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  • . The stock and station agency, which has provided finance, information, technical advice, networks, marketing, and retail services to farmers, is a uniquely Australasian enterprise, of critical importance in the rural and export economy.
  • . Networks depend on trust, reputation and tradition or codes of understood behaviour (p 57); they provide better information than markets and are freer than hierarchical organisations.
  • . Information services lost money too, or didn’t make it - where the agency did make money was in marketing livestock, land, and produce.
  • . The emphasis on marketing had consequences for rural townships – the saleyards and the saleday, always by auction – these too reinforced information and networks.
  • . The pressure which could be applied to a recalcitrant client, in a competitive market, had to be finely judged: foreclosure was very much a last resort in a downturn at least.
  • . The study of the wool market from early disorganisation to later growth is illuminating, especially in the relationship of agencies to shipping companies.

    Improving the Past: The Colonial Revival on Long Island
  • . Some companies directly encouraged this trend by marketing Colonial Revival pattern reproductions.
  • . In the early twentieth century, the nation was flooded with publications on interior decoration that promoted the Colonial style through antiques and a growing market of reproductions.
  • . Selling Colonial: Marketing the Colonial Revival on Long Island The 'William Penn' pattern is a design of old colonial style and the significance of the name was the fulfillment of a definite purpose.
  • . Thanks to advances in distribution and advertising, a rapidly expanding consumer culture eagerly embraced mass-marketed Colonial styles and references.

    Colonial Heights Custom Web Design: Web Sites, Development, Attorney Marketing, Legal Marketing
  • . What image does your Web site portray? In order to develop your custom Web site and market it properly, we use strategies and technologies that we have spent eight years perfecting.
  • . 800-397-3743 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Our ability to market our clients on the Internet and in the search engines is unsurpassed.
  • . It is one of the most cost effective ways to build a larger client base and gain market share.
  • . Because the Internet is an outstanding equalizer, practices with smaller marketing budgets can successfully compete with larger, more established practices.


    Photo by / By industry / IT - IBM chief calls for end to colonial companies
  • . The modern company, Mr Palmisano writes, is a “globally integrated enterprise”, which spreads its strategies, production capacity and management around the world in order to be close to markets and customers.

    MMS Education Education | Marketing and Promotion
  • MMS Education can provide creative marketing and promotion services -- whether for projects you develop or those we develop for you.
  • . Direct mail, e-mail newsletters or promotions, catalogs and advertising campaigns, targeted public relations activities, special events, conventions and workshops may all play a part in an integrated marketing effort.
  • . MMS Education continues to manage the day-to-day operations of the competition, including educational marketing efforts.
  • . To increase the awareness of and participation in the program, MMS Education worked in conjunction with the competition's PR agency to create a three-tiered promotion strategy including educational marketing, media ads in educational publications and utilization of past program participants.
  • . In addition to educational marketing, MMS Education continues to manage the day-to-day operations of the competition, including overseeing the judging procedures through all planning, coordination and on-site staffing/management for the National Championship Week recognition event.

    Hispanic Marketing: A Critical Market Segment
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    Glossary (J - N) [ Biz/ed Virtual Developing Country ]
  • . - The opening up of markets to the free market forces of supply and demand - The average length of time that people in a country are expected to live - The sum of money that a country borrows - Shows the minimum unit cost of producing each level of output, allowing the size of plant to vary.
  • . - Market failure occurs when the price mechanism results in an inefficient or grossly unfair allocation of resources.
  • . Merit goods would be under-provided in a pure free-market economy.
  • . As a result of people being vaccinated we keep disease out of the country, but if it was left just to the market many people might choose to take the risk and not pay for vaccinations.
  • . - The view that markets operate efficiently and that the way to increase output and employment is to raise aggregate supply.
  • . - investment over and above that needed to replace worn out capital (depreciation) - The difference between incomes earned and incomes paid abroad - A niche market is a specialist area of the market.

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  • . Rockville, MD 20852 (301) 230-0045 (301) 230-0046 Marketing Companies in Virginia Marketing Companies in Virginia - Get our FREE whitepaper! Speaking of marketing companies in Virginia, RMR & Associates has helped roll out over 350 companies and products since it was started in 1987.
  • . As marketing companies in Virginia go, RMR is one of the largest owned by a woman dealing with Business to Business (B-to-B) and Business to Government (B-to-G) clients.
  • . How to Use Marketing to Add Value to Your Company.
  • . When InSoft challenged AT&T for a bite of the desktop video conferencing market, effective marketing had not only positioned InSoft products as industry leaders, it had positioned the company as a leader.
  • . Such serendipitous financial gain doesn't happen every day, but when it does, you can bet effective marketing played a key role, as it did with InSoft, preparing them to meet the opportunity.

    Colonial Mall Temple on the market - Austin Business Journal:
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  • . ft.: 25, 858 SF Bizjournals Directory Find local business services by clicking on a category Colonial Mall Temple on the market Austin Business Journal - September 22, 2004 Colonial Mall Temple is up for sale.
  • . Birmingham, Ala.-based (NYSE: CLP) has put the 555, 000-square-foot shopping haven on the market for an undisclosed price.

    Marcus Clarke's Bohemia
  • . It tracks the struggles of colonial writers in terms of a marketplace that was loaded against them, and suggests that the fantasy or, to use one of Clarke’s favourite terms, the “phantasmagoria” of an exuberant Bohemian demimonde was both a wishful response to colonial marginalisation, and a way of marketing colonial literature.
  • . Chapter 2: The Peripatetic Philosopher: Urban Space, Entertainment and the Comedy of the Marketplace Clarke was fascinated not only with the public spaces of nineteenth-century Melbourne, but with the forms of cultural production that inhabited these spaces.
  • . In the context of Clarke’s Gothicisation of the market we can read his interest in themes like dual personality, hidden secrets, monstrosity and drug-induced hallucination as both pitched at the market and as reflections of its secret craving for perversity.

    Terri S. Rouse-- Africana Library, Cornell University
  • . Rouse Title: The Socio-Economic Position of Yourba Women from 1915 to 1925 with Emphasis on the Market Women Degree Date: August 1977 Committee Chairperson: J.
  • . Abstract: : This thesis discusses the socio-economic position of Yoruba women from 1915 to 1925, with emphasis placed on the market woman.
  • . The market woman's socio-economic position was investigated by examining the extent to which the colonial period's economic demands and cultural influences altered her traditional position.
  • . These influences affected the society because a sub-group, the Yoruba market women, existed and their traditional operations were congruous with British plans.
  • . The British system absorbed market women because agricultural goods such as palm kernels were marketed by women for middlemen, farmers, or for their husbands, thus providing a stream of goods into market areas.
  • . The Yoruba market system furnished Europeans with indigenous traders and indigenous markets in which to trade.


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    Publicity/Marketing Internships at Claude Moore Colonial Farm
  • . won't you come and visit? Internships * * * * * Publicity/Marketing Assistant The Claude Moore Colonial Farm at Turkey Run seeks an intern interested in publicity and marketing at a living history museum.
  • . The Farm educates the public about the history of American agriculture through visitors' active participation and involvement in the eighteenth-century farm site and associated educational programs The Publicity/Marketing position assists with generating public interest in the Farm's programs and its website.

    From marketing to meta marketing
  • Special issue with the Sunday Magazine From the publishers of THE HINDU TRANSITIONS : September 12, 1999 From marketing to meta marketing S.
  • . Ramachander Marketing is by its very nature an amorphous entity, in perpetual transition.
  • . As a practice, it is elaborated as marketing management i.e., the set of decisions and activities commonly accepted as the province of the marketing manager.
  • . As a discipline, marketing's origins can be traced to the emergence of free enterprise thinking, the Adam Smith era, and to the social science of Economics.
  • . Marketing is but an applied sub-discipline with a sharper focus on the world of exchange, and the subject is as old as exchange itself.
  • . The great differences in the last 100 years have been of sheer speed and scope of production and the variety of consumption, spurred on by mass production, technology, specialisation and the post war boom in mass markets.
  • . The first attempts at making a science of marketing, around the 1920's, were descriptive.

    Underscore Marketing LLC | Market the Experience
  • THE INTERACTIVE ADVERTISING BUREAU AND UNDERSCORE MARKETING LAUNCH THE INNOVATORS ROUNDTABLE New York, NY - December 5, 2002 - The Interactive Advertising Bureau, the leading voice of the interactive marketing industry, and Underscore Marketing announce the launch of The Innovators Roundtable, a new dinner series geared toward promoting the value of online advertising within the media community.
  • . "There are many issues, large and small that must be discussed, debated and worked out among publishers, marketers and agencies to help advertisers better understand the value of interactive media in their plans, " said IAB President and CEO Greg Stuart.
  • . "The interactive marketing industry is at a crossroads, " said Tom Hespos, president of Underscore Marketing.
  • . "As interactive marketing evolves, it will adopt many of the processes, measurement methodologies and other characteristics of its traditional media brethren.
  • . "Were receiving great interest from IAB member companies for all three levels and are proud to announce weve scheduled several dinners across the country already in Q103" said Underscore Marketing CEO Tim McHale. @CallCenter