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  • June 17, 2006 Logos link to company profiles Unlock CRM Potential with Enterprise Marketing Management Marketing is no longer a linear process.
  • . Here, enterprise marketing management (EMM) has a vital role.
  • . Financial Management 3.
  • . Marketing Resource Management 4.
  • . Campaign Management--planning, designing, executing, and measuring marketing programs 7.
  • . Interaction Management--allowing communications to be personal, relevant, and timely; providing integration and consistency across all channels 11.
  • . Channel Management--including the electronic channels, voice channels, and traditional channels 12.
  • . A respected CRM and marketing authority, Marjot brings 20 years of consulting, software sales, and marketing experience to smartFOCUS, having built marketing and customer management transformation projects for organizations worldwide.

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  • . ExactTarget Email Newsletters Email: Enterprise Marketing Management Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) solutions are becoming increasingly prevalent as organizations seek to centralize control of the entire marketing process, from the early stages of strategic planning, through campaign analysis.
  • . EMM applications are critical in collaborative management of all marketing resources, including digital content and customer activity across all marketing touch points.

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  • Marketing Management Search by: Search within results > > > Enterprise Marketing Automation Featured Sponsors by New Media Marketing Corp..
  • . (ANALYST REPORT) | by Paxonix May 2006 - (Free Research) This paper examines several aspects of brand-marketing communications and emphasizes how the on-demand delivery of digital asset management and related workflow services reduce costs and cycle times.
  • . Affinium Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) is part of IBM's Retail Enterprise Data Warehouse, Multi-Channel Retailing, and E-commerce solutions.
  • . It explains why technology such as Marketing Resource Management (MRM) is a key enabler of success.
  • . (VENDOR WHITE PAPER) | by Unica Affinium Plan is a Marketing Resource Management (MRM) software application that marketers use to plan and budget marketing activities, manage production and execution, and track their performance.
  • . | Marketing Management is a part of the .

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  • . Support the Marketing management team in the planning, implementation and development of pan-EMEA marketing programs for partners and clients.


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  • Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) is the system-based management of the entire function whereby marketing effectiveness and efficiency are optimized .
  • . An organization with the right skills and culture to adopt this capability EMM brings to marketing the same discipline of process, metrics and systems-based management that revolutionized the supply side of the organization.

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  • . Marketing management is a discipline focused on the practical application of and the of a firm's marketing resources and activities.
  • . In contrast, a small may have no marketing personnel at all, requiring the firm's partners to make marketing management decisions on a largely ad-hoc basis.
  • . In the widely used text Marketing Management (2006), and define marketing management as "the art and science of choosing and getting, keeping and growing through creating, delivering, and communicating superior ." From this perspective, the scope of marketing management is quite broad.
  • . The implication of such a definition is that any activity or resource the firm uses to acquire customers and manage the company's relationships with them is within the purview marketing management.
  • . The broader, more sophisticated definitions of marketing management from Drucker, Kotler and other scholars are therefore juxtaposed against the narrower operating reality of many businesses.
  • . The source of confusion here is often that inside any given firm, the term marketing management may be interpreted to mean whatever the marketing department happens to do, rather than a term that encompasses all marketing activities -- even those marketing activities that are actually performed by other departments, such as, , or .

    Oracle | Enterprise Marketing provides marketing analytics, customer data management, segmentation, campaign management, and resource management
  • . Marketing is a modular product that provides customer data management, segmentation, campaign management, resource management, and marketing analytics, which enable marketers to plan and execute on outbound and inbound marketing strategies.
  • . This combination of intelligent design, usability, and functionality provides a complete campaign and resource management tool.
  • . Leverage out-of-the-box integration with PeopleSoft Enterprise Sales for a complete solution for lead management and prospect qualification.

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  • . The role will involve working in on client and/or partner assignments within EMEA – developing individualised solutions for each customer (Marketing and/or IT Departments), implementing company solutions and assist in the planning, developing, campaign management and launch of campaigns.
  • . The Senior Consultant will be involved in the full product lifecycle from design, implementation, support, training and project management.
  • . Therefore, you will need to be multi skilled and cover a range of disciplines:- including product installs, problem diagnosis, customer consultation & business solution consulting on Enterprise Marketing Management campaigns with project management on large scale projects.
  • . The ideal background of the successful candidate as follows: Ideally several years working as a Senior Consultant for a Campaign Management, Marketing Automation Vendor (e.piphany, SAS, Chordiant, Double Click) OR consultancy, System Integration company focusing on database/Data Mining/CRM.

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  • | SEARCH OUR PRODUCTS USING You are here: > > ResearchOverview Enterprise Marketing Management Research Publication Date: 19 May 2006 Buy the full article $240 Extract Acquisitions and evolution are preparing the way for the transition from tactical to enterprise-level strategic marketing.

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  • | Search by: Solution Summary An ASP and application by Summary: Affinium Campaign is a complete interaction and campaign management solution that allows you to create, test, optimize, deploy, and analyze multi-wave, multi-channel personalized communications.
  • . Affinium Campaign™ -- Enterprise Marketing Management has been classified in the following categories: More Solutions Offered by Affinium Plan: Marketing Resource Management by Affinium Plan is a Marketing Resource Management (MRM) software application that marketers use to plan and budget marketing activities, manage production and execution, and track their performance.
  • . • Measuring Up - Building a culture of marketing performance using Marketing Resource Management (MRM) by Unica .
  • . It explains why technology such as Marketing Resource Management (MRM) is a key enabler of success.

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  • | Reader Services Site Maps | June 17, 2006 05:42:32 AM PDT > | Unica Ready for Enterprise Marketing Management By Erika MorphyCRM Buyer 03/30/06 3:29 PM PT "The Web has become a hub of marketing activity -- much of what marketers do now is designed to drive customers to their Web site, " said Carol Meyers, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Unica.
  • . With last year's successful IPO and two recent acquisitions, has positioned itself to ride the next wave of marketing automation technology development: the emergence -- finally -- of enterprise marketing management.
  • . Gartner, for one, says that enterprise marketing management is only 1 percent penetrated, according to Carol Meyers, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Unica.
  • . Through the MarketSoft acquisition, Unica added or enhanced technology for event detection, customer alerting, and lead and referral management.


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