Sealing the cheese

  • Breaking News on Food Processing & Packaging - Europe Free Newsletter Search   since News Headlines All news articles Products & Markets Business Tools Free Newsletter News Headlines Packaging > > | Sealing the cheese Related News News Archives 19/09/2003 - Dutch cheese specialist Westland Kaasspecialiteiten has specified ReClose packaging for seven of its 'Westland' sliced cheese brands sold in Germany.

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  • . - European cheese importer for restaurants, super markets and private label distribution.
  • . - Manufactures and markets conventional mozzarella cheese, other italian variety cheeses, and various nutritional, low-fat or cholesterol free mozzarella-style cheese substitutes or natural mozzarella cheeses.
  • . - Manufacturers and importers of parmesan, romano, mozzarella, asiago and other Italian cheeses for the retail and foodservice markets.

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  • . - Trading in a diverse range of commodities and food products to targeted markets.
  • . - Exporter of Pakistan sourced pulses, spices, herbs, rice, and dry fruits to international markets.
  • . - Importers and suppliers of innovative food products and organic food products to the major Australian supermarkets.
  • . - Mills and blends milk and sugar, organic ingredients, and beverage premixes for local and international export markets.
  • . - Imports, exports and markets dried beans, peas and pulses, corn flours, various soft drinks, powdered milk, breakfast cereals, seeds and spices, in bulk or retail packaging throughout Europe.

    Off Track - Busy Bazaars
  • . With the exception of the Tsukiji fish market which, as its name suggests, specialises in the trade of fish and other seafood, all the markets covered here are bazaars in the true sense of the word.
  • . Like most markets in Tashkent it is open every day of the week between 9 in the morning and 7 in the evening.
  • . The fresh fish heads out towards restaurants, markets and stalls in the suburbs, sushi bars and even to private kitchens.
  • . Perhaps the most chaotic that London ever gets, barring an Arsenal/Spurs match, the Camden markets are London’s answer to Asia’s bazaars.
  • . The northwestern suburb of Camden Town has not one but six open-air and enclosed markets - each specialising in a particular kind of merchandise and each with an atmosphere of its own.
  • . This is the oldest of the markets, and most of its 250 shops, workshops and stalls are open on all days of the week from 10 am to 6 pm.
  • . - The Canal Market (3) , across the High Street from the Camden Lock Market, is the only one of the Camden Markets that opens only for the weekend.


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    Fonterra eyes dairy venture in Poland
  • . Polindus said Fonterra was interested in using it to supply milk powder to the New Zealand firm's Algerian markets.
  • . The report said Fonterra was negotiating deals in a number of markets to help meet global supply commitments when New Zealand supplies run short.

    US goes Hispanic with its cheese ingredients
  • Breaking News on Food & Beverage Development - North America Free Newsletter Search   since News Headlines All news articles Products & Markets Business Tools Free Newsletter News Headlines Financial & Industry > > | US goes Hispanic with its cheese ingredients Related Product Information Related Product Newsletters News Archives 12/6/2004 - Americans are going Hispanic with their cheese ingredients, according to the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB).
  • . Although these cheeses often start life as ethnic cheeses sold in markets, most soon make their way into restaurants and supermarkets and therefore become more of a mainstream product.

    Where Can I Find Real (Raw) Milk?
  • . Warradale Organics’ raw milk is available to participants in a Herdshare Agreement at the Northey Organic Markets in Brisbane and through distributors in South East Queensland by arrangement.
  • . Their milk is even distributed by two local supermarkets: Inter Marché in Briec and Leclerc in Quimper where it costs 0.94€/liter and 0.84€/liter respectively.
  • . Waitrose supermarkets sell a new organic Welsh cheese made from raw cow's milk.

    European Organic Dairy Product Markets
  • . This report analyzes the markets for organic drinking milk, cheese and yoghurt.
  • . By evaluating the potential for each of eight European regions separately, this report offers its users a comprehensive guide to these fast-growing markets.
  • . Coverage includes the US, UK, Europe, Asia and global markets.

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    Metal detector enhances cheese safety
  • Breaking News on Food Safety & Quality Control Free Newsletter Search   since News Headlines All news articles Products & Markets Business Tools Free Newsletter News Headlines Public Concerns > > | Metal detector enhances cheese safety News Archives 23/10/2002 - Dutch cheese producer Schipper Kaas has updated its quality control system with the installation of Lock Inspection Systems' new generation metal detector.

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  • . Through its long and interesting, it has seen times both good and bad, but has emerged in the 21st century as one of the greatest public markets in the country.

    Leopold Center - Foods that tell the Iowa story
  • . "The Leopold Center is interested in researching the potential of place-based Iowa foods because they could provide new markets for the farmers and processors who produce them, " said Rich Pirog, who directs the Center's Marketing and Food Systems Initiative.
  • . "Culinary tourism has created a way for people to 'visit' different cultures via restaurants, food markets, food magazines and cookbooks, Web sites, films and 'The Food Network', she said.
  • . We can use all of our senses, and even bring home a souvenir such as a special jam, a bag of pastries or a cookbook." This trend has paralleled interest in locally produced foods, nostalgia about foods from childhood, and the ongoing production of ethnic and regional foods for ethnic and regional markets.

  • | > News > Valio secures its position in the changing European dairy industry Valio secures its position in the changing European dairy industry 23.02.2006 Co-operation in Valio’s home market and strength in Russia are the keys to success The food industry in Europe is undergoing a rapid transformation as operations have broadened from a regional base to bridge European markets.
  • . Finding growth in mature markets is a common challenge in the industry.Valio is Finland’s biggest food business and in practice the country’s only exporter of dairy products.
  • . Valio subsidiary Valio Sverige is closely involved in the opportunities for co-operation.The agreement with Nordmilch will provide access to the massive German markets, the most competitive in Europe, for Valio’s value added products – lactose-free and functional items, and low-fat cheeses.
  • . Significant markets in the US, China, Belgium and France Turnover of Valio’s US subsidiary Finlandia Cheese increased by 20% on the year in 2005 to nearly € 60 million.