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  • . Yet, will this be enough to make a serious dent in Apple's market? Probably not, because SanDisk hasn't created what Apple has built: a powerful user experience for listening to great music.
  • . While possibly technologically deficient, the iPod combines the player hardware with the iTunes software, the iTunes Music Store service, the Apple stores for sales and support, and the prestige that comes from the Apple brand.
  • . In 2001, there were several PC music management programs available.
  • . Users, wanting new music on their player, needed to purchase an entire CD album, even if they were only interested in a single song.
  • . Once purchased, putting the music on the machine was extremely difficult, requiring many steps and several different interfaces to "rip" the music, transfer it to the player, and subsequently listen to the music -- all made by different companies with radically different commands and displays.
  • . The difficulty of getting music from the CDs to the player encouraged users to look at online libraries of already encoded music.

    Youth Marketing Forum China 2006
  • . 100% case studies from Sports, Music and Entertainment will be presented by leading brands locally, regionally and globally.

    Ford Motor Company - Featured Story - Fusion Marketing Campaign Mixes Music for the Hispanic Market
  • Fusion Marketing Campaign Mixes Music for the Hispanic Market Top 5 Emailed Stories Ford's integrated Spanish-language marketing campaign for the Fusion lets viewers mix their own music on the web.
  • . On the web, visitors to can use the "Fusion Music Mixer" to blend Latin styles like reggaeton, salsa and tango with other genres, such as country, R&B and hip hop, to create totally unique sounds.
  • . "Ford has identified upwardly mobile - and maturing - 'Generation X' consumers as the target for Fusion, and their tastes in music and technology have influenced the development of the entire Fusion marketing campaign, " said Dave Rodriguez, Ford multicultural marketing communications manager.
  • . "Consumers told us there is a vitality and sensuality to the Fusion, and that's what we have tried to bring forward in our marketing, especially through music." Zubi Advertising took the message and created the campaign for a very good reason.
  • . That thinking led directly to Zubi's creation of the Fusion Music Mixer, which taps into an underground movement in Latin music circles where DJs mix Latin styles with other genres to create new and danceable club music.

    So You're Thinking About A Marketing Career
  • . Federated named BudoVooba, a talented band of college-age musicians from New York University, its ambassadors.
  • . So start by focusing on what interests you--music, sports, the Internet, environmental issues, or whatever.It is pretty standard that future marketers will have taken some general business courses in accounting, finance and management, but those are just the basics.


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    Marketing maven - Icon Lifestyle Marketing's David Watkins - Brief Article Black Enterprise - FindArticles
  • . Then, in 1990, he began working in New York at The Source, the popular hip-hop music and culture magazine, where he eventually became general manager.
  • . "Today everything is centered around urban youth, whether it is fashion, music TV or movies.
  • . Last year we did [music mogul Sean] `Puffy' Combs' birthday party, which had a budget in excess of $800, 000, " says Watkins.

    Direct hit: want to hit a marketing bull's-eye? Set your sights on a smaller target Entrepreneur - FindArticles
  • . She markets African jewelry to an adult black market via glossy black packaging, an upscale gold emblem, and an infomercial that combines authentic African music and a message clearly encouraging cultural pride.
  • . Meanwhile, Feltingoff appeals to the younger black market through the Internet: Her Web site, which markets information on musical artists, features a nightclublike atmosphere, bold graphics, and hip cultural and linguistic references.

    Target Market News
  • . on launch of new branded DVD entertainment line (August 30, 2005) BET and Wal-Mart are forming a marketing alliance to meet the demand for urban-oriented music and movie offerings with BET content and branding.
  • . Under the alliance, BET will provide Wal-Mart with DVDs containing exclusive BET programming and other content related to featured urban-oriented music and movie releases.
  • . "This marketing and promotion alliance with Wal-Mart pairs BET's powerful brand and stellar content with trend-setting, urban-oriented music and movies to enhance Wal-Mart's appeal in urban entertainment product, " said Lee.
  • . And what better way than combining the ultimate retailer with the greatest Black consumer brand on the planet." "We're excited to be able to bring our customers some of the most popular music and movie titles in this category and our relationship with BET allows us to offer exclusive releases with award-winning artists, " said Wal-Mart's Porter.

    Why cultural industries will never accept Copyleft
  • . It shocked the music industry as the shadow of a gigant meteorite suddenly appeared in the sky.
  • . The optimistic point of view iTunes is everything but free music.
  • . So, if music or cultural markets were competitive and not oligopolic as they are, digital contents will be free.
  • . Then they will distribute music freely.
  • . And as the World Wide Web tendences shows, it tends to produce two separated worlds with opposite economic interests and dynamics : big papers/publishers on a hand and bloggers on the other, iTunes and the just-born free music movement, Microsoft and Linux...
  • . As identitarian communities use to have an stable pattern of growth individual digital content providers, as bloggers or independent musicians, are interested in an "eivy model".
  • . The desired world for electronic writers, bloggers and independent musicians, the "eivy world", has an ever encreasing cultural production freely distributed by a mass of creators whose number increases even quicklier.

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    DJzone Marketing
  • . Latin music artists are topping pop charts and record labels see this as a great opportunity to make lots of money and you should too.
  • . Jose states that his employees must know the type of music appreciated by the different cultures.
  • . If you are able to market minority groups then you better have the knowledge and support to meet their musical needs or traditions.
  • . Jose states that Latino music is different like American music.
  • . Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Colombians and Cubans all appreciate different types of Spanish music so you must do your homework and be prepared with the right selections which have to be the best of the old and new music.
  • . Finally, have employees or sub-contractors who understand the music, language or tradition specific to groups.

    Adams Market Research Alcohol Beverage Industry
  • . Many beverage companies have targeted African-Americans through music promotions.
  • . Engaging hip-hop fans, the seventh annual Seagram's Live 2005 music tour sponsored by Seagram's Gin was set to visit 24 cities this fall, featuring multi-platinum R&B acts Xscape, Lil' Mo, Raheem DaVaughn and Tela.
  • . importer of Tecate, Dos Equis, Sol, Carta Blanca and Bohemia brands from FEMSA Cerveza of Mexico, the company also sponsored Latin Grammy Street Parties, which featured top-flight entertainment from some of Latin music's hottest artists.
  • . We take every opportunity to educate Latino consumers on the heritage and tradition of our brands." Beam has found that marketers, "first must gain a deep understanding of the music and food choices consumed by each segment, " according to Brost.

    RIAA vs. MP3 vs. Adam Smith ||
  • . In the RIAA-vs-MP3/Napster/Kazaa/Etc situation, the RIAA represents a small cartel of producers who are currently selling their goods (music CDs) at approximately ten times their marginal cost of production.
  • . Because the market is not free, a large number of consumers exist who would be willing to pay at least $2 but not as much as $15 for a music CD, but have no legitimate means of satisfying that demand.
  • . However, in the music CD market, the RIAA member companies choose not to sell to a group of consumers willing to pay more than the marginal cost of production.
  • . Napster, Music City, Kazaa, and the other Internet file sharing services are simply the means by which this inevitable black market has been operated.
  • . It would be equally possible for a black market of music CDs to exist in the traditional sense - people in marginal business locations selling goods for cash, at least until the police show up.
  • . But this is not at all the case with music CDs or MP3s.

    Internet Marketing Ebook for Entrepreneur, music, artist, author, software developer
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  • . Food recipes included! Ideal for music, arts and author talent seeking to self publish, inventors seeking to market inventions, as well as small and start up businesses.

  • BLACK MARKET MUSIC ? / Arts & Weekend / Art, music & theatre - White White Black Stork, The Pit, Barbican, London

  • . And the recorded musical score is needlessly melodramatic. - Directory
  • Navigate Directory Directory - Artists | Artists: , , , The content displayed here is only an edited sample of the AustralAsian Music Industry Directory.
  • . To find out more about the Directory, sample its 70+ categories, or apply to be listed in the next edition (January/July) visit or to purchase the complete and current edition go to our secure online bookstore 5 + 2 ENSEMBLE Rec: Rufus Records 7 th SUN Mgt: Music Management 67 Darling Street Chatswood NSW 2067 Phone: (02) 9411 2852 Fax: (02) 9411 6324 Mobile: 0425 231 050 Manager: David Shearer Band plays original music in the pop rock genre.
  • . MMF Member 8 BALL AITKEN Web: Rec: Phoenix Movement Records Mgt: Phoenix Productions GPO Box 1933 Brisbane QLD 4001 Phone/fax: (07) 3393 2621 Mobile: 0408 075 959 Manager: Bird Jensen Hillbilly EMO anthems, contemporary Aussie honk, stomp, swamp tunes played on a big national steel guitar...roots music with balls from the roadside.
  • . Musical theatre lead.
  • . MMF Member BLEKBALA MUJIK Rec: CAAMA Music BLIZZARD BROS Rec: Central Station BLUE CHIP GROOVE Mgt: Peter Kemelfield Management BLUE KINGS, THE Mgt: True Blues BLUEBOTTLE KISS Rec: Shock Entertainment Group bluejuice Web: Rec: Jaja Cravworth Records (MGM Distribution) 104 Moverly Road South Coogee NSW 2034 Musicoz Artist of the Year 2003.

    MySpace Music Marketing & Promotion: How to Promote & Sell Your Music on MySpace
  • Site Map FREE Email Tips Get Access to Hundreds of Music Marketing Ideas .
  • . If You Promote Your Music on MySpace, Or Are Thinking About It ...
  • . With tens of millions of registered users and hundreds of thousands of music acts setting up free profiles on the site, has become a godsend for countless independent artists.
  • . If you aren't promoting your music on MySpace yet, you need to start -- fast! If you already have a MySpace artist profile, you need to make the best use of it so you get the maximum exposure possible.
  • . For the past few months I've been researching MySpace and uncovering how the most successful acts use it to reach thousands of fans, make connections, and advance their music careers.
  • . I searched far and wide for useful how-to information on MySpace music marketing ...
  • . Therefore, to help you reach thousands of new fans and make valuable music biz contacts on MySpace, I just published a 65-page, first-ever, one-of-a-kind report called ...
  • . MySpace Music Marketing: How to Promote & Sell Your Music on the World's Biggest Networking Web Site Here's a glimpse at the Table of Contents: MySpace: The Big Picture What "social networking" is and how it can help you MARKET YOUR MUSIC to the masses.

    Guerrilla Music Marketing, Encore Edition: 201 More Self-Promotion Ideas, Tips & Tactics for Do-It-Yourself Artists
  • Site Map Praise for Encore Edition : "Bob Baker's newest Guerrilla Music Marketing book cuts through the nonsense and zeros in on the key elements of marketing a successful indie music career.
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  • . Packed with real-world examples of how real musicians are earning good money.
  • . Encore Edition is an essential guide to carving out the ultimate independent career." - RAVI , singer/songwriter, lecturer, writer, and founder of "More incredibly useful tips and tricks from one of the folks you can trust in the music business.
  • . Every musician, regardless of genre, will benefit from this book.
  • . , Notorious Radio "If you're serious about making and releasing your music, you have to know about marketing.
  • . It should be required reading for all working musicians." - Steve Denyes , indie singer-songwriter and author of Gigging for a Living "Bob empowers independent artists with an arsenal of creative, rock-solid techniques for getting music heard and optimizing merchandise sales.

    A Whole Features: The future of music
  • February 23, 2002 The future of music The problem with music and mp3s today I was introduced to the format in spring of 1997, when my then domain host sent a mass mail to all users saying that .mp3 files were banned and sites serving files would be shut down without notice.
  • . Computer companies have embraced it, Apple the most unapologetically, with many an iBook destined for music ripping, playing, and burning.
  • . Five years of the record industry ignoring the problem, then trying to stifle and silence it, and it is easily the most popular method of listening to music on a computer.
  • . Fear that they'd lose their stranglehold on musicians and artists, that they'd lose their precious controls on distribution of product, and fear that their carefully crafted marketing campaigns wouldn't have the same impact in a world where consumers don't respond to the same old broadcast methods.
  • . Smart musicians have always understood the means of production and distribution and the business savvy among them have started their own labels, done their own packaging and pressing, and even done their own distribution.

    Island Records - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Island Records Parent company Founded Founder(s) Distributing label Island Records Group Universal Music Germany Genre(s) Various.
  • . It is most well-known for its promotion of and music in the 1970s and 1980s.
  • . While based in Jamaica, the label promoted local music, and Blackwell reportedly sold many records out of the back of his car.
  • . incorporated in on, , and set out to market Jamaican music to immigrant communities in and .
  • . In 1967, Island shifted its focus to relatively edgy rock music that appealed to college students, an era ushered in with the signings of and .
  • . In the mid-1980s, U2 helped keep the label afloat with a loan that Blackwell repaid by expanding U2's royalties and giving the band control of its master recordings. Island under PolyGram In July 1989, Blackwell sold Island Records and Island Music to UK Group for 272 million.
  • . Its division, operating since the mid-1980s, achieved some success marketing alternative and dance-pop music. @CallCenter