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  • . Access Marketing and Communications, based in Charlotte, N.C., will be headed by Greg Calhoun, CEO and president of Calhoun Enterprises.
  • . Calhoun is highly regarded for his contributions to the Food Marketing Institute board of directors and to other trade associations.
  • . "Access Marketing and Communications harnesses The Radiate Group and Calhoun Enterprise's collective marketing horsepower to provide the knowledge and expertise that will break the multicultural marketing code which seems to elude many organizations from successfully reaching these important consumers, " said Gary M.
  • . "I hold Greg Calhoun in high regards for his numerous accomplishments in assisting Fortune 500 companies find success in multicultural marketing.
  • . Establishing Access was a crucial element for The Radiate Group, the experiential marketing leader." Calhoun will be supported by Daryl Stewart, who will be the general manager of Access Marketing and Communications.
  • . Most recently Stewart served both as the talent director and the head of the multicultural marketing task force with GMR Marketing.

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  • >> >> >> >> Lingue Corsi avanzati di Web Marketing, Roma e Milano, in convenzione per i soci Women Business Technology Contest LEADER SI DIVENTA UNA NATURA RAZZISTA GOVERNATA CON SEGACIA DAL DIVERSITY MANAGER >> Tendenzialmente, il razzismo trova numerose espressioni nel mondo animale.
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  • . society than it was in the heyday of the mass market." [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Restaurant and bar operators and their suppliers are wisely following suit, tailoring their beverage-alcohol marketing messages, advertising vehicles, products and promotions to a variety of niche markets, especially ethnic groups like African-Americans, Latinos and Asians.
  • . Sometimes overlooked in the rush to niche marketing is the fact that members of a particular ethnic group are as likely as anyone to vary their dining and drinking habits.
  • . As Lawrence Moskowitz, vice president of strategic marketing services for Kang & Lee Advertising in New York City points out, there are a lot of misconceptions about dining and drinking habits.

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  • Welcome! | Not a member? | Search: Here's your chance to get creative! Join us on June 15th for the Canadian Marketing Association's 2nd Annual Diversity Marketing Conference: Exploring New Markets Marketing to a diverse community means capitalizing on unexplored opportunities by opening new doors, accepting new norms and growing new, rich and often untapped market potential by looking at human behaviour through the eyes of the consumer.
  • . Learn how to work with the media to send your marketing communications message to niche markets and find out how the Gay Pride Parade became an economic engine for Toronto's tourism industry.
  • . 9 Direct Marketing -- Nov.
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  • . The Houston Chronicle newspaper alone captures an impressive percentage of our city's ethnic communities, but we also offer specific targeted marketing products and services to increase your reach within each community.

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  • Serving Diverse Communities Serving Diverse Communities Our marketing efforts reflect our diverse customers.

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  • . Het Rotterdamse bureau, dat uiteraard met de website ook haar nieuwe netwerkorganisatie wil profileren, wil adverteerders en communicatiebureaus met het online platform inspireren inzake diversity marketing.
  • . Ook zijn er artikelen te vinden over diversity marketing in onder meer Engeland en Frankrijk.

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    Glyph Language Services: Diversity Marketing and Community Outreach
  • Diversity Marketing and Community Outreach The US melting pot of world cultures is more diverse than ever.
  • . If your marketing communications are focused exclusively on English speakers, you are potentially missing out on the opportunity to connect with the 17.9% of Americans who speak a language other than English at home (U.S.

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  • . Grant McCracken from has a post on "" Grant starts out talking about the class system at Harvard, where he taught, and that the Marketing Unit ranks lower than Organizational Behavior or HR But from an extra-HBS point of view, this arrangement seems wrong.
  • . In the "real world" of business, marketing has more on the ball..
  • . Every corporation has marketing intelligence on tap.
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  • . Diversity Marketing If corporate and government marketers understand the cultural buttons to push, the argument goes, their organizations will prosper.
  • . The second is marketing.
  • . These are emerging markets that are presenting themselves very year and it’s important for companies to develop marketing strategies.
  • . We are certified to pursue marketing, design and technology contracts from government agencies, their prime contractors and the private sector.

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  • . They have high levels of education and income and they're high entertainment consumers, " says Kirk Iwanowski, senior vice president of marketing for the Sundance Channel, which mostly shows independent films.
  • . The finding was a hot potato within media and marketing circles, which have historically positioned the gay market as being very different–and substantially more affluent–than mainstream Americans.
  • . If America sees the new gay as young, hip and physically attractive, that's hard to live up to." Garber is president of OpusComm Group, a research and marketing consultant organization that polls the GLBT community.
  • . Love & Pride jewelry is manufactured in Italy, the website is hosted in Israel, customer service is based in Philadelphia, and design and marketing departments reside in New York City.
  • . “Most companies go after the gay audience with national print ads, ” says Jeff Marsh, director of marketing at Orbitz.
  • . “There is no doubt that general marketing efforts are going to reach gays but if you are going to earn their loyalty, you have to be inclusive in messages, ” states Marsh.


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  • . The marketing budgets that fund these campaigns are often separate from the ‘mainstream’ marketing budgets, and are additional, allocated funds, rather than re-allocations from the mainstream budgets.
  • . Diversity marketing in the UK In the US, there is an abundance of these specialist agencies, including four, award-winning ones, which are part of WPP as well as a separate, Diversity Practice, within Hill & Knowlton.
  • . Also in the UK, the argument has been presented that Diversity Marketing is some form of positive discrimination, but is has been proven on both sides of the Atlantic that recognising these communities’ significant contribution to the economy shows a respect that leads to unprecedented, brand loyalty.
  • . Now is the time for Diversity Marketing, but it must be planned and executed sensitively, knowledgeably and correctly, or companies face the risk of achieving the exact opposite of their goals, and losing those diverse customers, by alienating them.

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