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  • . JT: The Empire Marketing Board.
  • . Can you tell me about the Empire Marketing Board.
  • . It's in alley and in the middle of it was one of those iron gentlemen's lavatories, and it was the place where all the sandwich board men used to go at the end of the day and turn their boards in.
  • . Empire Marketing Board JT: When I arrived there, there was Grierson and a man called Jimmy Davidson who was a film technician and he'd done every thing in the film industry, he'd been an assistant director and assistant cameraman and I think he'd done a certain amount of camera work.
  • . SP: What was the purpose of the Empire Marketing Board film unit? I mean looking back now, it was all new to you and just an office.
  • . What was it's purpose and what films were they making JT: The purpose was to promote Empire trade, understanding and the Empire Marketing Board.
  • . It must have been quite a big organisation, they had their own very nice poster boards all over the country, do you remember them? SP: Yes I do.

    Technology in Australia 1788-1988, Empire Marketing Board
  • . - Western Australia Empire Marketing Board Below is a list of cross-references for the index term: Empire Marketing Board Click on the links to move to the relevant page and paragraph where the index term is referenced OR try a .
  • . Empire Marketing Board Chapter 1 - Innovation, Science and the Farmer Agricultural Science Pays Dividends: 1927-1987, , Keyword Search Search: Match: Format: Sort by: This search facility uses for Web Servers.

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  • . PDF Treasury Control and the Empire Marketing Board: The Rise and Fall of Non-Tariff...

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  • . A poster produced by the Empire Marketing Board, an organisation which operated between 1926 and 1933 to promote goods from the British Empire, depicts the River Mersey busy with shipping.


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  • . See this item in the Catalogue Send an e-postcard to a friend Use this item in Your Story You may also like to see these items: Empire Marketing Board An Empire Marketing Board poster by the artist John Keating entitled 'Pigs in the Irish Free State' dated between 1926 and 1939.
  • . The Empire Marketing Board was established in 1926 to promote goods and products from British Colonies and Dominions.

    eBay Express: 1933 Penang British Malaya Empire Marketing Mini Poster
  • . Subject: Advertising Date of Creation: 1900-1949 Style: Vintage &userid ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Search Our Store VINTAGE ART SEARCHES 1933 Penang British Malaya Empire Marketing Mini Poster Year: 1933 Type: Original Mini Poster Print : Good / Fair : Registered and Certified Image: Color - Goauche Size (inches): 5 x 8 inches This original 1933 mini poster from the Empire Marketing Board is promoting trade with the colonies and Dominions.
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    35 Millimeter - Filmgeschichte - England - Übernahme des Empire Marketing Board
  • . Themen (1930) Übernahme des Empire Marketing Board (1933) (1939) Thema Übernahme des Empire Marketing Board Das Empire Marketing Board (EMB) wird aufgelöst, sogleich jedoch vom General Post Office (GPO) übernommen, welches die Gruppe mit Dokumentationen rund um das Postwesen beauftragt.Nun schließt sich auch der Filmveteran Alberto Cavalcanti der Filmgruppe an.

  • Edited version of typed copy of annual report on the activities of the Empire Marketing Board Film Unit, 1931 (Ref.
  • . You must understand of course that making films for a government department like the Empire Marketing Board is a very different business from making commercial films.
  • . So to indicate what we are trying to do in this unit of ours it will be best to begin with a rough picture of the work of the Empire Marketing Board.

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    Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: History and Heritage: Timeline: 1885-1945: Sir Arthur William Hill and the British Empire
  • . Hill's activities were supported financially by the newly founded Empire Marketing Board, which funded both the new position of Economic Botanist and the sending of Kew staff on botanic expeditions overseas.
  • . The Board was also responsible for the instigation of the quarantine service and paid for a new quarantine house at Kew.
  • . When the Board was wound up in 1938, Hill persuaded the Treasury to make permanent most of the temporary posts funded by the Empire Marketing Board.
  • . Hill continued this tradition, both in his work in conjunction with the Empire Marketing Board and in his encouragement of his staff to forge links with colonial institutions.
  • . Kew remained on the management board at Bedgebury until 1965, when it acquired the lease from the National Trust of Wakehurst Place in the High Weald of Sussex.

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  • . Produced by the Vermont Apple Marketing Board in cooperation with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets, Montpelier, Vermont.

    Connecticut Apple Marketing Board Consumer Information
  • The Connecticut Apple Marketing Board The Connecticut Apple Marketing Board CONSUMER INFORMATION Image and apple facts from U.S.

    Institute of Commonwealth Studies - Archives and Special Collections, Pacific
  • . (1884-1958) ICS 79 Secretary, Empire Marketing Board (1926-1933) Papers concerning the Empire Marketing Board, including correspondence with A.C.D.


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  • . Posters Issued By Specific Companies/Organisations Empire Marketing Board Constantine, Stephen.
  • . Buy & build: the advertising posters of the Empire Marketing Board.

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