DoubleClick Smart Marketing Report January/February 2005

  • . Direct Marketing This May, DoubleClick will launch Abacus Canada to help direct marketers take advantage of the surprisingly untapped opportunity that Canada provides.
  • . In order to help Alliance members hit the ground running, Abacus Canada is working with Canada Post Borderfree to provide streamlined services, including order fulfillment, currency conversion and customer support.

    Trade and International Trade
  • . From the Strategis Home Page ( Industry Canada ) this category provides the market information needed to make critical business decisions about markets, product sourcing, partnerships, alliances, exporting, and much more.A very good site.
  • . Canada focused but a very useful site.
  • . Includes Canada's International Business Strategy (CIBS) by priority sectors, info on International Procurement and Capital Projects Opportunities, Assistance to Exporters, info on investing in Canada, Market Information by Region and Sector, Trade Policy, Trade Events, Shows and Summits, etc.
  • . ; and a powerful search engine through Industry Canada's Business Information databases.
  • . Although very much focused on Canada, it is a quite useful site.

    Canada: A Great First Market! -- U.S. Commercial Service Kentucky
  • . Products and Services -NAFTA Enables Tarrif-Free Access for Most Products MAPS provides fast, reliable, expert background information so you can formulate an initial market entry strategy for Canada.
  • . Once you’ve “mapped” your strategy, you’re ready to expand – more into Canada, or perhaps into other international markets.
  • . Register below for a free market analysis Name Company Address City, State, ZIP email Phone Fax Website I have never exported to Canada I have exported to Canada Product/Service Description Submission of business or personal information is voluntary.

    Market Research and Demographics Software, Hardware, Services and Research Papers - KnowledgeStorm Canada
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    Enterprise Marketing Automation Software, Hardware, Services and Research Papers - KnowledgeStorm Canada
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    VDACS - Domestic Sales and Market Development
  • . and Eastern Canada.
  • . National Marketing Assistance - Two marketing representatives develop markets for Virginia agricultural products in the Mid-Atlantic, South, Midwest, Northeast and Eastern Canada.

    Marketing to Qubcois - Sessions
  • . D , Managing Director, Research and Development, MapInfo Canada Inc.
  • . Speaker: Thierry Baulu , Associate, MapInfo Canada Inc.
  • . Tony Lea will examine some of the new census data to see which ethnic groups are now significant in Quebec and explore several of the Quebec allophone clusters for evidence of attributes that make them different from the allophone clusters found in other areas of Canada.
  • . D , Managing Director, Research and Development, MapInfo Canada Inc.
  • . Speaker: Thierry Baulu , Associate, MapInfo Canada Inc.
  • . Except for in the Prairies, Quebec has a larger percentage of persons that are seniors than any other area in Canada.
  • . Tony Lea will examine the attributes Quebec seniors have that make them different from seniors found across English Canada.
  • . They will show how baby boomers in Quebec differ from their counterparts in the rest of Canada.
  • . To include: What consumers are watching, reading and buying The types of media they use most Their favourite forms of entertainment and the ones to watch Developing trends Retailing in Quebec Presented By: Franoise Bertrand , Partner, SECOR David Saffer , Principal, SECOR Following an overview of the retail marketplace in Quebec and how it differs from the rest of Canada, Franoise and David will take you on a tour of the top retailers in Quebec and identify the fading stars.

    UPU Knowledge Base
  • . CASE DESCRIPTION In the 1990s Canada Post faced increasing competition from aggressive independent carriers that were targeting specific business sectors.
  • . To combat this, Canada Post teamed with Accenture to transform itself into a customer-focused business supported by superior CRM capabilities.
  • . LOCATION OF POSTAL ADMINISTRATION Canada PROBLEM DESCRIPTION Despite its long history and deep market penetration, by the 1990s Canada Post faced increasing competition from aggressive independent carriers that were targeting specific business sectors.
  • . The resulting erosion in market share meant Canada Post had to act quickly to become more customer focused and create a more successful future.
  • . Throughout each phase, Canada Post and Accenture relied on an interactive process that included one-on-one interviews, one- and two-day workshops with marketing's leadership, and surveys of senior marketing managers.

  • Benefits

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    Competition Bureau - Acquisition of Maytag by Whirlpool
  • . In mid-March 2006 the Bureau completed its review of the transaction and the parties were advised that grounds did not exist to challenge the proposed transaction in Canada before the Competition Tribunal.
  • . Whirlpool Canada LP (“Whirlpool Canada”) has responsibility for all sales, marketing and distribution for Whirlpool product lines in Canada.
  • . Whirlpool Canada appliances are sold under the Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Inglis, Roper and Admiral brand names.
  • . Whirlpool does not have any manufacturing plants in Canada and sources the majority of its products from its U.S.
  • . Maytag Limited (“Maytag Canada”), is responsible for all pricing, marketing, distribution and sales for Canada.
  • . Similar to Whirlpool, Maytag has no plants in Canada but is supplied from its plants in the U.S.
  • . Maytag Canada sells appliances under the Maytag, Amana, Jenn-Air and Magic Chef brand names.
  • . Geographic Market Appliance manufacturing is global with plants located in the U.S., Mexico, Europe, Asia and Canada.

    Boeing Blog: Randy's Journal
  • . And speaking of living by, next year's IATA annual conference will be just up the road - in Vancouver, Canada.

    U.S.-Canadian Hog Trade: Market Integration at Work
  • | Search > > Article U.S.-Canadian Hog Trade: Market Integration at Work AgStockUSA The United States is expected to import more than 8 million hogs from Canada in 2004, a far cry from the 921, 000 head imported just 10 years ago.
  • . The distribution of feeder pigs imported from Canada is skewed in favor of segregated early weaned (SEW) pigs that weigh about 10 pounds.
  • . A confluence of structural change in the U.S and significant policy changes in Canada likely set the stage for the growth of the Canadian hog industry and U.S.
  • . In short, policy change in Canada has created a supply of hogs in excess of Canadian slaughter capacity, while structural change in the U.S.
  • . Prior to policy changes in Canada and structural change in the United States, it was reasonable to talk about "the U.S.
  • . But today, it is more accurate to talk about a North American pork industry, in which significant numbers of low-cost feeder pigs are produced in Canada, exported to U.S.

    Marketing, Customer Relations/Service & E-Commerce
  • . Meet Emily, the automated agent that answers customer-service calls for Bell Canada.
  • . Belinda Banks, a senior associate director of customer care at Bell Canada, pointed to a rise in customer satisfaction since Emily's arrival, but acknowledged that it had more to do with relief at not having to enter touch-tone commands.
  • . Bell Canada says it has saved $3.3 million in labor costs in 2003 incurred simply from finding the right place to send a call, and another $1.9 million because of the increase in self-service.


    ESRI Canada - Utilities

  • Company Information Client Support Utilities The business of providing electrical, gas, and telecommunications services in Canada is undergoing its greatest change ever.
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