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  • . Big Splash? Bear Stearns has recently started marketing in Asia a capital guaranteed structure linked to the performance of a basket of water-related companies.
  • . UBS has boosted its market-access desk in the region with a senior transfer from New York.
  • . Yogesh Attre, managing director in fund derivatives marketing at BNP Paribas in New York, has left the firm.
  • . The pickup in short-dated implied volatility coupled with falling stock markets is providing ideal pricing conditions for short-term equity-linked notes.
  • . Andrea Morresi, head of equity derivatives investor marketing at JPMorgan in London, has left the firm.
  • . Ken Sue, head of the investment products group for Asia at Deutsche Bank and a veteran of the Hong Kong equity derivatives market, will be retiring later this summer.
  • . synthetic marketing.
  • . The equity-linked note market in Taiwan is seeing a major shift to short-term bullish products on local underlying, following a recent pickup in domestic stocks.

    DERIVATIVES WEEK : Derivatives, Swaps, Options & Structured Finance News
  • . A deluge of credit derivative product companies is set to hit the market over the next year and some are looking to attain banking licenses, said panelists discussing CDO innovation.
  • . The Royal Bank of Scotland has hired Priscilla Lau, a collateralized debt obligation structurer at CIBC World Markets in London, for a similar role.
  • . at Swiss Re in Hong Kong, for a similar role marketing credit derivatives in Hong Kong.
  • . Calyon last week launched the first retail credit-linked note for the New Zealand market with capital protection.
  • . Buy- and sell-side players in the European synthetic asset-backed securities market met at The Bond Market Association offices in London last week for the European Securitization Forum's workshop on CDS of ABS.
  • . Dealers plan to meet later this month for a fresh round of discussions on the development of a European synthetic ABS index, which will comprise CDS on ABS underlying, seen as vital for market evolution.
  • . ABCDS market has surged over its European counterpart because of the availability of attractive underlying assets.

    Micex | MICEX Services | Marketing Events Services
  • MICEX Portrait MICEX Group News Room Trading Services Clearing & Settlement Listing Services IT Services Data Dissemination Partners For Investors For Issuers Feedback NYSE LSE MICEX TSE June 17, 2006 Marketing Events Services ABOUT MICEX MICEX SERVICES INFORMATION CENTER Marketing Events Services The Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange offers services in arranging and holding presentations of the products and services of your Company or the companies of your partners and clients.
  • . The MICEX has broad experience in financial marketing, promoting new financial instruments and launching financial projects which meet the interests of the Russian financial market and mirror current international trends.
  • . Many professional participants in the financial market, from underwriters and financial advisors to issuers and software developers, have already used the MICEX services.

    Micex | News Room | London Stock Exchange and MICEX Stock Exchange sign joint marketing agreement
  • . Under the agreement, the exchanges will pursue joint marketing initiatives to raise awareness of how to conduct an IPO on the capital market.
  • . These initiatives will include the production of marketing materials and hosting IPO conferences in the Russian regions.
  • . We look forward to contributing to the development of Russia’s capital markets by working with MICEX Stock Exchange to raise awareness of the IPO opportunities for Russian issuers and investors.” Alexei Rybnikov, Chief Executive of the MICEX Stock Exchange, said: “We are seeing a strong pipeline of Russian companies who are interested in raising equity capital to finance growth.
  • . A total of 10 companies with a large proportion of their assets in Russia are listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market.
  • . By the end of 2005, the market capitalisation of UK and international companies on the London Stock Exchange’s markets amounted to £4.1 trillion, with £5.2 trillion of equity business transacted over the year.


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    Derivatives Trading Operations
  • HOW DO BANK DERIVATIVES TRADING OPERATIONS WORK? In many textbooks, when you read about derivatives, the authors commence their discussion of the derivatives markets with a focus upon the listed exchanges, most often the Chicago exchanges.
  • . However, the development of the over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives markets is more interesting from the perspective of the derivatives dealer for their comprehensiveness and innovation.
  • . Listed markets deal only in plain vanilla options with rigidly defined contract specifications and a limited number of maturities.
  • . The OTC markets are characterized literally by an infinite variety of maturities, contract specifications and exotic modifications.
  • . Understanding the OTC markets implies an ability to fathom quickly the nuances of the listed markets.
  • . This article will provide a general overview of the different ways to organize a dealing room operation and the ways in which the dealing room interacts with clients, counterparties and other interested actors in the global capital markets.

    Derivatives Systems
  • DERIVATIVES SYSTEMS A critical but often overlooked aspect of a competent derivatives trading operation are the computer systems used to manage the risk, account for the positions on a mark-to-market basis, track derivatives-related events (such as expiries and rollovers) and measure Value-at-Risk.
  • . In the first edition of Risk Professional magazine published by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (see ), Geoff Kates establishes a framework for evaluating a financial risk management system and he uses this framework to assess some of the more common off-the-shelf products on the market.
  • . Integration At the beginning of the global derivatives market's development, almost every bank pursued derivatives in a stand-alone asset-class-by-asset-class fashion.
  • . However, an increasing number of financial institutions are turning to a more integrated approach, stripping the derivatives desks from each asset class' cash group and combining them into a more efficient cross-marketing machine.

    Derivative Function - Company Business and Marketing Industry Standard, The - FindArticles
  • IN > > > > Article Content provided in partnership with FIND IN Find Magazines by Topic Derivative Function - Company Business and Marketing , by Cygnifi guides managers through the exotic world of collateral management and currency swaps.
  • . 7]: 1 Does its industry have economic bargaining power? 2 Does its strategy offer customers a closed-loop solution? 3 Does its management have integrity and adaptability? 4 Does it have a compelling brand family? THE INDUSTRY The global derivatives market totals $80 trillion annually, according to the International Swaps and Derivatives Association.
  • . The capital at stake makes accurate analysis of derivatives valuable to market participants -- endowing derivatives information providers with economic bargaining power.

  • . NOS Clearing ASA and Oslo Børs ASA (the Oslo Stock Exchange) have today entered into a co-operation agreement aimed at increasing the two companies’ focus on the Norwegian financial derivatives market.
  • . According to this agreement Oslo Børs will be responsible for all marketing activities related to derivatives trading whereas NOS will be responsible for the continued development and marketing of corresponding clearing services.
  • . With this agreement the two companies will strengthen their co-operation on developing a liquid market for standardized derivatives on the Oslo Stock Exchange.
  • . The Norwegian derivatives market has been adversely affected by the world wide decline within the financial markets, but NOS and Oslo Børs see good opportunities for renewed growth by attracting institutional investors.
  • . This market segment represents a major customer group within most international derivatives markets, but has, so far, been virtually absent from the Norwegian market.

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  • . NOS are pleased to welcome BHP Billiton Marketing AG, Trafigura Derivatives Ltd, Koch Carbon LLC, Hess Energy Trading Company LLC and Dannebrog Rederi AS as clearing members with NOS for freight derivatives trading.

    Real Estate Derivatives World USA 2006
  • 5 - 7 December 2006, tbc, tbc, USA Take a position | Event information Information for delegates Information for sponsors Press and media Calendar of Events Why sponsor? Real Estate Derivatives World USA 2006 is an unrivalled and cost-effective sales and marketing solution that works throughout the year, providing you with new contacts and great exposure, culminating in an event which will bring you face-to-face with your key customers and prospects .

    FRB: Speech, Greenspan -- Government regulation and derivative contracts -- February 21, 1997
  • Remarks by Chairman Alan Greenspan Government regulation and derivative contracts At the Financial Markets Conference of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Coral Gables, Florida February 21, 1997 I am pleased to participate once again in the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's annual Financial Markets Conference.
  • . Changes in technology have permitted the development in recent years of increasingly diverse financial instruments and intensely competitive market structures.
  • . The rapid evolution of products and markets has led many to conclude that market regulatory structures, many of which were established in the 1920s and 1930s, have become increasingly outdated.
  • . Some see new products and markets not covered by government regulation and fear the consequences of so-called "regulatory gaps." Others see old government regulations applied to new instruments and markets and fear the unintended consequences of what seems unnecessary and burdensome regulation.
  • . In my remarks today I shall proffer a set of considerations that I find quite valuable as a guide to decisions about the need for government regulation of financial markets.

    FRB: Testimony, Phillips -- Reform of derivatives under the Commodity Exchange Act -- April 15, 1997
  • . banking organizations, especially the largest, are very significant participants in derivatives markets.
  • . They use exchange-traded derivatives to manage their interest rate, foreign exchange, and other market risks.
  • . financial markets.
  • . Since then, derivatives markets in the United States have undergone profound changes.
  • . Outside the futures exchanges, enormous markets have developed in which banks, corporations, and other institutions privately negotiate customized derivatives contracts, the vast majority of which are based on interest rates or exchange rates.
  • . The cash markets for such financial instruments were well-developed long before the introduction of exchange-traded futures and options and, for some instruments, privately negotiated derivatives also predated exchange trading.
  • . In my remarks today I shall indicate the types of amendments to the CEA that the Board believes are appropriate in light of these profound changes in the derivatives markets.


    derivatives and risk mgmt

  • Derivatives and Risk Management In A New Open-Access Market Utilities Respond To Competition As electric utilities prepare for open competition, many have recognized the need to develop substantially stronger marketing and risk management skills so they can effectively compete with the new power marketers and brokers who will be entering the marketplace.
  • . Companies who do not manage the risks they face and consequently do not have a reliable earnings outlook may be viewed less favorably in the capital markets.
  • . Equally important is the fact that many firms entering the open market competitively are trading and selling electricity in new and different ways from anything they have previously experienced.
  • . This happens either by making risk management an integral part of the development of new marketing tools and products, or by eliminating input price or revenue volatility.
  • . A company's risk management goals would typically incorporate the following 'wish list': Credibility in delivering on financial targets Avoidance of distress transactions and situations Favourable ratings in the financial community Reduced earnings uncertainty, allowing focus on core business area Stable cash flow and earnings rewards in capital markets Learning From The 'Open Access' Experience In the U.K.

    ADEX - Training
  • . Education January to July 2003 Since August 1999, when the operation of ATHEX-Derivatives Market started, derivative products continuously win ground as investment tools among other financial products.
  • . They’ve been used for handling complex financial risks created at the international financial environment and offer alternative investment choices to the investors, under different market conditions.
  • . The understanding and knowledge of derivatives is very important for professionals and for private investors who wish to be involved in the organized derivatives market.
  • . ATHEX-Derivatives Market Training Unit offers training to company personnel or to individuals who wish to be involved in trading or clearing or assume investment decision making and other consulting activities.
  • . ATHEX-Derivatives Market Training Unit offers training to company personnel or to individuals who wish to be involved in trading or clearing or assume investment decision making and other consulting activities.

    Executive Jobs and Recruiters: Derivative Financial Product Marketing & Struct.
  • . Derivative Financial Product Marketing & Struct.
  • . Resume Number 2UDG588V8HK9 Job Title Derivative Financial Product Marketing & Struct.
  • . Location Confidential No Location No preference Willing to Relocate Yes Industry Financial-Banks-Investment&VentureCapital Function SALES-MANAGEMENT-and-SALES Compensation $300, 000 to $600, 000 Resume Summary Senior repackaging, structured product structurer/marketer.
  • . Currently managing a derivative product sales effort at Major-European-Bank across markets and asset classes (interest rates-to-hedge funds).
  • . Prior Experience: Lehman & BNP; Structuring- Repackaging/tax based investment/balance sheet products; Marketing- institutional, corporate, dedicated funds & HNW.
  • . Resume Body 1/2003 - Present Major European Bank Senior Vice President – Derivatives & Structured Products, Americas I joined the Structured Products team with chief responsibility for the marketing of derivative products across this global bank's international Wealth Management franchise. @CallCenter