Interview with Mary Nurrenbrock

  • . Hiring is down and employers' standards for marketability are up, resulting in longer job searchers and more challenging circumstances for anyone involved in the process of finding new employment.
  • . A common lament is, "What do they WANT?" In response, I interviewed Mary Nurrenbrock, a recruiter specializing in one of the hardest hit employment areas of this year: Product Management, Product Marketing, and General Marketing.
  • . She works in a variety of high tech vertical markets including but not limited to B2B software applications, wireless, and Internet.
  • . She came to recruiting after a successful career in sales and marketing, including eight years of Marketing and Channel Marketing in the ADC marketplace.
  • . I met Mary after noticing her post a particularly reflective and helpful message about job search strategies to PSPM (Puget Sound Product Marketing Forum), a Yahoo! group for professional product management and marketing professionals.
  • . I contacted Mary and she generously agreed to share her wisdom and insight about effective personal marketing strategies during an economic downturn.

  • WB Search Sections Publications December 15, 2005 Volume XII Number 12 How to Market to Millennials Millennials are considered to be the largest consumer group in U.S.
  • . Knowing what drives their purchasing behavior can help shape a successful marketing campaign.
  • . By Liz Thach In the past , wine marketers have primarily focused on the very large and affluent Baby Boomer generation, at 80 million strong.
  • . According to the Wine Market Council , this consumer segment is already consuming larger quantities of wine than the previous generation of Gen-Xers, and a recent Gallop Poll has also identified this population as part of the reason for the increased popularity of wine in the U.S.
  • . However, very little research has been conducted on why this group is drinking wine, as well as their viewpoints and recommendations on wine marketing in general.
  • . This article describes the highlights of the study, as well as implications for future wine marketing efforts to this promising consumer segment.

    Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers - Book Excerpt
  • . Millions capable of retiring and living the good life will form a luxury market for countless goods and services focused on the elderly.
  • . Whichever socioeconomic market you seek to develop, Baby Boomers have accumulated common cultural, sociological, and psychological experiences that drive their underlying motivations and influence their purchasing decisions.
  • . Ultimately, this book will help you achieve your business goals by showing you how to target effectively and market to a generation ready to bestow success on those who truly understand and act on its proclivities, values, dreams, and goals.
  • . S tay abreast of this dynamic market.
  • . Visit Brent Green's CLICK HERE FOR YOUR COPY OF MARKETING TO LEADING-EDGE BABY BOOMERS From Marketing to Leading-edge Baby Boomers by Brent Green, Copyright 2005, Brent Green & Associates, Inc., All Rights Reserved READ RECENT MEDIA INTERVIEWS FEATURING BRENT GREEN: Copyright 1998 Brent Green & Associates, Inc.

  • . Other countries of the region experienced a slower and more complicated transition process to a market economy.
  • . fruits, vegetables and meat; Support to civil society and the private sector to address gaps in farmer support services linking farmers to markets, and provision of rural finance, market information and other services to rural entrepreneurs; Modernisation of post-harvest handling, processing and marketing of agricultural products.
  • . Assistance to CEEC 189 will be provided to promote trade, improve market access and upgrade inspection facilities to EU required levels.
  • . In collaboration with UN/ECE 192 , FAO will continue to aim at strengthening management and marketing skills of private forest owners, and private forest sector institutions (associations).
  • . As regards, agricultural trade opportunities for raising rural incomes, FAO will offer assistance in compliance with, and the certification process in food quality and safety standards for access to the EU market.


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    FAO - Conference (32st Session)
  • . Directly related to poverty alleviation in Eastern and Southern Africa, emphasis will be placed on processing and marketing of indigenous fruits and nuts, on opportunities arising from forest mushroom production and the development of the bamboo and rattan industry.
  • . FAO will continue to support capacity building for research, extension, communication and information exchange according to the specific needs of the region, including those resulting from the transition to market economies.
  • . In this region, policy assistance will focus on institutional and capacity building in the rural sector, to help the process of transition to a market economy.
  • . As regards small-scale fisheries and aquaculture, FAO assistance will focus on: management of fishery resources in large rivers and coastal areas to avoid over-exploitation and increase fishers’ income; ensuring better access of fisheries communities to markets, reduction of post-harvest losses, increased value-added fish products through better handling, conditioning and small-scale processing at landing places; and promoting aquaculture production.

    NYU Today
  • . The FDA is expected to approve BiDil in June, making it the first “ethnic” or “racial” drug on the market.
  • . The potential introduction into the marketplace of a pharmaceutical designed to treat one racial group has drawn mixed responses from researchers.
  • . So is racial pharmacogenetics to be only used in a paternalistic restrictive way and never in a positive way? It seems hypocritical to allow pharmaceutical companies to use racial and genetic data in negative ways and not in positive ways.” Duster doesn’t dismiss the possibility of one successfully matching genetics and medical treatment, but concludes more research is necessary before moving related pharmaceuticals to the marketplace.
  • . But he sees the marketplace, rather than science, pushing FDA approval of drugs such as BiDil.
  • . “In my article for Science, I note that NitroMed, in trying to market BiDil to African Americans, makes much of the claim that in the 45-to-64 age group, blacks have a 2.5 times greater risk than whites for mortality from heart disease, ” he explains.

    Target Market News
  • . Census Bureau Data _ Copyright 2005 by Target Market News Inc.
  • . While SandersWingo maintains strong relationships with general market clients in fields such as tourism, information technology and public education, it has also developed a highly successful practice reaching out to consumer markets that are setting trends and building sales for companies across the country.
  • . Our collective experience in general market and African American brand marketing puts us in a unique position to benefit these companies. SandersWingo is different from many agencies in that it understands urban isnt just Black or Hispanic.
  • . Its no secret that urban culture is a major driver for many consumers both in the city and out in the suburbs. SandersWingo currently maintains client relationships with several national brands tapping the urban market, including SBC, Blockbuster Entertainment, Shell Oil Products U.S.
  • . SandersWingo is a full-service brand marketing agency with practices in both general market and urban marketing.

    Insight Research - Telecommunications Marketing Opportunities to Ethnic Groups: SegmentingConsumer Markets by Ethnicity, Age, Income and Household Buying Patterns Market Research Report
  • Telecom Market Research, Industry Analysis : : 973-541-9600 718 Main Street Boonton, NJ 07005 Comparative market research reports provide in-depth analysis.
  • . is a look at where this ever-changing market is headed, and models for the future is a report that looks at the ever-changing world of media and it`s impact on Service providers and their networks.
  • . examines the spending patterns on local, long distance, ISP, and wireless for 14 classes of business contends that carriers, service providers, equipment vendors, systems integrators, and specialist companies will all participate in the growth opportunities provided by this market.
  • . Telecommunications Marketing Opportunities to Ethnic Groups: Segmenting Consumer Markets by Ethnicity, Age, Income and Household Buying Patterns 1998-2003 a market research report With the new millennium rapidly approaching, a new America is emerging.
  • . Carriers who maintain a strong customer service relationship with ethnic consumers by communicating in-language, in-culture, and in tune with their social values will win over more of this rapidly growing market.

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    MultilingualWebmaster >> where the web is headed
  • \ Asian-American Marketing Online \ \ \ \ Free subscription to .
  • . Enter email address: Rika Nakazawa Business Development Liaison The Web Connection 1.What is your title and role? Business Development Liaison, Web Connection - San Francisco 2.What is cultural/ethnic marketing and why does it matter? Cultural or ethnic marketing means tailoring the planning and execution of customized marketing initiatives so as to address the specific needs, desires, tastes, and consciousness determined by the ethnic background of the particular targeted group.
  • . Cultural marketing begets loyalty, and loyalty begets repeat customers, which begets diminishing cost per sale, which translates into increase in bottom line profit.
  • . Word of mouth also can be effectively triggered by successful ethnic marketing - once a company establishes itself to be "with it" in terms of addressing a particular ethnic group, viral marketing takes care of itself.
  • . With respect to marketing to the Asian American group specifically, the imperative comes out of the fact that Asian Americans have the highest percentage of professionals among all ethnic groups, and also have the highest average household income - close to USD $48, 000 in 1998 (Caucasian average household income for the same year was about USD $42, 500).

    Caucasian Knot: Analytics
  • Social Marketing in Ryazan: Costs of the War in Chechnya Theodore P.
  • . The results from this survey suggest that social marketing in Russia can have an impact even in a highly restricted media market and even on an issue that is as politically sensitive as the war in Chechnya when activists rely on public opinion to shape messages.
  • . In other words, these findings suggest that social marketing is effective at shaping specific attitudes, but activists should not assume or expect the public to link in their minds issues that a campaign does not explicitly address.

    US Nutraceuticals 2001 : Market Research Report
  • Search for Market Research Reports: Published by: Published: Jan.
  • . US: Int'l: 800-298-5699 +1-212-807-2600 Buy this Report Search Inside Report About is an online aggregator selling over 95, 000 market research reports, company profiles and country profiles from more than 400 research firms.
  • . Our reports will provide you with the critical business and competitive intelligence you need for strategic planning and marketing research.
  • . Coverage includes the US, UK, Europe, Asia and global markets.

    News - Info@uk - British Council - Information Services
  • . Explore areas of shared interest such as marketing, conservation, revenue generation, funding, the Disability Discrimination Act and working with and for young people.’ The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) is supporting the two events.
  • . [It reflects] different studies undertaken by DIRSI members under the common theme of pro-poor, pro-market ICT policies.
  • . This theme seeks to support next-generation policy reforms that build on the achievements of market liberalization efforts but at the same time address the realities of what we call digital poverty, a concept that seeks to grasp the multiple dimensions of inadequate levels of access to ICT services as well as the barriers to their productive use.’ The book is available in English with a Spanish version currently being produced.
  • . (Source: ifla-l mailing list, 19 December 2005) TV without frontiers ‘A proposal to update the EU’s 1989 “TV without Frontiers” Directive, to keep pace with rapid technological and market developments in Europe’s audiovisual sector [has been tabled by the European Commission] ...


    New Market Men, New Market Guys at

  • New Market Men at New Market Men & New Market Guys provides great new features for contact single New Market men.
  • . Use our icebreaker feature to let New Market guys know you are interested in getting to know them a little better.
  • . There are thousands of New Market men in your area so create a free profile today.
  • . Ethnicity: Caucasian / White Job: Marketing in Kentucky - Essay Pending Approval - CHEVYMAN478 Age: 28 Body Type: Average Faith: Spiritual but not re...
  • . in Kentucky - Essay Pending Approval - More New Market Links: While New Market men and women in New Market might find dating to be more annoying than nice, it's important to get past this by breaking the ice.
  • . After taking a good look at a number of local New Market guys, you'll know that the person you are attempting to get to know will have plenty in common with you.

    Search Engine Marketing to the U S Hispanic Market
  • . Search Engine Marketing To The U.S.
  • . Hispanic Market By Ignacio (Nacho) Hernandez Jr.
  • . Hispanic population coupled with its increasing purchasing power has companies competing for a larger market share of this largely untapped market.
  • . Advertisers spent an estimated $2.8 billion in 2003 to market their products to U.S.
  • . What role does the Internet play in Hispanic's daily lives? How can you improve your Search Engine Marketing strategies to this market? This market is not just big, it's complex and constantly changing.
  • . Understanding these facts and developing strategies to address complexity and change will give you a winning approach to the Hispanic Market.
  • . Online Hispanic Market.
  • . The Growing Hispanic Market The U.S.
  • . There are many companies that have tracked and researched the Hispanic Market for over 20 years; however, it is now evident that the Hispanic market needs more than just accurate demographics and consumer data.
  • . If you can know who they are today and can predict where they will go in the future, then you can guarantee to take the lead in this market.

    Translations that are Marketing Mistakes
  • Marketing Translation Mistakes People forward translation and cultural mistakes to me, and I love them.
  • . Content and Product Globalization Translations That (Allegedly) Embarassed Their Marketing Departments Body Bags 2006-03-05 Almost as good as the confusion among English speakers over the term, is the humor raised by the German equivalent for knapsack.
  • . "And you put that thing in your mouth?!?!" Thanks to Jørgen Lykkebo! PepsiCo India 2004-10-06 I was visiting Bangalore, India when the local news (for example, ) was widely reporting the legal consequences of a marketing mistake by Pepsi.
  • . Panasonic had licensed the cartoon character "Woody Woodpecker" as the "Internet guide." The day before a huge marketing campaign was to begin, Panasonic stopped the product launch.
  • . It's good marketing that stops and makes you take a second look or makes you wonder.
  • . Nevertheless, I like their commitment to safety while maintaining their identity and having a cool marketing strategy, which goes back to the 1930's.

    Organic Consumers Share Values, Not Demographics
  • . Marketing professionals may find lucrative returns from looking beyond the stereotype to new segments whose common traits are personal values rather than high-end addresses or advanced degrees.
  • . In fact, the "traditional" organic consumer—that affluent suburban mother—may well reflect the current availability of organic foods as retailers choose premium locations, rather than define the market.
  • . That said, we know there are geographic areas where there's heavy usage, but we can see that there's participation across groups not traditionally thought of as organic consumers." With limited marketing resources, every company naturally seeks to target consumers who will provide likely and significant returns.
  • . Cultural Creatives: A Diverse Group One of the most compelling marketing concepts to have captured the industry's collective imagination is the idea of the Cultural Creatives, defined by researcher and consultant Paul H.
  • . You can have people with the same demographic profile, down to a gnat's eyebrow, and they can live in entirely different worlds and want entirely different things." The diversity of values-based purchasers presents all the opportunities inherent in expanding markets, and all the challenges of reaching potential consumers who can't be easily identified by traditional means—and who share a defining characteristic of balking against categorization.

    Marketing Network of the Caucasus
  • Marketing Network of the Caucasus MANEC was conceived at the beginning of the Track Two program as the Virtual Agriculture Wholesale Market (VAWM).
  • . Because a good portion of the Caucasus region relies on subsistence farming for food and income VAWM was seen as a way to give local farmers and ranchers more opportunity for marketing and selling their produce, meat, and other value added products to other areas of the region.
  • . Participants had the opportunity to learn how to better market their goods and services, sell their products, and meet and learn more about their counterparts in neighboring countries.
  • . With this shift, the project changed its name to the Marketing Network of the Caucasus and purchased the domain name
  • . It was hoped that providing training about business practices, technology, marketing, and other essential small business topics would stem misinformation about the program and encourage its growth.
  • . Today, MANEC continues to provide the core services of connecting local producers with a greater market presence and promoting cross border cooperation within the Southern Caucasus region. @CallCenter