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  • . In un portafoglio con strategia market neutral, cioè una strategia di investimento che ha un beta di portafoglio nullo (non correlato all’andamento del mercato), qualora sia investito nel mercato azionario, e una duration di portafoglio nulla, nel caso in cui la strategia coinvolga l’area obbligazionaria, il rendimento dipende dalla sola capacità del gestore di generare excess return in base alla sua abilità di selezionare i titoli migliori.
  • . È opportuno sottolineare che una strategia market neutral non implica l’annullamento dei rischi.
  • . Un fondo hedge persegue una strategia di rendimento assoluto e la posizione neutrale al mercato ne determina una delle caratteristiche principali.

    The Hindu Business Line : UTI MF launches market-neutral fund
  • Financial Daily from THE HINDU group of publications Friday, Jun 09, 2006 News Features Stocks Cross Currency Shipping Archives Group Sites - New Fund Offer UTI MF launches market-neutral fund Our Bureau Mumbai , June 8 UTI Mutual Fund has launched UTI Spread Fund, a market neutral fund.

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  • . Our Asset Management business, Deephaven Capital Management, is a market neutral investment manager focused on delivering risk-adjusted returns with low volatility for institutions and high net worth individuals.

    Market-Neutral Investing published by Kogan Page (Finance, Investment and Taxation)
  • . Distributed by Kogan Page Navigation: / / Book Detail Information Market-Neutral Investing Long/Short Hedge Fund Strategies Author: Joseph G.
  • . Investors are looking for downside protection while maintaining good returns -and market-neutral investing has become one of the hottest methods to meet that need.
  • . Nicholas explores new approaches to return enhancement and risk reduction through market-neutral strategies.
  • . Market-neutral investments are attractive because they have produced substantially better risk-adjusted returns than the market during the past ten years.
  • . The complexities created by the combination of longs, shorts, and leverage, however, make market-neutral strategies very different from conventional investments.
  • . This is the one book that looks at market-neutral strategies head on, assessing those that have worked and some notable ones that have failed¾and explaining why.
  • . Clear, insightful, and illustrated with numerous charts and graphs, Market-Neutral Investing is an invaluable guide for professional investors.


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  • . Prior to joining NYLIM, he was a Quantitative Software Engineer at Quantlab Financial LLC, a Houston-based market neutral hedge fund responsible for algorithms, mathematical/statistical modeling, and backtesting of trading models.

    CBIS : CUIT Market Neutral Investments
  • CUIT Market Neutral Investments | Investment Programs & Performance Balanced and Equity Funds CUIT Market Neutral Fund Summary Investment Objective The CUIT Market Neutral Fund seeks positive absolute return in excess of the 91-Day U.S.
  • . All investments offered through CBIS are guided by the Socially Responsible Investment principles outlined in our commitment paper "Commitment to Socially Responsible Investing." Investment Return The Market Neutral Fund seeks a positive return in excess of the 91-day U.S.
  • . Comparison to Other CBIS Funds The Market Neutral Fund is a moderate-risk investment with less risk and potential return than the aggressive funds, but more risk and potential return than the conservative funds.

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  • . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - About Henry Kneis CEO of Abria Alternative Investments Henry Kneis, B.A.Sc., MBA, has 18 years of securities industry experience, specializing in proprietary equity derivative and market neutral arbitrage trading.
  • . The low volatility market neutral portfolios managed by Mr.
  • . He also developed financial products, including a market neutral arbitrage fund, launched in January 1999.

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  • . The white type face 'UTI' encased in deep blue box, while extremely striking, emphasises the clean, pure, and neutral image of UTI Mutual Fund.

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    Welcome to MARHedge.com
  • . Previously at Tremont, Weiler was a portfolio manager and an analyst specializing in multi-strategy, convertible arbitrage, equity market neutral and managed futures hedge fund managers.
  • . Joshua Feuerman President and Chief Investment Officer Btn Partners LLC Stamford, CT Joshua Feuerman is the President and CIO of Btn Partners LLC, a Stamford, CT-based quantitative market neutral hedge fund.
  • . Feuerman's team was responsible for a wide array of products, including long-only institutional and retail funds in domestic (large cap and small cap) and international equity markets, as well as a $100 million quantitative market-neutral hedge fund.

    Basics of Hedge Funds
  • . The strategies take the forms of aggressive growth, market neutral securities hedging, market timing, multi strategy, distressed securities etc.
  • . In Market-Neutral Securities Hedging, a hedge fund invests generally in the same sectors of the market equally in long and short equity portfolios.

    Hedge Fund Industry
  • . While he didn't follow a strict market neutral strategy, his main source of returns was relative bets made between individual equities.
  • . All are generally implemented as market neutral strategies.

    SSI People
  • SSI has the longest, most consistent market-neutral track record in the United States.
  • . People SSI possesses the longest track record in Market-Neutral Hedged Investing in the United States.
  • . The company currently manages two market-neutral products and an equity and balanced product.
  • . Gottfurcht speaks regularly on the evolution of market-neutral and other hedged strategies and is generally credited with being the "originator" of market-neutral investing.


    HedgeFund.net - Hedge Fund Strategy Definitions

  • . Fund of funds (Market Neutral) - YTD 4.85% Fund of funds that targets near zero correlation to the market or invests exclusively in market neutral or arbitrage strategies.
  • . Market Neutral Equity - YTD 3.96% Any strategy that attempts to eliminate market risk and be profitable in any market condition.
  • . Managers will opportunistically trade in any type of security that they deem to be a "special situation." Statistical Arbitrage - YTD 5.55% Believing that equities behave in a way that is mathematically describable, managers perform a low risk, market neutral analytical equity strategy.

    Advisor Page - PlusFunds Develops Component 'Baskets' of The S&P Hedge Fund Index
  • . The S&P Hedge Fund Investment Baskets developed include Fixed Income Arbitrage, Convertible Arbitrage, Equity Market Neutral, Macro, Managed Futures, Long/Short Equity, Special Situations, Distressed, and Merger Arbitrage.
  • . - Equity Market Neutral Seek to create a portfolio with little or no directional exposure to the market by taking long and short positions which are neutral to the overall equity market.

    Advisor Page - OppenheimerFunds, Tremont Launch SEC-Registered Funds of Funds For Tax-Exempt In
  • . OFI Tremont Core Diversified Hedge Fund and OFI Tremont Market Neutral Hedge Fund, which opened for investment last week, are based on strategies that Tremont has offered clients on a fully discretionary basis for several years.
  • . OFI Tremont Market Neutral Hedge Fund is geared toward investors who seek a return similar to those achieved in the fixed income markets.
  • . For more information on OFI Tremont Core Diversified Hedge Fund or OFI Tremont Market Neutral Hedge Fund, including charges and expenses, speak with your financial advisor or call OppenheimerFunds at 1-800-858-9826 or call Tremont at 914-925-1884.
  • . OFI Tremont Core Diversified Hedge Fund and OFI Tremont Market Neutral Fund are distributed by OppenheimerFunds Distributor Inc., 498 Seventh Ave, NY, NY 10018 Source: OppenheimerFunds, Inc.

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