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  • . The famous Chatuchak weekend market (actually it's open every day except Tuesday).
  • . Worth visiting is the Marketing Organisation For Farmers Market, right at the station.
  • . Chatuchak Park but not the market.
  • . Rama 4 Road Exit 1 (marked MEA) walk south towards the road junction for street vendors, markets and local shops with goods at local prices.
  • . Suan Lum Night Market/Bazaar .
  • . Dusit Thani Hotel Rama 4 Road Hua Lamphong Temple, Sam Yan Market, Chulalongkorn University, Mandarin Hotel, No Hand Restaurant.

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  • . Easy access via Sky Train to Chatuchak weekend market.

    Siam Future : RETAILING: New challenges for Chatuchak
  • > Retail News > Thai Retail Headline News Thai Retail Headline News RETAILING: New challenges for Chatuchak (Sep 13, 00) RETAILING: New markets will compete with weekend browser's paradise that appears to be losing some of its appeal It's still early in the day, but already the din and bustle of the market has built up to a crescendo.
  • . Welcome to Chatuchak Weekend Market, where tens of thousands converge each Saturday and Sunday to pick up bargains, shop for groceries or just pass their time away in an arena wildly different from the today's modern, sterile shopping mall.
  • . Chatuchak market was set up in 1982 by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration in an effort to move street merchants out of Sanam Luang to a more formal, organised setting.
  • . A plot of land belonging to the State Railway of Thaialnd under a 30-year lease expiring in 2012 is the site for Chatuchak market.
  • . A plot of land was rented from the State Railway of Thailand under a 30-year lease expiring in 2012 as a site for the market.

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  • . The city offers numerous places for bargain hunters from the popular Mahboonkrong and Chatuchak weekend market to prestigious spots like Gaysorn and Erawan Bangkok.
  • . The facelifts of these stores and complexes flaunt modern interiors, hi-tech multimedia as communication tools to customers, and gourmet food halls that have been reincarnated from former supermarkets.
  • . "It's a good thing that everybody's investing in building or upgrading their stores, " comments Allan Namchaisiri, senior vice president and head of marketing, Central Department Store.
  • . CENTRAL CHIDLOM Formerly Market Place by Tops, the Central Food Hall is the biggest change at Central Chidlom.
  • . The gourmet supermarket offers a wide range of imported foods, including my favourite Walkers crisps and Wotsits snacks from the UK.
  • . And it will be a great place to do so, according to Kriengsak Tantiphipop, chief marketing officer of Siam Paragon and managing director of The Emporium, if you want to catch up on what's going on in the world.


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    Avian Influenza / Bird Flu news
  • . - About 600 poultry and egg stallholders in government wet markets to get three-week rental rebates backdated to Aug 19.
  • . 'We greatly appreciate the help provided by the Government.' Stallholders, like a Tekka Market egg-seller who wanted to be known as Mrs Lim, said that with almost no income coming in, the rebates will help keep their bills down.
  • . Avian influenza has been sweeping through poultry farms and markets across Asia this year, killing or forcing the cull of more than 100 million birds and devastating the industry in some areas.
  • . Just last week, scientists in Hong Kong sounded an alarm after finding that H9N2 was prevalent in chickens in local markets and could mutate and jump more easily to humans.
  • . More than 50 officials and police officers took part in yesterday's checks on fowl shops at Chatuchak Weekend Market and the nearby Marketing Organisation for Farmers.
  • . The agriculture ministry on Friday banned all exports of poultry and poultry products abroad including to the European Union and Switzerland, South Africa's two biggest export markets for poultry. - Bangkok Subway News
  • . Plew said that BMCL was studying in detail BTS passengers to obtain marketing data since the company has seen that Skytrain carries much fewer passengers than expected.
  • . Furthermore, MRTA will use a marketing campaign with a 15% lower fare during the first months or even the first year of subway service (December 2002-December 2003).

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  • . In recent years smart plazas, malls and department stores have mushroomed to augment the facilities provided by markets and street stalls.
  • . Old Bangkok markets are sightseeing attractions in their own right.
  • . At fresh produce centres, like Samyan Market on Phayathai Road, the Marketing Organization for Farmers' Market near Chatuchak Park, or Pak Khlong Talat, Bangkok's answer to London's Covent Garden, you can see the colourful and fragrant abundance of fruit, vegetables and flowers, including fabulous orchids that the fertile land produces.
  • . Also Chatuchak Weekend Market should not be missed.

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  • . Bangkok Activities Visiting the Weekend Market Everyone seems to love a bargain and there are plenty to be had at Chatuchak Weekend Market, a happening that occurs in Bangkok every Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 to 18:00.
  • . At one time the Weekend Market was difficult to reach, but it is now easily accessed by getting off the Skytrain at the Mo Chit station and walking the short distance to the market.
  • . A useful map of the market's layout, produced by Nancy Chandler, is now available at the market and in Bangkok bookstores.
  • . More information can be obtained from the SRT website at Visiting a Floating Market At one time it was relatively easy to visit picturesque floating markets where fruits and vegetables were sold from small boats by colorfully clad women.
  • . The urbanization of Bangkok, however, and the arrival of the automobile have eliminated authentic markets within the city itself.
  • . The closest market is a small affair on Klong Bang Khu Wiang in Thonburi.
  • . Boats to this market leave from Tha (pier) Chang near Wat Pra Kaeo every morning between 06:15 and 08:00.

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  • . One I’m using for the first time is the Emerging Markets 50 ADR Index Fund which invests in American Depository Receipts of large foreign companies that operate in developing markets.
  • . Friday, September 9, 2005 at 10:58 am // By: Matt Fong // Category: , , I’m trying to expand my professional bogging career and have recently started contributing to the about e-marketing from a global perspective, especially as it relates to SEO in languages other than English.
  • . I’m a native English speaker and I’m ashamed (well, not really) to only speak English, but hopefully I’ll still have some useful contributions to make on e-marketing in Thailand.
  • . As such, I’ve gladly taken this marketing position abroad at a beach resort to gain useful experience while I explore Thailand’s culture.
  • . In traditional markets in Bangkok it is likely a foreigner will end up paying more.
  • . Could it be Chatuchak weekend market vendors and songthaew drivers are one step ahead of western businesses? For the record, I’ve been paying 10 baht per songthaew ride for well over 2 months now.

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  • . Other listings include cooking classes, cinemas, hobbies, spas, sports, supermarkets, etc.
  • . essential for finding what you want " ~ TIME Asia Magazine: Shortcuts: Bangkok " Discover hundreds of details on the markets, transportation routes, facilities and attractions ...
  • . We were particularly impressed with the accuracy of the map of the Weekend Market." ~ Vida Tigrani "We found your map simply cool and fantastic, our best tourist map! We used it every day of our Bangkok travel, found all (sorts) of funny and useful suggestions ...
  • . © Nancy Chandler Graphics Represented by NCG Marketing Ltd.

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  • . SEE YOU IN BANGKOK YEAR 2007 Apply Jiraporn Yoonuch Marketing & Sales Manager Business Cash Management Group Tel.
  • . Ayutthaya Bang Pa-in Summer Palace Pattaya- A traveler's Paradise Bangkok - The Grande Palace The National Museum Wat Pho Wat Suthat and the Giant Swing Chinatown - The largest outside of China Wat Arun - Temple of Dawn The Ananda Samakhom Throne Hall Vimanmek Palace Chatuchak Weekend Market Wat Arun sunset.

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  • . While the former boldly highlighted in canary yellow all the shopping regions in the city, the latter’s incessant occurrence ensured our permanent presence indoors: inside malls, inside hotels, inside wholesale markets, inside food courts, and increasingly, inside the magical Skytrain.
  • . How else do you explain the lack of a single buy despite hours of browsing through cheap clothes, cheap accessories, cheap electronics, and even cheaper “antiques”? All things considered, a very disappointing excursion, except for our surprisingly affordable lunch in the café at the Emporium, a very new and very up-market mall.
  • . Juxtaposed alongside shopping centers such as the Central World Plaza, Gaysorn, and Big C, we found the very vibrant Pratunam and Indra Markets, a warren of alleys swarming uniformly with merchandise, shoppers, and street-food vendors.
  • . That evening we visited Patpong, famed as much for its naughty nightlife as for its night markets.
  • . Some suggested Khao San Road, some the Chatuchak weekend market, while others referred to ones we had previously visited.


  • . The complimentary shuttle van runs guests through heavy traffic to local appointments; all electronics -- from key cards to Internet access, DVD players to toilet phones -- are state-of-the-art; and a few untidy services, such as the gym and swimming pool, are stowed next door at Triple Two's mass-market sister hotel, the Narai.
  • . The menu highlights California salads like Caesar with Cajun salmon and grilled tuna with balsamic dressing -- comfort food for Westerners, but a long way from the local night market's curry and sticky rice.

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  • . Anyattempts by my wife have been an exercise in futilityon her part as I'm admittedly a nitwit when it comesto anything that closely resembles schooling.But...todays post is about Thai TV and like it's Westerncounterpart, there ain't nothing happening.Most from the states will argue with me, but in thestates the news is mostly marketing as continuous"news alerts" and "critical updates" are mostly thereto hold your attention and keep their advertisersswimming in money. @CallCenter