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  • my two cents on making a difference with social marketing occasional postings from Nedra Kline Weinreich « | » | » | » | » | » | » | » | » | » | » 5.14.2006 Carnival of Marketing Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.
  • . Sorry, we don't have any cotton candy, ferris wheels or bearded ladies, but we do have seven of the best marketing posts from throughout the blogosphere.
  • . How can we work with the virtual self-sustaining communities like MySpace, YouTube, etc?Eric Mattson at offers a podcast of with Joe Waters of Boston Medical Center, who writes about cause marketing in his blog.
  • . Listen to the interview to learn more about how cause marketing can be used as a win-win strategy for both the business and the nonprofit partners.I loved the report at about the fleet of that bear the logos of various local nonprofit organizations -- everything from the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the American Heart Association to smaller organizations, like the Buddy Dog Humane Society.

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  • . 2003 Krispy Kreme opening Marketing Wonk dinners Millennium Park Mini (our mascot) June 2006 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 12 13 14 15 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Our works Hardcover edition with foreword by the godfather, Guy Kawasaki.
  • . Our hearty congrats, Robert! Posted by Ben McConnell at 04:24 AM | links for 2006-06-11 On the McDonalds hoax: "It's important for companies to develop their own online community that can say good things about them when the going gets rough." (tags: ) While men make more daily contacts than women, women are more likely to engage in WOM activities, according to a new study from Lucid Marketing entitled "U.S.
  • . (tags: ) Paul Bennett from IDEO says it's time for marketers to kill the marketing and branding buzzwords ("brand velocity", anyone?) and get back to simple concepts and simple ideas.
  • . On the road to success, when does the alchemic magic of authenticity generated by unmistakable talent lose its wondrous shine? When marketing drives the car, not when the car drives the marketing.

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  • . 2003 Krispy Kreme opening Marketing Wonk dinners Millennium Park Mini (our mascot) June 2006 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 12 13 14 15 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Our works Hardcover edition with foreword by the godfather, Guy Kawasaki.
  • . The CEO should assign its development to a marketing, operations or product chief.
  • . It's said that Kraft may have to have its featued of this season's But "Milk and Cereal" shows that the new intersection of technology, pop culture and marketing make some product placements free and buzz-worthy.
  • . Posted by Jackie Huba at 03:34 PM | May 31, 2006 Citizen Marketers: the book Right now, inside home offices, cubicles and coffee shops around the world, millions of men and women are concentrating intently in front of their computer screens, working on their newest hobby: marketing content.
  • . That's a significant development for the people who run call centers, marketing and sales teams, operations and product management.


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  • 2006 Masters of Integrated Marketing Conference Wednesday, June 14 8:45 am General Session Welcoming Remarks Bob Liodice President and Chief Executive Officer ANA MANAGING INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS IMC presents unique challenges, including managing multiple communications agencies, dealing with functional silos at both the client and agency, disparate agency profit centers, and a client desire for media neutrality.
  • . Moderator Jonah Bloom Editor Advertising Age Panelists Tanya Earley Director, Channel Marketing International Truck and Engine Corporation Linda McGovern Director, Marketing Communications & Brand Strategy USG Corporation Angela Stark Senior Brand Manager Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • . Steve Woodhead Global Manager, Integrated Marketing Chevron Corporation INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIONS THAT ENGAGE CONSUMERS ON THEIR TERMS It’s critically important to target the right consumers and reach them where they are most receptive.
  • . Lisa Hillenbrand Marketing Director The Procter & Gamble Company Q&A Session Michael Palmer Executive Vice President ANA NOVARTIS INTEGRATED MARKETING CASE STUDY: THE EXCEDRIN “PAIN OF THE WEEK” Novartis implemented a truly integrated campaign that featured cross-functional collaboration between the marketing and agency teams.

    Course Catalog & Schedules, Kellogg School of Management
  • Course Catalog & Schedules > > All Course Descriptions Entertainment Culture and Marketing (MKTG-920-0) 1 CREDIT Description: Marketing 920 Entertainment Culture and Marketing is designed for students interested in exploring the many intersections of marketing management and entertainment.
  • . It will help students learn how to improve their marketing skills and knowledge by studying the consumers and marketers of entertainment in today's entertainment-driven economy.
  • . It also systematically teaches the application of cutting-edge marketing principles and tools to the marketing of products and services in the entertainment industry.
  • . Building skills in this area will empower students interested in mastering a range of important tasks: branding, advertising development and assessment, new product design, promotions, public relations, viral marketing, communal marketing, and entertainment or mass communications consulting.
  • . The many entertainment industry examples and the major entertainment industry marketing assignment build skills directly applicable to marketing management in the entertainment industry.

    How Marketing Can Reduce Worldwide Poverty : HBS Working Knowledge
  • How Marketing Can Reduce Worldwide Poverty January 7, 2002 Marketing to the world's poorest customers? There's no contradiction, say HBS professor V.
  • . In fact, the marketing profession can play a huge role in alleviating global poverty.
  • . June 12, 2006 Issue by Martha Lagace, Senior Editor, HBS Working Knowledge On the face of it, social marketing is a cinch.
  • . What can a marketing background say to you when your goal is not to sell Coca-Cola, but to offer a better existence to people on the edge? That's the puzzle facing HBS professor V.
  • . What does the marketing profession have to say to them? Rangan, head of the HBS faculty marketing unit, has been wrestling with the limits of social marketing for a decade.
  • . McCaffrey was so impressed by a talk Rangan gave several years ago on "marketing to the poorest customers" that he campaigned to work alongside him.
  • . Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank, for example, has advocated a variation of social marketing, and it's a commonthough they believe often ill-appliedtopic in development.

    Search Engine Roundtable ::: The Pulse Of The Search Marketing Community
  • . A seller of online marketing tools said on Wednesday it sued Google Inc., charging that the Web search giant has failed to protect users of its advertising program from "click fraud, " costing them at least $5 million.
  • . Seems like we'll continue to enjoy the rollercoaster ride as long as more dollars pour into internet advertising and search marketing in particular.
  • . From the portal's homepage the search function defaults to "Uniclave" (which their way of saying "keyword" like AOL's original marketing strategy) rather than search.
  • . of Sales and Marketing We Build Pages He starts off that you do not need to know the algorithms, you need to know about your links and their value.
  • . in at | ||| Just got word from Yahoo that they along with Sir Richard Branson have annouced a winner to Yahoo's Search Marketing "Think Big" contest.
  • . Now not only will the winner receive 10 million free ad impressions across the Yahoo Search Marketing network the Think Big winner will be operating business as usual out of a glass office cubicle constructed in Times Square.

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    Sweetriot Takes Soft Approach to Chocolate Marketing
  • | Sweetriot Takes Soft Approach to Chocolate Marketing Jun 7, 2006 9:24 AM , By Brian Quinton Find any supplier you need - agencies, CRM, fulfillment, lists, e-commerce, paper, printers, telemarketing, and more.
  • . Sweetriot adopted a dual-front marketing strategy: high-profile placement in "premium natural" retail outlets such as the Whole Foods chain, and Web sales driven largely by buzz marketing from heavy PR coverage in magazines ranging from Business Week and Vanity Fair to Elle Girl and Gourmet.
  • . The company hasn't yet ventured into search marketing or other online advertising, although it does produce a chatty monthly newsletter and maintains e-mail communication with its online customers, if they wish it.
  • . Those events give the company some of its biggest marketing traction, Endline says.

  • marketing Fuelwood Analysis of the woodfules market: a survey of fuelwood Sellter and charcoal makers in the province of Ilocos Norte, Philippines.
  • . RDFN 20a-ii Building Capacity for a Sustainable Non-Timber Forest Products Industry in the Trinity Bioregion: lessons drawn from international models 1997 Marketing of non-timber forest products (NTFPs) is a growth industry in the Pacific Northwest of the USA..
  • . RDFN 15b The Marketing of Non-Timber Forest Products from the Himalayas: The Trade between East Nepal and India 1993 Non-timber forest products (NTFPs) from the Middle Hills of Nepal are marketed through various channels, which were systematically described and compared in this paper..
  • . Fuelwood The wood marketing system in Gunung Kidul, Central Java, Indonesia.
  • . 1988 This study investigated pathways of fuelwood marketing in a district of Java, Indonesia..

  • . navigating theology, praxis, & leadership in the emerging church « | » | » | » | » | » | » | » | » | » | » Wednesday, August 24, 2005 churches and marketing You don't have to be poor to get a handout from in Centreville, Va.
  • . We ran on monday 22 august about how some churches are turning to marketing as a way of reaching out to their communities.I appreciated that the piece wasn't triumphal about such efforts but included some counterpoint such asBut in catering to popular demand, churches might set visitors up for disillusionment, says, co-author of .
  • . So it's pretty hard to appeal to this old set of desires to get people in the door and then all of a sudden say, 'You know, we didn't quite tell you the whole thing.' Then people feel betrayed." As someone who has served both on a pastoral staff and worked in a secular marketing department, while not feeling at all triumphal about churches using such techniques, I think I'm less concerned than Kenneson; I see the use of secularly culled marketing strategies as amoral.

    Peanuts on Parade: Marketing Gimmick or Public Art?
  • . Each of these events has been labeled, with the full complicity of the local artistic community, as public arts events, yet have also been criticized as mere marketing gimmicks.
  • . But is this art? Having spent two years watching the Peanuts set-up across my street and having interacted personally with the moose and cows, I would have to argue that these mass-produced, designer kewpie dolls do indeed move beyond the basic marketing goal of inducing a preferred action or preference by the masses of people stopping to interact with them.
  • . Somewhat troublesome perhaps, many of the forms also reflected the contemporary blurring of boundaries between publicly sponsored art and commercial marketing with corporate logos, professional sports team uniforms and blatant product tie-ins co-opting the creative process.
  • . In this way, the Peanuts-related events in Saint Paul may indicate to the other cities how to most effectively place these fiberglass invasions into a communal context that furthers their effectiveness at representing and defining the community through a public arts event, while avoiding much of the eyebrow raising, high-brow shaking accompanying the proliferation of these events as tourist-aimed marketing endeavors.


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  • . See you there! [Tags: ] | June 15, 2006 Heaton on Nielsen Norman on RSS has an insightful response to the about the marketing effectiveness of RSS.
  • . Traditional marketing's principles are: Intercept customers, isolate them, and inhibit their ability to engage with other vendors over time.
  • . The nirvana: 1:1 marketing: One customer, one vendor.
  • . [Tags: ] | [corante] Innovation and marketing I'm at a conference put on by [: I may be on their board of advisors.
  • . In any case, I occasionally at Corante and some Corantists are friends of mine.] and the Center on Global Brand Leadership called 2006 Innovative Marketing Conference, at Colubmia U.
  • . We had an interesting discussion, focusing more on innovation and co-creation than on marketing.

    Emerce - Media/Marketing nieuws: Top marketing auteur en blogger Joseph Jaffe op eDay
  • JOBS Voor een baan in e-business, marketing, media of business development! Top marketing auteur en blogger Joseph Jaffe op eDay 12 juni 2006 - Door Joseph Jaffe zal een keynote verzorgen op Emerce eDay op 14 september.
  • . Jaffe is auteur van het spraakmakende boek 'Life after the 30-second spot.' Zijn weblog Jaffe's Juice behoort tot de top 15 van best bezochte marketing blogs.
  • . Emerce haalt Jaffe in samenwerking met het Utrechtse bureau naar Nederland om te spreken over nieuwe, digitale vormen van marketing en advertising die gerenommeerde A-merken kunnen, en zelfs moeten gaan inzetten om hun doelgroep te bereiken.
  • . Jaffe’s boek draait om de stelling dat de traditionele 30 seconden tv commercial aan het einde van zijn latijn is, en dat alternatieven zoals interactive marketing, experiential marketing, long form content, communal marketing, gaming en on demand viewing aan een sterke opmars bezig zijn.
  • . Zijn weblog Jaffe’s Juice behoort tot van best bezochte marketing blogs.

    Marketing information systems for non-timber forest products
  • . Even when a group of local people requests marketing assistance, it is necessary to do at least a brief appraisal to ensure that the MIS is likely to work well and provide significant benefits.
  • . Is there an expressed local need and interest in using marketing information? An MIS can only work if it provides reliable, accurate information and people see the utility of that information for their business activities.
  • . Expressed need and interest can be judged by looking at whether local people already try to use marketing information (via radio, television, canvassing of traders or other producers) or bring up marketing questions and information needs without being prompted in initial discussions.
  • . Does the community produce certain goods above the level of subsistence? Where people produce only to meet their own needs and there is no surplus to be marketed, the need for marketing information is not evident.
  • . Catalina was selected as the initial test site for several reasons: (1) There was better access to local and regional markets for data collection, (2) transport of products and information dissemination would be easier, (3) a greater number of products were produced above the level of local demand, (4) the site had a strong farmer organization, (5) there was more local knowledge of and experience with marketing, and (6) farmers expressed a strong need for more market information.

  • SOCIO-ECONOMIC AND MARKETING CONSTRAINTS TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF AQUACULTURE AND UTILISATION OF SMALL WATER BODIES IN ZIMBABWE This study was undertaken by the FAO/UNDP project “Support for Rural Aquaculture Extension” (ZIM/88/021) in two pilot zones, Murehwa and Masvingo Districts.
  • . Interviews on wholesaler and retailer perceptions of marketing problems showed that price was restrictive in low income household markets but kapenta had a high demand there.
  • . No real operational problems were expressed in trading fish, however major issues in marketing were not investigated due to lack of time and resources.

    Boomers: Toward a Higher Marketing Consciousness
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