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    Coffee Pacifica's CEO Comments in the ''Bull & Bear Financial Report''. - Business Wire - HighBeam Research
  • . (OTCBB:CFPC) well within striking distance of achieving its goal of capturing a significant share of Papua New Guinea's huge U.S., Canadian and European gourmet coffee markets.
  • . and Canadian Gourmet Coffee Markets According to Roast Magazine, worldwide demand for coffee is "outpacing supply growth, " putting "pricing pressures on coffee" -- a situation that only helps Coffee Pacifica in its efforts to capture a good portion of the gourmet coffee market.
  • . Actual results could differ materially, as the result of such factors as: (1) competition in the markets for the Company's green bean coffee; (2) the ability of the Company to execute its plans; and (3) other factors detailed in the Company's public filings with the SEC.

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  • . Bull markets are characterized by optimism, investor confidence and expectations that strong results will continue.
  • . Part of the difficulty is that psychological effects and speculation can sometimes play a large (if not dominant) role in the markets.
  • . Investopedia Says : The use of "bull" and "bear" to describe markets comes from the way in which each animal attacks its opponents.

    Bull!: A History of the Boom, 1982-2004 by Maggie Mahar from HarperCollins Publishers
  • . But virtually every market historian agrees on the larger picture: the history of the market is a story of bull and bear markets that take place against a backdrop of much longer waves ...


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    Bull or Bear?
  • . Anyone who tells you he predicts when or where the top or bottom of a market will be is usually guessing unless he has a proven real time track record of making those calls for many bull and bear markets.

    Springboard Enterprises -- How Wall Street has spread its misery around
  • . "The banks take their cue from the bond markets, " Zandi says.

    18 stocks for the bull market's last gasp - MSN Money
  • . While the final top of the major indexes could still be four to six months away, he said, in that time frame an "increasing number of stocks will begin to individually fall by the wayside and roll into their own bear markets." By the time of a final index peak, he says, history suggests that more than half of all New York Stock Exchange stocks will have already topped out.
  • . Focusing on the winners Desmond says that diversified portfolios tend to do poorly toward the end of bull markets.

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  • . The financial markets are no exception.
  • . The markets can remain choppy, even flat, and market volume can be relatively low.

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    My advice remains to be extremely defensive | Dr. Marc Faber
  • Saturday, June 17 - 2006 | : Browse related articles My advice remains to be extremely defensive Most asset markets including stocks and commodities are extremely overbought, and there is far too much speculation in all investment markets.
  • . Sunday, April 16 - 2006 at 16:03 related stories Today, I wish to address the subject of bull and bear markets.
  • . This cyclical movement in asset prices, investors will call, when prices are rising, 'bull markets' and when prices are declining 'bear markets'.
  • . But, in reality, bull and bear markets are far more complex.
  • . In other words, home prices have declined over the last 9 months by 25% against the price of gold! What I really want every reader to understand is that bull and bear markets are extremely complex and an asset class, which seems to be in a bull market may not necessary be in a bull market when compared to a hard currency such as gold.
  • . If equity prices swing back and forth between overvaluation and undervaluation, other asset markets such as real estate, commodities, and bonds will do the same.

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  • . Charting : The use of graphs and charts in the technical analysis of futures markets to plot price movements, volume, open interest or other statistical indicators of price movement.

    Investing in the Stock Market Research Information
  • . Stock market indicators, the simplest being bull and bear markets, are numbers that investors use to support various investing theories.

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  • . Bull markets can happen as a result of an economic recovery, an economic boom, or simple investor psychology.
  • . The longest and most famous of all bull markets is the one that began in the early 1990s in which the U.S.
  • . equity markets grew at their fastest pace ever.
  • . Bear markets are the exact opposite of bull markets: they are markets in which the major indexes have declined by 20% or more over a period of at least two months (a decline that large for any shorter time period is simply called a "correction", especially if it followed a substantial rise).
  • . Bear markets usually occur when the economy is in a recession and unemployment is high, or when inflation is rising quickly.
  • . During certain times of the year or certain times of the month, the markets tend to exhibit certain behaviors more often than would be predicted by chance.
  • . For example, the early fall, October in particular, has historically been a time when the markets have slumped, although the effect isn't extremely pronounced and there isn't a logical explanation for it.