BUSINESS: The Efficient Government: Technology Trends and Marketing Strategies in E-government

  • > > > FEATURE MARKETING The Efficient Government Technology Trends and Marketing Strategies in E-government by Bianca Walker, Director, Austin Operations, EMSI, Austin, Texas As defined by the World Bank, "e- government" refers to the use by government agencies of information technologies (such as Wide Area Networks, the Internet, and mobile computing) that can transform their relations with citizens, businesses, and other areas of government.
  • . public sector market is a $2 trillion business.
  • . public sector market is a $2 trillion business.
  • . The shift in focus to the front lines , arming workers in the field, such as case workers, corrections officers, law enforcement personnel, and inspectors with the best Figure 3 State and Local IT Spending Forecasts, Selected Agencies (billions) Source : Gartner Dataquest The public sector market is an excellent vertical market for technology companies technology tools for their trade in order to make government more effective.

    Intelligent Enterprise Magazine: Enterprise Search: The Framework for Efficient Marketing Intelligence
  • . ID# May 10, 2004 / Enterprise Search: The Framework for Efficient Marketing Intelligence A new breed of enterprise search solutions is emerging that allows organizations to find and act on any piece of information in any location.
  • . Riaz The Need for More Efficient Market Intelligence Decision-makers determine marketing decisions based upon intelligence: the combination of timely, credible information with human reasoning to infer an appropriate marketing response.
  • . However, the gathering of useful market intelligence is becoming increasingly more difficult — a direct consequence of the proliferation of news and business information from Web-accessible sources.
  • . The difficulty of accessing the most accurate market intelligence results in professionals and executives having a continuing unmet need to make decisions based upon a synthesis of the best information available — from sources both inside and outside their organization.
  • . Broadly speaking, the individuals and organizations involved in the 'marketing intelligence process' are marketing analysts, salespeople, and the decision makers they support.

    Konsumentverket/KO - Market Law in Sweden (extract)
  • ">"> www.Konsumentverket.se Market Law in Sweden (extract) Contents | Foreword The KO is empowered to take legal action against companies who violate market laws.
  • . The reason for setting up the first office of the KO was that marketing malpractices needed to be checked and counter-balanced by legal measures.
  • . As the first Marketing Act came into force, a public watchdog was needed to enforce it.
  • . Thus the Ombudsman was, and still is today, assigned to defend the collective interest of consumers with regard to unfair marketing of goods and services.
  • . Global network co-operation is nowadays very important for dealing with international marketing issues and solving cross-border disputes.
  • . The Consumer Ombudsman and Market Law in Sweden One basic element in consumer policy work in Sweden is that the consumer should receive support and be given a strong position in the market.
  • . An important task for the Consumer Agency and the KO is to ensure that the market complies with the laws applicable in the consumer field.

    Efficient market hypothesis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • . In, the efficient market hypothesis (EMH) asserts that financial markets are "efficient", or that prices on traded assets, e.g.
  • . The efficient market hypothesis implies that it is not possible to consistently outperform the market — appropriately adjusted for risk — by using any information that the market already knows, except through luck or obtaining and trading on inside information.
  • . All that is required by the EMH is that investors' reactions be random enough that the net effect on market prices cannot be reliably exploited to make an abnormal profit.
  • . Under EMH, the market may, in fact, behave irrationally for a long period of time.
  • . Crashes, bubbles and depressions are all consistent with efficient market hypothesis, so long as this irrational behavior is not predictable or exploitable.
  • . There are three common forms in which the efficient market hypothesis is commonly stated — weak form efficiency , semi-strong form efficiency and strong form efficiency , each of which have different implications for how markets work.


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  • Register with Efficient Market Canada! Canadian Mutual Fund, ETF, and RRSP Advice Efficient Market Canada is a magazine for self-directed RRSP investors.
  • . Site Search Register with Efficient Market Canada! Creating a user account is free, quick, and painless, and will enable you to participate in our online discussions, as well as customize the way this site is displayed to you.
  • . We will not share it with any other organization, and we will not mail any marketing material to you.

    Past Performance of Mutual Funds and Stocks - Efficient Market Canada
  • . Thepast performance of a fund, stock, or even stock market as a whole isno indication of the future return.
  • . Here's a scam: Start up ten or twenty investment newsletters, and in eachof them publish a different prediction about where the market is headed:"The bulls will return!", "The bear draws near!", "Market to flat-line!".
  • . Mutual funds and survivor bias Mutual fund companies always have a few funds on hand that have posted spectacular results over the past five years--returning 20-25%even during bear markets.
  • . But it's just dumb luck--study after study shows that the average fund performs worse than the market average.
  • . The fund companies have no scruples about marketing their dumb luck as if it were insight and skill.
  • . Somewhere underneath in the fine print, though, it will say "past performance is no guarantee of future returns." Total market return and survivor bias Many of you were aware of all this already.
  • . But were you aware that thesame thing applies to the stock market as a whole? Have you been fooled into thinking an TSX index funds will have a 10% return, because that's what the TSX has had in the past? It's the same flawedlogic.

    Fresh Marketing
  • MARKET RESEARCH Fresh Marketing helps you tackle the complexities of todays evolutionary marketplace.
  • . By applying proven principles and more than fifteen years of market research experience, we ensure you keep one step ahead of emerging trends and changing consumer attitudes.
  • . Our fresh thinking identifies new opportunities and innovative technologies to deliver highly effective and efficient market research programs.
  • . We are more than just a traditional research company our expertise in business development and strategic planning enables Fresh Marketing to provide breakthrough research that taps the mindset of todays consumer.
  • . We take the time to fully understand your companys needs in order to deliver cost-effective, results-oriented market research solutions.
  • . Our Market Research Services Include: Traditional and Online Qualitative and Quantitative Brainstorming/TeamStorming Areas of expertise include: Consumer Package Goods Education Financial Services Health and Wellness Not-For-Profit Pharmaceuticals Real Estate Sustainable Energy Technology Women Youth (pre-school thru college) | © Fresh Marketing.

    ESB: Marketing the Energy-Efficient Home
  • Marketing the Energy-Efficient Home You've spent years learning to build quality, energy-efficient homes.
  • . Your own marketing program should build on utility certification.
  • . One lesson from builders who have succeeded at the marketing game is that energy efficiency is most effective when used to reinforce an overall quality image.
  • . He has developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that keeps his company's name in front of potential customers.
  • . "The secret, " he says, "is that you don't specifically market energy efficiency.
  • . You market yourself and your company." Energy can become part of a market niche as well as part of your identity as a builder.
  • . "Even though we're known as energy-efficient builders, our focus is service, design and creativity." Eich organizes his marketing strategy around these three points.
  • . The kickplate then becomes an integral part of the marketing campaign, as a sign that the home is something special, with good design, durability, energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

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    marketing: Definition and Much More From Answers.com
  • On this page: marketing mar·ket·ing (mär ' kĭ-tĭng ) n.
  • . The act or process of buying and selling in a market.
  • . marketing, in economics, that part of the process of production and exchange that is concerned with the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer.
  • . Marketing includes the activities of all those engaged in the transfer of goods from producer to consumer—not only those who buy and sell directly, wholesale and retail, but also those who develop, warehouse, transport, insure, finance, or promote the product, or otherwise have a hand in the process of transfer.
  • . In a modern capitalist economy, where nearly all production is intended for a market, such activities are just as important as the manufacture of the goods.
  • . It is estimated in the United States that approximately 50% of the retail price paid for a commodity is made up of the cost of marketing.
  • . Evolution of Modern Marketing In a subsistence-level economy there is little need for exchange of goods because the division of labor is at a rudimentary level: most people produce the same or similar goods.

    efficient market hypothesis: Information From Answers.com
  • On this page: efficient market hypothesis Efficient Market Hypothesis - EMH An investment theory that states that it is impossible to "beat the market" because stock market efficiency causes existing share prices to always incorporate and reflect all relevant information.
  • . Thus, the crux of the EMH is that it should be impossible to outperform the overall market through expert stock selection or market timing, and that the only way an investor can possibly obtain higher returns is by purchasing riskier investments.
  • . Believers argue it is pointless to search for undervalued stocks or to try to predict trends in the market through either fundamental or technical analysis.While academics point to a large body of evidence in support of EMH, an equal amount of dissension also exists.
  • . For example, investors such as Warren Buffett have consistently beaten the market over long periods of time, which by definition is an impossibility according to the EMH.
  • . Detractors of the EMH also point to events such as the 1987 stock market crash (when the DJIA fell by over 20% in a single day) as evidence that stock prices can seriously deviate from their fair values.

    Is There an "Efficient Market" in CEO Compensation? : HBS Working Knowledge
  • Is There an "Efficient Market" in CEO Compensation? August 1, 2005 Each month, professor Jim Heskett offers his thoughts on specific events and activities in the world of business and their impact on the way managers manage.
  • . Students of efficient markets might argue that these are merely a reflection of the scarcity of supply among those thought to be able to lead large organizations.
  • . Why? One theory is that the market value of all CEOs is driven by companies hiring leadership from the outside rather than promoting it from within.
  • . In other words, there is a market premium paid for outside hires.
  • . Thus, these situations force upward perturbations as well in the market value of CEOs in companies not facing such crises.
  • . The absence of any dampening mechanism in this "market" may help explain why average CEO compensation for decades has borne little relationship to overall corporate performance in the United States.
  • . If the efficient market is not working, what might be done about it? Of course, there is always the regulatory route.

    Readers Respond: Is There an "Efficient Market" in CEO Compensation? : HBS Working Knowledge
  • Readers Respond: Is There an "Efficient Market" in CEO Compensation? August 22, 2005 Each month, professor Jim Heskett offers his thoughts on specific events and activities in the world of business and their impact on the way managers manage.
  • . Sunil Bedekar Director Lawtocon International Business Law Academy, India My thought: The CEO market for mega organizations operates in a synthetic universeone that differs largely by scale alone.
  • . Brad Millet In the global market for executive talent, CEO compensation can get rationalized only if the investor profile in huge corporations changes toward a more distributed profile.
  • . This is my second small company in the healthcare sector, and the salary, bonus, and option payout have all been directly or indirectly through the marketthe result of my performance as measured by company progress.
  • . The recent payoff of Carly Fiorina at HP appears to have been not performance-driven, but a result of the market perception of the scarcity of CEOs for large companies and their resulting pay packages.


    Efficient Frontier's Siminoff: Search Landscape Always Changing

  • News Opinion/Editorial Sectors Contact us Site Search Content Author | Efficient Frontier's Siminoff: Search Landscape Always Changing By April 28th, 2006 Ellen Siminoff is CEO of search engine marketing firm Efficient Frontier.
  • . Here are her thoughts on the state of search engine marketing.
  • . How has the search engine marketing industry changed since last year? Obviously, a great deal has changed since last year.
  • . In the search engine marketing agency industry, Ive seen a fair amount of consolidation and bifurcation between the smaller SEM agencies and the larger players.
  • . There seems to be three to four major players, each of us approaching the market somewhat differently.
  • . What are some innovative search engine marketing and interactive campaigns youve seen recently? I have to say a few of the most innovative campaigns I am seeing right now involve advertisers integrating their offline strategies into their paid search campaigns.
  • . We have a client that is doing an excellent job integrating its offline marketing strategies into their paid search campaigns.

    iMedia Connection: Online Is Cost-Efficient
  • | Site Search: FREE NEWSLETTERS iMedia Connection Driving Interactive Entertainment Spot UPCOMING EVENTS iMedia Connection: Brand Summit Date September 10-13, 2006 Location Lake Las Vegas, NV Join the best and brightest in digital marketing at this "must see" Brand Summit, known for its power to move real issues forward.
  • . Marketing Evolution, an independent research firm, developed the cross media optimization study (XMOS) methodology -- drawn from real-world, in-market results -- to help marketers determine the optimal mix of interactive, TV, radio and print advertising.
  • . IAB and Marketing Evolution studied advertising campaigns for Ford Motor Companys launch of its 2004 F-150 pickup, ING, Universal Studios Home Video DVD release of "E.T.
  • . Ford Motor Company The marketing launch for the 2004, all-new Ford F-150 pickup was the largest and most comprehensive marketing launch in the history of Ford Motor Company.
  • . Magazines and in-market Web sites offered similar results, including selectivity and efficient delivery of in-market prospects.

    Welcome to the North American Agricultural Marketing Officials Home Page
  • . Each member state or province reflects its own diversity, but all members share common interests of market development, market information and communication and in market organization and cooperation.
  • . The NAAMO Organization NAAMO is a subsidiary of the National Association of State Department of Agriculture, which represents the leadership of the individual state departments of agriculture.As we proceed through the 21st century, we are challenged to develop new markets and improve how the agricultural industry responds to change.
  • . The members of NAAMO will partner with industry to find markets and respond to change.

    Efficient Frontier's Growth Solidifies Top Spot in SEM Market
  • . "When we entered the market, we bet on sophisticated technology to solve the complexity of the search marketplace, and we bet right, " said Ellen Siminoff, president and CEO of Efficient Frontier.
  • . "The marketplace continues to get more and more complex, and we are the only firm with the technology to scale to the needs of marketers." Efficient Frontier manages more than 15 million keyword ads for 70 of the top 500 search advertisers.
  • . In addition to servicing large enterprise search marketers, Efficient Frontier has expanded its market presence to include a solution, Efficient Frontier Express, for the small to medium size search advertisers.
  • . The company offers the only service that dramatically allocates marketing spend across millions of keywords to increase volume and maximize ROI.
  • . By introducing this level of automation to the paid search marketplace, the company has been able to differentiate itself from the hundreds of SEM firms competing in the market today.

    Efficient Markets and Irrational Investors - Graziadio Business Report
  • Features Subscribe Free Send to a Friend From: To: E-mail: Does Market Efficiency Trump Behavioral Bias in Finance Decisions? Understanding the effect of each can improve decision making and Application: An understanding of efficient markets and common behavioral biases can help investors reconcile instinct and reason.
  • . "Look, " he exclaimed, "here's a great research topic!" "Nonsense, " the other one said, "If it were, someone would have written a paper on it by now." For a long time this attitude governed the view of academics toward the stock market.
  • . They simply believed that the stock market was not a proper subject for serious study.
  • . By offering a brief introduction to the basic concepts used in research on the stock market - specifically market efficiency and behavioral aspects of investing - we hope to help an investor define his or her approach to equity investing and give aspiring financial services professionals some food for thought in regard of both portfolio policy and marketing strategy.

    http://xoomer.alice.it/marketing_now/ @CallCenter