Sample Pro-Life Letters to the Editor - abortion and fetal experimentation

  • . He said that it was probable to get even better results using brain cells from fetuses who had not endured the normal abortion procedures because it destroyed many useful parts.
  • . So why couldn't a woman be artificially inseminated with her father's sperm, to create a fetus to be aborted, and the fetal brain cells implanted in the father to treat his Parkinson's Disease? Clearly, if there is nothing wrong with abortion, there is nothing wrong with this scenario.
  • . Almost all of them require whole, live, healthy fetuses.
  • . In other words, they aren't just going to take jars of fetus puree that was going to be flushed down the clinic's lab sink anyway.
  • . This would create a black market in fetuses.
  • . A poor woman with no other way to feed her family might be driven to deliberately conceive fetuses to sell to these ghouls in white coats until their wracked and scarred bodies became incapable of bearing another child.

    Ultrasound | January 2001 | Medical Imaging
  • . Already a feature on the Elegra, 3D Express acquires 3D images of a fetus using a linear or rocked acquisition technique.

    Newsletter Vol 3 No 1 | Spring 2000
  • . An egg is more like half of a blue print for making a house (person) than a whole blueprint (zygote) or a house that is under construction (fetus or child).

    RU-486 -- The Final Nail?
  • . "Now the question is how is a young girl of 17 going to go plowing through a toilet bowl full of blood clots and other nasty things to try to find this tiny little fetus and bring it to the doctor? Perhaps an even more complex problem, which could involve international drug enforcement agencies, could be that the drug will find its place in the dark world of organized crime.


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    Aborted Fetal Cell Line Vaccines And The Catholic Family
  • . It is not possible to simply perform an abortion and then after the fact, decide one wants to use the discarded fetus for cell research.
  • . Sven Gard of the Karolinska Institute of Stockholm Sweden who supplied the fetuses Dr Stanley Plotkin, who is credited for developing the rubella vaccine for Wistar Institute Dr.
  • . A bit of history is in order on this abortion, whose tissue would be collected from the lungs of a female baby at 3 months gestation The reporting by Stanley Plotkin on the abortion when he was asked about the inherent dangers of using human cell lines in vaccine production due to the possibility of viral agents and human genetic material passed over into the recipient of the vaccine is as follows: ďThis fetus was chosen by Dr.
  • . And as we read above, the fetus was actually chosen for this specific purpose.
  • . It is documented that Gard arranged for a supply of the aborted fetuses on which Hayflickís work was to be based, as recorded by Erling Norrby, the intern working under Sven Gard at Lederle Labs:.

    "Junk DNA" by Rudy Rucker and Bruce Sterling
  • . Plenty of fetus meat in Russia, cheap and easy, all you need! Nothing ever gets patented.

    Nat' Academies Press, Biomedical Politics (1991)
  • . government for the purpose of defining “fetus” in its regulations governing research on human subjects [U.S.
  • . Furthermore, the patient must be prepared in advance for this OCR for page 96 BIOMEDICAL POLITICS procedure because the degree to which the fetus has been compromised by the failed procedure cannot be known but may be extensive.

    SF AIDS Fdn: BETA 4/98 -- Thalidomide's Long and Winding Road
  • . Although the range of effects on the fetuses and babies varied from stillbirth to brain damage to massive internal damage, the most common adverse effect was phocomelia, or truncated arms and legs, commonly referred to as "seal flipper" limbs.
  • . Teratogenic Drug Concerns Research indicates that there is a distinct window of time in early pregnancy during which thalidomide is so devastating: 34-50 days after the last menstrual period, which is when limbs and ears "bud" from the developing fetus and begin to grow.
  • . How will doctors with AIDS patients who are female handle thalidomide? Conclusion Women who may benefit from the drug should have access to it, after being educated about the risks to fetuses and the importance of not becoming pregnant while taking it.

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    Md. to Fund Stem-Cell Research
  • . From what I understand stem cells come from dead fetuses and therefore should not be a problem! I would like to hear that we have discoverd a new method for treating cancer, diabetis, leukemia, parkinsons disease, and a whole sleu of other possible breakthroughs.
  • . Dead fetuses? Yes, Iím sure there will be an abundance of those discarded humans to experiment with.
  • . While were at it letís put a tax on all those women out there who want some of the monetary action from getting pregnant and selling their fetus on the Black Market.
  • . Dead fetuses? Yes, Iím sure there will be an abundance of those discarded humans to experiment with.
  • . While were at it letís put a tax on all those women out there who want some of the monetary action from getting pregnant and selling their fetus on the Black Market.

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    Methadone side effects
  • . During the first few years of methadone maintenance, the question of possible damage to the fetus in pregnancy was often raised.