indian markets and who are driven more by the fundamentals and less by the drive for higher BETA, are less concerned and more inclined to wait and increase their exposures.
  • . BRIC is more of a marketing concept, the four countries Brazil, Russia, India and China, comprise about 30-35 per cent of the Morgan Stanley Capital International global emerging markets index.

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  • Need to check out original corporate information? Visit a division of The Information Company Private Limited information is money | > Current correction an intermediate bear market: Faber 8 June 2006 Investment analyst, Dr Marc Faber feels that the current correction is more likely to be an intermediate bear market and that markets may drop further even after a rebound.Faber feels the Sensex may go to 6, 000-8, 000 levels in the medium term.
  • . He further states that most equity markets may have seen the highs for the year.
  • . We had euphoria, very low volatility and deterioration in the technical underpinnings of the markets.
  • . The markets are becoming rapidly oversold and there could be a rebound at some point.
  • . You said you sold off almost 20 per cent or more in markets like India.
  • . But the rate of increase in liquidity had slowed down and the markets went down 50 per cent.
  • . What do you expect to see in equity markets in the next few months because now it is not just emerging markets… we are hearing the word capitulation being used for developed markets as well? I do not see capitulation in the sense that the majority of investors are not looking at selling but they are looking at buying.

    Grin and Bear It
  • . Logullo Nov 1, 2002 12:00 PM All the awful news about the markets can be good news for brokers who want to garner a little bit of publicity.
  • . “And with the daily news on the markets comes tighter deadlines.” Journalists need experts on their speed-dial — and that expert can be you.

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  • . Logullo All the awful news about the markets can be good news for brokers who want to garner a little bit of publicity.

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    Bear Market by HENRY M. LEVIN - Education Next - Spring 2001
  • . Perhaps this is for the reason suggested by John Chubb and Terry Moe in Politics, Markets, and America’s Schools (1990): that the best results are obtained when schools are given great autonomy.
  • . For-profit schools, especially those with regional and national ambitions, must establish a brand identity for their schools and must also promote themselves intensively to penetrate their markets.

    The Bear Market's Happiest Man
  • . When markets are tight and it's hard to raise new capital, you have to generate cash internally.

    A Sigh of Relief for Stocks
  • . They can, however, keep you out of trouble for major bear markets, and keep you in for the majority of a bull market.

  • . But then, he expanded too fast, spent too much, and misjudged the potential of new markets, according to company directors and managers.
  • . markets, a race-car sponsorship tied to a stuffed bear named ``Racer Ted, '' and a test-marketing foray in Britain.

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  • . Louis, MO Create and maintain accurate brand awareness through written communication both externally and internally for our stores in the UK and surrounding markets.