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  • . > > > > Market Research Reports World Drinks Marketing Directory 2005 Code 30010 Pub Time 2005/07 Published by Euromonitor International Price US$ 1, 250 - This directory profiles the leading drinks companies worldwide.
  • . It brings together authoritative market analysis from acknowledged experts, and sources to consult for further information.
  • . This directory is now available in two volumes, Volume 1 includes Introduction, Overview, Marketing Sources and Major Multinationals and Volume 2 includes National Operators.

    Discussion Paper 59
  • . 2 Background 2.1 Renovation (doi moi) The Government of Vietnam has introduced a reform process aimed at gradually changing its centrally planned and subsidised state-led system for mobilising and allocating goods and services towards a more autonomous one led mainly by free market forces.
  • . The government recognises that the current state-led agricultural cooperative system in the country will have to be radically reoriented if it is to play an effective role in the new free market environment or in the new organisation system combining different types of autonomous farmers organisations, which have been organised spontaneously to ensure that small producers can compete efficiently under the new market conditions.
  • . Besides the emergence of savings and credit groups other organisations/self-help groups build and maintain irrigation systems, provide transport, marketing and mutual help for the family farms.
  • . However, they did not enjoy government subsidies as did the agricultural producers' and the supply and marketing cooperatives.

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  • . You can specialize in areas such as accounting, project management, marketing and more.
  • . They agreed to work with private companies and international lending agencies to expand markets for investment and trade in cleaner, energy efficient technologies.
  • . Saigon, Cholon - Binh Tay Market Binh Tay market is the biggest market in Saigon.
  • . Although this is mainly a wholesale market, it is a visit you should not miss.
  • . A walk inside the market will be a pleasure for your senses.
  • . The market is quite far from the city center.
  • . It is a broad avenue that goes from the Ben Thanh Market to the Opera house.
  • . The 1997 Asian financial crisis highlighted the problems in the Vietnamese economy, but rather than prompting reform, reaffirmed the government's belief that shifting to a market-oriented economy would lead to disaster.

  • . In 2005, sales of agricultural products went smoothly in domestic market.
  • . Made-in-Vietnam products which are of small number and newly-established are not yet known much in the world’s market.
  • . In order to help farmers in sales of their products, creating market-oriented production methods, it is not only the problem of capacity and productivity increase but it is also necessary to increase the competitiveness of agricultural products, to raise income for Vietnamese farmers.
  • . According to insufficient statistics, up to now the projects on brand establishment and protection for some Vietnamese agricultural products are as follow Ø Binh Thuan Dragon fruit: This trademark is established by Y&D group from Ho Chi Minh Economic University, Faculty of Trade-Tourism- Marketing, Vietnam Marcom Training Program for Advertising expert Course 9, for Hoang Hau Dragon fruit - Binh Thuan province, sponsored by Trung Nguyen Coffee and promoted by Chi Lang advertising firm.
  • . Ø Hoang Gia Nam roi Pomelo: This trademark is established by POMELO group from Ho Chi Minh Economic University, Faculty of Trade-Tourism- Marketing and Vietnam Marcom Training Course Program for Trademark Manager, Course 2.


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  • . The agricultural farms specialized in staple crop production and animal husbandry shall pay attention to seed production and development of advanced technical models to be handed over to farmers, and then focus on upgradation and development of production establishments and marketing system for agricultural products.
  • . Science and technology Apply advanced science and technology and high-tech to production, processing and post-harvest phases; make cooperation and linkage with science research institutes to protect, select and cross genes and produce high-yield agro-forest seedlings and animal breeds; focus on transferring and adopting advanced science and technology and providing agro-forestry extension services and market information.
  • . Decentralization for agro-forest farms The agro-forest farms which are performing industrial tree production and business functions in collaboration with processing factories or consumption markets shall be considered as SOEs.
  • . In addition, such factories are attempting to process and export more than 40, 000 tons of various cashews with the total export turnover of US$135 million this year, helping cashew integrate into the world market.

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  • . There are problems on the labour market, due mainly to the rise in the the agricultural production, which is more and more mechanized, but also to the dismissal of administrative and public agents, as well as the demobilization of about half a million soldiers since 1989.
  • . Vietnam presents numerous possibilies : a market of nearly 80 million consumers, a huge labour force which is largely young and educated (the literacy rate is comparable to that of developed countries), a privileged geographical situation in the heart of south-east Asia, with its thousands of miles of coastline and its means of communication which are constantly improving, an efficient agricultural sector and large quantities of prime materials.
  • . In the service sectors the authorities are permitting more and more often the setting up of subsidiaries with 100% foreign capital : market studies, marketing, auditing, chartered accountants, insurance.

    Bakeries face stiff foreign competition
  • . Domestic confectionaries will boost production by the end of this year to market more products during New Year.
  • . VNA/VNS Photo Thu Hoai HCM CITY Vietnamese confectioneries are ramping up production this year to compete with inexpensive imported goods now flooding the market in the lead-up to the Tet Lunar New Year holiday.
  • . He said Binh Tay wholesale market and District 10 Trading Centres, the two major suppliers of confectioneries for Tet, are selling truckloads of imported cakes and sweets each day.
  • . To attract more sales, Bibica has invested VND6 billion for advertising and marketing, compared to last years VND3.5 billion.
  • . Border smuggling to big markets in local provinces has also had an impact.
  • . But Kinh Do Bakerys marketing director Le Quang Minh said despite good quality, high sanitation standards and attractive packaging, local consumers tend to favour foreign products.

    Our Mekong | Doing Business with Neighbours
  • . Laos and Cambodia are Vietnam's near neighbours, potential markets that can be further developed in the near future.
  • . This is why organisers of the initiative entitled "Vietnam's high-quality consumer goods" have chosen the two countries as the first markets in which to set up a marketing fair for 'Made in Vietnam' goods.
  • . VIETNAM-CAMBODIA: SHOPPING AT BORDER MARKETS Facelift at Xuan To Market Boarding a high-quality, non-stop coach to Long Xuyen from the Mien Tay Terminal in Ho Chi Minh City, I was eager to visit border markets the next morning in An Giang, a southern Vietnamese province along the border with Cambodia.
  • . An Giang's largest border market is situated in an economic zone by the Tinh Bien Border Gate, adjacent to Cambodia's Ta Keo province.
  • . The Tinh Bien market is the new incarnation of the smaller Xuan To market, which had just 20 fabric traders.
  • . According to Dao Van Be, head of the management board of Tinh Bien Market, the market now has more than 350 traders with a wide range of commodities.

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  • . Sights Cantho Market The rich variety and abundance of fruit, seafood and vegetables produced in the region is evident along Hai Ba Trung street and in the market's main building at the intersection of Hai Ba Trung and Nam Ky Khoi Nghia streets.
  • . Ask to go to a floating market.
  • . CHAU DOC Chau Doc (population 80, 000) is an important trading and marketing center for the surrounding countryside.
  • . Market A large market selling fresh produce and black market goods smuggled in from Thailand spreads from the riverfront down and along Le Cong Thanh Doc, Phu Thu, Bach Dang and Chi Lang streets.
  • . Shopping Binh Tay Market Binh Tay, with a wonderful array of noises, smells and colors, is one of the most colorful and exciting markets in Saigon.
  • . (Anna, Feb 96) Upstairs in the new market building are many food stalls selling good cheap food, including three vegetarian food stalls (com chay).

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  • . We went to the America Club near the Binh Tay market.
  • . (it's the generally accepted marketing practice of spas in Bangkok at least to do this to attract customers).

    Non-Wood Forest Products in 15 Countries Of Tropical Asia : An Overview
  • . About 200 to 400 tonnes of forest honey per year are marketed and pure forest honey has a much better price on the domestic market because of its good taste and the medicinal qualities that are ascribed to it (de Beer 1993).
  • . Analysis market on cinnamon contribution for strategy development on the north mountain of Vietnam.
  • . Tendency of market on cinnamon to contribute to rural development in upland of the north of Vietnam.
  • . Actual situation of forest product market in Vietnam at present and main approaches for widening the forest product consumption market.
  • . Market systems analysis of non-timber forest products in Vietnam: preliminary study.
  • . (NWFP market opportunity and constraints.) Viet Nam, MARD.
  • . Market opportunities, appropriate technologies and financial viability for demonstration farms.
  • . Price for fruits at domestic markets: D5 0006 000 (US$ 0.30.4/kg) FAO 1993; VFFSCP 1997; Tu 2000; Tu 1990; VFFSCP 1997; de Beer 1993 1 Medicinal plants F, P W, C N, I 30114 MT p/a 1995: export of 855 912 kg (US$1 733 967) Estimated: registrd production accounts for only 30% of the actual production Tinh 1999; Lecup 1996; VFFSCP 1997; Chi 1995; NAFORIMEX 1998; Medicinal Institute 2000; Tap 2001 1 Cynara scolymus L.

  • . High rents According to HCM City's authority that oversees parks and zones, the land rent is formed from the crude land price (market price), site clearance, compensation and infrastructure development costs, interest for loans, and management and marketing costs.