The Hindu Business Line : Debt market reform is the key

  • Financial Daily from THE HINDU group of publications Thursday, Apr 13, 2006 News Features Stocks Cross Currency Shipping Archives Group Sites - Credit Policy - Debt Market Debt market reform is the key Haseeb A.
  • . Drabu In the context of the emerging situation in the financial market with serious implications for the stability of the macro-economic situation, the RBI needs to put through wide-ranging reforms in the debt market.
  • . As such, there is a case to use the current illiquid state of one segment of the financial market as the trigger to initiate a wide-ranging reform in the debt market.
  • . Yet there is a serious distortion of available liquidity across segments of the financial market.
  • . Just look at the boom in the stock market.
  • . The problem of liquidity, therefore, is confined to one segment of the money market — the debt segment.
  • . Even here, the problem is more acute in the corporate bond market or, more generically, the non-SLR securities market.
  • . The additional liquidity will only flow to those segments of the financial and non-financial markets which have been soaking it in over the past few months; be it the equity or the real-estate market.

    The Hindu Business Line : Debt market stranded over transaction tax — Only stray deals put through
  • Financial Daily from THE HINDU group of publications Saturday, Jul 10, 2004 News Features Stocks Cross Currency Shipping Archives Group Sites - Budget - Debt Market Debt market stranded over transaction tax — Only stray deals put through Poornima Mohandas Mumbai , July 9 TRADING on the debt markets came to a virtual halt today as traders decided to stay away from the market in protest against the proposed transaction tax.
  • . Trading is expected to be thin until the issue is resolved, say money market dealers.
  • . The money market dealers' association, FIMMDA, has written to the Reserve Bank of India asking the regulator to mediate with the Finance Ministry to abolish the turnover tax for the debt markets all together.
  • . Annigeri, CEO, FIMMDA, said: "We are requesting the Finance Ministry through the RBI to exempt debt market from this tax.
  • . Considering that the profit margin in the debt market starts from as low as one paise, the 0.15 per cent turnover tax in comparison to it appears to be very high.

    The GSE Debt Market: An Overview
  • Search Learn More Types of Bonds GSE Debt Securities Contents The GSE Debt Market: An Overview GSE Issuers and Their Financing Needs Government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) are financing entities created by Congress to fund loans to certain groups of borrowers such as homeowners, farmers and students.
  • . The reader should note, however, that there are organizational differences among the GSEs although all are established with a public purpose: Student Loan Marketing Association (Sallie Mae), Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) are privately owned corporations, while the Federal Home Loan Banks and the Federal Farm Credit Banks are systems comprising regional banks.
  • . The premium varies with market volatility, and the structure, maturity, and general supply and demand for the particular security.
  • . Several factors have contributed to this recent change in the GSE debt market: Continued strong demand in the domestic housing and agricultural markets The development of a successful futures market in certain GSE debt A reduction in the issuance of debt by the U.S.

    SEC Testimony: A. Levitt re Transparency in the U.S. Debt Market
  • | Testimony of Chairman Arthur Levitt Before the House Subcommittee on Finance and Hazardous Materials, Committee on Commerce, Concerning Transparency in the United States Debt Market and Mutual Fund Fees and Expenses September 29, 1998 Summary This testimony discusses the level of price transparency for corporate debt and mutual fund fees and expenses, both key issues of concerns for investors.
  • . Bond Market Transparency An SEC staff review of the state of price transparency in the U.S.
  • . market for debt securities found that price transparency in the corporate bond market is less than that in the markets for government securities and, increasingly, municipal securities.
  • . Create a surveillance program to better detect fraud in these markets.
  • . The Commission intends to work closely with the NASD and the industry to achieve greater price transparency in the corporate debt market.
  • . And third, let market competition, not government intervention, answer the question of whether any mutual fund's fees are too high or low.

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  • Business Blogs and Marketing Blogs The Business Blogs and Marketing Blogs below are written from a Christian perspective.
  • . The marketing blogs are designed to assist you in your quest for concise, easy-to-understand research on your particular topic of interest.
  • . Simply click below on a link of interest to explore these marketing blog resources.
  • . Network marketing selling secrets cover many ways to promote a business online, just as secrets of selling through...
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    PO-2017: Asst Secretary Roseboro - Statement before House Appropriations Committee
  • FROM THE OFFICE OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS March 20, 2002 PO-2017 "Statement of Treasury Assistant Secretary For Financial Markets Brian C.
  • . Further, the Treasury's continuing commitment to a schedule of regular and predictable auctions of marketable bill and note dates is a means, over time, to the end or objective of the lowest cost borrowing.
  • . In the short run, however, this commitment serves as a constraint: with regular and predictable auction dates we accept the cost of occasionally borrowing when it is inconvenient or expensive in return for the lower costs, over time, from providing greater certainty to the Treasury market.
  • . We believe the availability of the full faith and credit of the United States, as a savings vehicle should not be limited only to those who can afford the minimum one-thousand dollar denominations available in our auctions of marketable securities.
  • . Balanced Marketing of all Treasury Securities Successfully achieving our debt management objective requires us to strive to create the broadest possible primary market for all Treasury securities that technology and our imaginations will allow.

    Debt collection agency business plan
  • . The Advanced Edition (AE) further includes state-of-the-art financial analysis tools and a comprehensive web marketing guide.
  • . The guide covers subjects such as organizational structure, financing (owners' equity, foreign capital), marketing (market analysis, business goals, marketing strategies, advertising), operations (identity, location), business financials (projections, historic analysis, ratios) and more.

    Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence Consultants
  • . Business Consultants: Structured Finance & Due Diligence Services for Commercial Real Estate Development Projects Rainmaker Marketing Corporation is a specialized firm that provides project-specific capitalization consulting, with the capital funding process, project feasibility consulting, and for development management and/or acquisition of income-producing real property based operating businesses.
  • . Approximately 13 years ago, Rainmaker Marketing Corporation was created to provide due diligence services for commercial real estate projects.
  • . Our original focus was the development of for projects (hence the name, "Rainmaker Marketing Corporation").
  • . Within 3 years, we found our clients were more interested in a relationship with our firm that went far beyond the provision of market feasibility studies.
  • . Today, Rainmaker Marketing Corporationís focus is on assisting clients with the negotiations process for capital funding, while providing the necessary due diligence services that enable the negotiations process to be undertaken.

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    High-Tech Marketing Business Plan - 1.0 Executive Summary
  • . Consulting - High-Tech Marketing Business Plan View an Adobe PDF version of this sample plan.

    MBA and Sloan Elective Course Descriptions
  • . It also integrates several valuation techniques including discounted cash flow models, residual income models, and market multiple methods such as the price-to-earnings ratio and the market-to-book ratio.
  • . Debt Markets This course is intended for those who plan careers that may involve trading or investing in debt instruments and their derivatives, including money-market instruments, government bonds, repurchase agreements, interest-rate swaps, mortgage-backed securities (MBS), corporate bonds, and credit derivatives.
  • . The focus is on the markets for spot exchange, currency forwards, options, swaps, international bonds, and international equities.
  • . Each of these markets will study the valuation of instruments traded in these markets and, through cases, the application of these instruments to the following corporate decisions: (1) Managing exposure to exchange rates, (2) financing in international capital markets, and (3) international capital budgeting.
  • . Major topic areas include: market discipline and acquisitions (the market for corporate control); leveraged buy outs; financial restructuring including such things as spin-offs, equity carve-outs, split-offs, tracking stocks and distress restructurings.

    domain-B : Indian business : finance : WB, ADB proposal to tap debt market cleared
  • Need to check out original corporate information? Visit a division of The Information Company Private Limited information is money | > > WB, ADB proposal to tap debt market cleared Our Banking Bureau 24 September 2002 New Delhi: The central government has cleared the proposal of the World Bank (WB) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to raise up to $250 million in rupees from the Indian debt market.
  • . "The in-principle approval to ADB for tapping the Indian debt market for up to $100 million was given last week.
  • . WB and ADB have indicated that they would tap the rupee debt market this financial year itself, the sources add.
  • . "This would show the growing confidence of the international community in the Indian debt market and currency." WB is expected to tap the Indian debt market first; it would be followed by ADB, " say the sources.

    Gart Sports reduces debt - Market Watch - secondary stock offering - Brief Article - Statistical Data Included DSN Retailing Today - FindArticles
  • IN > > > > Article Content provided in partnership with FIND IN Find Magazines by Topic Gart Sports reduces debt - Market Watch - secondary stock offering - Brief Article - Statistical Data Included , DENVER -- Gart Sports raised $52.5 million through a recent secondary stock offering.