Save Eastern Market in Washington DC

  • Created by Jane Moss McCune (Phone 202-547-4396) go to provided by Washington, DC's Historic Eastern Market is in Jeopardy 1.
  • . Market D.C.
  • . Government to reconfigure 1873 Market, changing its look and ambiance at a cost of $5 million.
  • . All Market needs is basic repairs, retrofit upgrades doable for some $500, 000.
  • . Qualified Management Key to Market's Future Market needs to be leased to a qualified, experienced fresh food market management with experience in historic structures.
  • . Sales Proceeds Should Be Used for Maintenance A stipulated portion of the proceeds generated by balanced mix of fresh food merchants, farmers and arts/crafts vendors should be used to maintain Market.
  • . Brief History of Eastern Market An architectural gem, only continuously operating Market in D.C., Eastern Market anchors Capitol Hill area of city, creates a neighborhood as well as commercial center.
  • . What You Can Do Help preserve this urban treasure by registering your support of concerned citizens trying to save the Market from senseless, extravagant ravage.

    Changes in eastern Germany holds keys for marketing strategies AgExporter - FindArticles
  • IN > > > > Article Content provided in partnership with FIND IN Find Magazines by Topic Changes in eastern Germany holds keys for marketing strategies , by Changes in Eastern Germany Hold Keys For Marketing Strategies Unification of the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) and the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) has breathed new life into the western German food industry.
  • . Previously, the industry was struggling with a lackluster domestic market that was declining in population.
  • . The adjustment of the eastern German consumer and the western German food industry to this new market environment has been rapid.
  • . Gerhard Rueschen, executive director of Nestle AG Germany, the switch to a market economy in eastern Germany will not happen overnight.
  • . Eastern Germany must adapt from a socialistic, centrally planned economy to a free market.
  • . For western Germany, the challenge is to adjust to a market that now has an additional 17 million people.

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  • . Sugar-free confectionery goes mainstream Sugar-free confectionery is outperforming the sales growth of the total confectionery market, thanks to the development of new sweeteners and the backing of major brands, according to a new report from Euromonitor International – “Health and Wellness Food in the US”.
  • . The global appeal of the game has encouraged multinationals to develop marketing strategies that connect their brands with FIFA 2006.
  • . Though the tournament itself lasts only a month, the extended build-up period gives marketers a longer window of opportunity to deliver increased sales and to capture share.

    Market News - Fruit Reports
  • Markets Division Market News - Fruit Reports North Carolina Market Reports National FOB Reports National Terminal Reports Other Need free Adobe Acrobat Reader software? Click below to download.


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    NC Marketing Facilities - Marketing Centers
  • NC Marketing Facilities - Marketing Centers Markets Division Eastern Marketing Center 202 Cunningham Rd.
  • . Kinston, NC 28501 Phone (252) 527-7125 Fax (252) 527-2893 The Eastern Marketing Center is located in the heart of North Carolina's most productive farmland.
  • . , Marketing Specialist, provides marketing assistance to growers, packer/shippers, and buyers in developing new markets, locating buyers and suppliers, market research, and conducting marketing promotions.
  • . The Eastern Marketing Center works closely with the Alternative Crops Diversification Committee and the Specialty Crops Center in developing new horticultural crops that can be successfully grown and marketed from eastern N.C.
  • . Diversification is necessary to ensure that our farmers continue to have a place in the agricultural market.
  • . The strategic plan of the SCP is to identify a potential new crop; conduct the field research to find the best varieties to grow and the most efficient way to produce it; create a post-harvest handling and packaging system for it, and then research and develop markets for it.

    Optimal Strategies for Marketing Pharmaceuticals to Eastern European Americans : Market Research Report
  • Search for Market Research Reports: Published by: Published: May.
  • . The lack of DTC advertising in the EEA market decreases demand for US-produced medications by this ethnic group, so over 90% use medications imported from Europe.
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    VDACS - Virginia Shipping Point Farmers Market System
  • Virginia Shipping Point Farmers Market System Each shipping point farmers market, constructed by the Commonwealth, provides the benefit for fresh fruit and vegetable producers of smaller volumes to have product commingled, graded, packed and cooled to meet volume produce buyers' specifications.
  • . Eastern Shore of Virginia Farmers Market P.
  • . Box 269 Melfa, Virginia 23410 Manager: James D.Stern Phone: 757.787.3842 Fax: 757.787.4375 Operated By: Eastern Shore Marketing Cooperative, Inc.
  • . Directions: Located just off Route 13 in Melfa on Virginia's Eastern Shore Southwest Virginia Farmers Market Rt.
  • . Northern Neck of Virginia Farmers Market 1647 Kings Highway Oak Grove, Virginia 22443 Manager: Rod Parker Phone: 804.224.1990 Fax: 804.224.1998 Operated By: Northern Neck Vegetable Growers Association, Inc.
  • . Directions: Located on Route 3, a short distance from I-95 on Virginia's Northern Neck | This information is provided by VDACS, Division of Marketing, Domestic Sales & Market Development 1100 Bank Street Richmond, VA 23219 Phone: 804.786.3951 Fax 804.371.7786 Go to the VDACS for additional contact information.

    VDACS - Domestic Sales and Market Development
  • Domestic Sales and Market Development assists Virginia's producers and processors in marketing their products throughout the U.S.
  • . Regional managers provide assistance, advice and counsel to agricultural producers, industry representatives, and organizations through individual consultations, public presentations, newsletters, and the media in order to enhance and influence marketing efforts.
  • . National Marketing Assistance - Two marketing representatives develop markets for Virginia agricultural products in the Mid-Atlantic, South, Midwest, Northeast and Eastern Canada.
  • . The Marketing Representatives also provide information and advice through consultations, group presentations and written reports to producers and industry organizations.
  • . - Established by state legislation, they provide marketing, education and research assistance to their respective industries.
  • . - Four state-owned, private-sector operated markets provide marketing services for smaller volume fruit and vegetable producers to move product to retail grocery and institutional buyers.

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    The Haworth Press Online Catalog
  • . 1.) About the Book Since the sudden opening of the markets in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in 1989, there has been a growing need to investigate the fundamental changes occurring in the countries’marketing environment, the lucrative market opportunities created by the changes, and the inscrutable marketing practice followed by local and international companies.
  • . Marketing in Central and Eastern Europe helps you understand the changes taking place in these valuable and challenging markets and introduces you to the emerging opportunities and effective marketing strategies to be employed in the region.
  • . Researchers specializing in CEE business; managers of international companies operating in or contemplating entering CEE markets; and students studying CEE business, East-West business, or marketing in transitional economies will better understand the region by examining issues of cross- cultural inquiry, commonality, and market segmentation.

    FAO of UN - Agricultural Marketing Services
  • Agricultural Market Information Services in Central and Eastern Europe A training workshop on Market Information Services in Central and Eastern European Countries was held from 14-17 May 2000 in Budapest.
  • . A background paper prepared for that workshop has been published as Market Information Services in Central and Eastern European Countries - A Review , by Andrew W.

    Hill Rag September 2005
  • Eastern Market in the 21 st Century by: Peter James Waldron Ulysses S.
  • . Cluss became the first casualty of the political black hole that has often been the Eastern Market (the “Market”), a distinction that is surely perverse.
  • . Eastern Market, located on 7 th St at North Carolina Ave SE, has been in continuous operation since it was completed in 1873.
  • . Built of red brick in the Italianate style, the Market this year is celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of its architect’s death with a festival in October (www.easternmarketdc.com).
  • . At the turn of the century the Market had 82 stalls; rents were $4 annually.
  • . In 1908, the North Hall was added giving the Market room for an additional 60 stalls.
  • . Its growth at the turn of the century was so spectacular that a tearoom was opened on the 2 nd floor in what was then the Market Master’s space.
  • . Eastern Market is the last of what once were four large public markets found across the city.

    Welcome to the Eastern Shore Farmers
  • Welcome to the Eastern Shore Farmers' Market History: The and the established the Eastern Shore Farmers Market with the concept of functioning as a regional wholesale and distributing facility for agricultural products, especially those produced by small to medium sized farms.
  • . The Eastern Shore Farmers Market has been extremely successful in this mission, having handled almost $25 million worth of produce in the 5 years of operation.
  • . After receiving a State guaranteed loan for its start-up, the Market is now totally self-supporting and debt free.
  • . A careful assessment of current design and future needs was accomplished with the cooperation of the Eastern Shore Marketing Cooperative, Inc., current tenants of the Eastern Shore Farmers Market, and a survey of smaller, local growers.
  • . The configuration of an additional building of 40, 000 square feet, with increased square footage of dry and cold storage space, along with specific features of the current market building will meet the expanding produce needs of the Shore.


    Complaint : U.S. v. Eastern Mushroom Marketing Cooperative, Inc.

  • . DATE STAMP: 12/16/2004 COMPLAINT The United States of America, acting under the direction of the Attorney General, brings this antitrust action against Eastern Mushroom Marketing Cooperative, Inc.
  • . Under Capper-Volstead, farmers have a limited immunity from the antitrust laws to act together voluntarily in "collectively processing, preparing for market, handling, and marketing" their products, and "may make the necessary contracts and agreements to effect such purposes." Capper-Volstead provides no immunity, however, for cooperative members to conspire to prevent independent, nonmember farmers from competing with the cooperative or its members.
  • . For example, one deed restriction reads: This property shall never be used for the cultivation, growing, marketing, sale or distribution of fresh mushrooms, canned and/or processed mushrooms or related endeavors.
  • . The Defendant is an agricultural cooperative whose members are engaged in the production and sale of fresh market mushrooms in interstate commerce.

    Food processing, science, packaging - Food industry - Eastern Europe
  • Breaking News on Food in Central & Eastern Europe Free Newsletter Search   since News Headlines All news articles Products & Markets Business Tools Free Newsletter ABOUT US > Editorial leadership CEE-foodindustry.com is a daily online news service available as a free-access website and provides daily and weekly newsletters to subscribers.
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  • . It's Marketing Solution Team builds personalised online marketing programmes to best suit advertisers' marketing objectives.

    LLRX -- Some Quick Tips on Becoming a Marketing Genius in Eastern European Business Development
  • Some Quick Tips on Becoming a Marketing Genius in Eastern European Business Development By Robyn Rebollo is Law Librarian for A s more corporate law firms continue to expand globally, we are witnessing an increase in information professionals who use their skills and expertise for marketing research and development.
  • . You will find some of the best resources for locating marketing information on the internet; more specifically government supported Web sites that are designed to provide information for doing business in developing countries.
  • . The US Embassies also produce economic trend studies, market surveys, procurement opportunity studies, and industry specific analysis.
  • . By filling out a simple registration form, users can receive the following publications: BISNIS BULLETIN -- Monthly issue in hard copy providing the latest on NIS market developments, trade agreements, and trade events.
  • . They have committees for the following business sectors: aerospace, consumer goods & agriculture, capital markets, energy, customs, human resources, investment, small business, real estate, information technology, healthcare, telecommunications, taxation, transportation, standards & certification, and security.

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    PMR Research - Databases - Market research and analysis in Poland and Eastern Europe
  • We are a member of the European Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals ESOMAR.

    Research and Markets - Market Research Reports - Marketing Pharmaceuticals to Eastern European Americans - Printer Friendly
  • Printer Friendly Printed from Marketing Pharmaceuticals to Eastern European Americans Description: The study surveyed two distinct groups of consumers, comparing their buying behavior trends: - Eastern European Americans (EEAs).
  • . The lack of DTC advertising in the Eastern European American market decreases the demand for US-produced medications by the Eastern European group.
  • . As a result, doctors become the major source of information regarding pharmaceuticals in this market.
  • . General overview of the Eastern European American market 2.1.
  • . Polish-American market 2.3.
  • . Russian-American market 3.
  • . Marketing pharmaceuticals to Eastern European American vs US General market consumers 3.1.
  • . Volume of the Eastern European American market 3.3.
  • . Examples of major pharmaceutical brands and their European rivals dominating the Eastern European American market 3.8.
  • . Marketing pharmaceuticals to physicians 4.1.
  • . How to market medications to the Eastern European Americans Ordering: Order Online - visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/29550 Order by Fax - using the order form below Order By Post - print the order form below and send to Research and Markets, Guinness Centre, Taylors Lane, Dublin 8, Ireland.

    Edge Advertising Inc.
  • . 1451 Pennsylvania Ave, SE Washington, DC 20003 202.543.8076 fax: 202.543.4177 Eastern Market A (Brand New) Eastern Market Edge Advertising was awarded an amazing and rare opportunity...
  • . creating a brand identity for Capitol Hill's historic Eastern Market.
  • . Following is part of the creative and strategic process necessary to make this project a success for the community, Eastern Market, historians and futurists.
  • . Eastern Market has an emotional link with the community, customers and vendors that piques interest and fosters devotion.
  • . Our goal was to drill down to the core of the Eastern Market experience, unearth its DNA, and communicate its values in a way that is clear, compelling and natural.
  • . Eastern Market has been a vital element in the Capitol Hill community, an anchor providing a festive neighborhood market and gathering place for residents since 1873.
  • . Eastern Market is one of the few public markets in the city that offers a true urban/community hub of commerce, trade and neighborly fellowship.

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