Railfuture News Snippets 78 - 29/11/2001

  • . The venue has changed from Newark to the Bull Hotel, Westgate, Peterborough, which is around 10 minutes from Peterborough station.
  • . There was considerable criticism of the lack of information at stations regarding the closure of the Ely-Norwich route between Ely-Shippea Hill for track renewals.
  • . It was followed by a panel including himself and Suzanne Page (GN route manager), Angela Palmer, Bob Warner (GN retail manager) and Steve Newland (major stations manager) from WAGN and Susie Holman from Railtrack.
  • . Problems of parking cars & accessibility at Fen Line stations were raised.
  • . Littleport station remains a problem in terms of wheelchair access, as a ramp conforming to disabled legislation is likely to prove costly (a wheelchair lift was suggested, but these are prone to breaking down & could attract the attention of vandals).
  • . A number of Fen Line stations, notably Waterbeach & Downham Market, are suffering from problems with vandalism.
  • . At Downham Market, the Grade 2 Listed station buildings have suffered from damage caused by vandalism (the toilets were recently damaged by vandals, but were repaired within an hour of the damage being reported!).

    Journal - Norfolk, July-August 2005
  • . That's my excuse for any remaining typos; my Graffiti is often a little slap-dash! [ | ] Friday, 29th July We loaded up our trusty Dawes Galaxies and rode to Cambridge station (via Field & Trek and Black's to get a Coleman gas canister, making it a three-mile trip).
  • . The 15 miles from King's Lynn station took just over an hour and a half.
  • . At the level crossing just before King's Lynn station, we took to the streets and rounded the south side of the town, crossing the river Great Ouse by the free bridge and heading west to Clenchwarton.
  • . Eventually we decided to ride on to Littleport so we headed south out of the town centre to Denver then west to Denver Sluice where we crossed the River Great Ouse and took the Ten Mile Bank the ten miles (!) south to Littleport Station.
  • . Once at Cambridge station we had to wait on board the train while the police searched it for somebody (who was apparently not on the train as they left empty handed) but we were eventually let off and rode home via the chip shop in Mill Road.

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    Level Crossing News
  • . posted by haddonsman @ Sunday, May 28, 2006 CAMPAIGN: Downham Station crossing abuse Following a number of near misses, CCTV and British Transport Police patrols were introduced at Downham Market station to reduce the misuse of the station crossing.Passengers can use a board crossing between platforms, protected by Minature Warning Lights (MWL).
  • . The driver complained that the lights did not seem to work.Doncaster Today: - the incident - view of a local resident posted by haddonsman @ Monday, March 20, 2006 INCIDENT: Pegamoid Road FC 17/03/06 A Stanstead Express train hit two sixteen year old boys on a footpath crossing at Pegamoid Road, Edmonton, half a mile from Angel station.Jamie Yuksel and Voker Hasa died; three other boys fled the scene.


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  • . We market properties that are situated with easy access to two mainline stations for Central London in addition to good local transport links.

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  • . We market properties that are situated with easy access to two mainline stations for Central London in addition to good local transport links.

    Cambridge Cycling Campaign » Newsletter 24 (June 1999)
  • . Meet at Cambridge railway station in time to buy tickets and catch the 10.53.
  • . At the Long Road and Station Road junctions, red surfacing has now been done on some of the areas for cycles.
  • . At Station Road things have improved a little with the introduction of advanced stop lines, but with the increasingly common lack of means to reach all but one of them.
  • . The station area At Station Road.
  • . For some reason the red area here does not cover the cycle lane, which is where all the cyclists seem to stop While the development of a leisure development on the Cattle Market site makes slow progress through the planning system, other changes in the station area have started to be mooted.
  • . The immediate surroundings of the Station will be the subject of a so-called 'planning brief' very soon.
  • . We discussed the cycle parking needs at the station, access from Hills Road, and through to Devonshire Road and onto the Carter Bridge.
  • . We can expect to see a hotel and new housing in the area, together with some major change to car parking arrangements at the Station.

    Railwatch Magazine - Platform — Your letters
  • . Yet apart from some discreetly displayed leaflets at some railway stations, it is not marketed, with the result that some of the services were sadly under-used.
  • . Taxi listings A correspondent to Railwatch suggested there should be better information about which stations have taxi ranks.
  • . This information is extremely useful when planning a journey, for example, to a village that is roughly equidistant to two stations.
  • . Its index to stations in the former Network SouthEast area says which ones have taxi ranks.
  • . I live five miles from the town in a village with two buses a week to the town bus station (not to either of our edge-of-town stations).
  • . For day trips by rail I can park the car for free at whichever station I use.
  • . But neither station car park is secure overnight so any longer absence means leaving the car at home and using taxis at substantial extra cost to and from the station.
  • . This has already existed for some years in London Transport‘s Stationlink low-floor bus which provides a circular hourly service from 08.15 to 19.15.

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  • . I suggest making a deal with Railtrack for a terminus/car park just south of Ely station on the town side (where the track utility vehicle now rest up between jobs), then run a shuttle bus on a circular route stopping at the Market Place (south side), then the Market Street bus stops, and then to the green near Kings School and the front entrance of the Cathedral.
  • . Thence back down the hill to the station.
  • . It was easy to find the Parade by following the trail of straw in the road..! Dancers visited most pubs on the way round and there were some good sessions in some of the pubs - The Letter 'B' was good for lunchtime - the New Crown and Old Crown had sessions running most of the day, The Bricklayers Arms was good in the Evening and being close to the railway station was dead handy to return back to Ely in time to walk quickly up the hill to the Prince Albert JUST in time for last orders.

    The end of an era, and a new start
  • . Slides taken in the 1960s of Otterbourne Pumping Station showed various views of the beam engine, pumps, levers, etc.
  • . Explain that to her “heavies”! *   *   *    *   *   *   * Waterside Heritage Graham Parkes (Chairman, Friends of Waterside Heritage) The renovation of the Old Railway Station at Hythe is now in hand.
  • . The next project is to extend the track and build a new station at Savernake which would incorporate the canal alongside, creating a linked ride and drive water themed country park.
  • . One of the four great beam engines at Crossness Pumping Station, London, has been mechanically restored.
  • . (Newspaper item submitted by Gerald Davies) Housing bid: Plans to demolish the Flying Boat  public house (formerly the Officer’s Mess for the Naval Air Station at Calshot, Hampshire) and build social housing have been turned down by the New Forest District Council, although Fawley Parish Council had supported the scheme.
  • . More modern pumping and pumping stations was covered by Keith Hinde.

    Mins 02 Mar 02
  • . e) Stalham - After a meeting between all interested parties on 25 February, Norfolk County Council had to give 7 days' notice of our intent to remove the station building, advertised locally.

    RAF Marham Local & Service Related Links
  • Supporting local talent - Decadence - Rock Band based at RAF Marham LINKS TO LOCAL AND SERVICE RELATED SITES , , , , , Service Related Links - This is the official RAF website and contains a wealth of information on the RAF, its aircraft and weapons along with squadron histories, information on careers and even a virtual tour of an RAF Station.
  • . - This link takes you straight to the links page on the main RAF website, all current RAF station websites are accessible from here.


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  • . CHIPPING CAMPDEN The Old Polixce Station High Street Chipping Campden Gloucestershire GL55 6HB Tel.

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  • . Extensive retail space will also be part of upcoming city centre redevelopments of the main rail station (developer: IPR Slovakia) and the main bus terminal (HB Reavis), and further out in the mixed-use River Park (J&T) and Eurovea (Ballymore) projects.
  • . New projects sheduled for delivery by 2008/9 (Eurovea, new Main Rail Station, etc) will have a significant impact on the retail market, by strongly increasing the competition as well as attracting new retailers to Slovakia.
  • . * Main Rail Station Redevelopment * By 2008 Bratislava will greet incoming visitors in a fully redeveloped main train terminal. @CallCenter