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  • Search farmdoc web Information in this section provides producers with objective up-to-date market information, analysis, outlook and other references to assist in making marketing decisions (06/12/2006) Corn, soybean and wheat prices have traded in a wide range since March.
  • . All indications are that price volatility will continue to be the norm for these markets.
  • . stocks at the end of the 2005-06 marketing year will total a record 565 million bushels, 20.3 percent of projected use.
  • . Report 2006-03: The Pricing Performance of Market Advisory Services in Corn and Soybeans Over 1995-2004: A Non-Technical Summary (04/14/2006) A general perception exists among market observers that farmers perform poorly in managing price risk.
  • . More specifically, it is a common belief that farmers substantially under-perform the market, which is reflected by the oft-repeated adage that, “Farmers market two-thirds of their crops in the bottom third of the price range.” There is considerable evidence that many farmers turn to market advisory services in an effort to improve their performance in managing price risk.

    WAC | Market Developing Initiative
  • . Kellogg Foundation grant, “The Market Development Initiative.” With these funds, the Council’s Natural Resource Viability Program is providing educational and marketing resources to farmers in the Catskill region.
  • . The Market Development Initiative is helping farmers with needs in the following areas: Packaging and Product Development Financing Marketing Distribution Trade show promotions Farmers interested in future educational or marketing efforts sponsored by WAC, with farms in Delaware, Schoharie, Greene, Ulster, Dutchess, Westchester and Putnam Counties are invited to join in this effort.
  • . Workshops in direct marketing, adding value to products and business planning, along with tours to innovative farms, are some examples of the Initiative’s hands-on learning opportunities for farmers.
  • . This group will address issues such as farm labor, distribution, and collaborative marketing.
  • . Contact WAC at (607) 865-7790 for more information on all aspects of the Market Development Initiative.

    FAO-Agricultural Marketing
  • The FAO Agricultural Marketing Group has a new URL.

    FAO of the UN : Farm input marketing
  • Farm Input Marketing FARM INPUT MARKETING Activities to improve input marketing are also central to the work of the Marketing Group of FAO.
  • . Seed Marketing Increased production of agricultural crops depends not only on the development of higher-yielding varieties of seeds but also on the efficiency of the systems available to ensure that these seeds reach the farmer on time.
  • . Effective seed marketing is thus an essential component of activities to improve food security.
  • . The entire range of seed marketing activities is addressed in this publication.
  • . Methodologies for researching the market are reviewed and approaches for forecasting demand are considered.
  • . A final chapter discusses planning of these marketing activities.
  • . Publications on Fertilizer Marketing include: Fertilizer Retailing Guide This guide is for all fertilizer retailers whether they are private individuals or work with cooperatives or government agencies.
  • . This guide can be ordered from the Demand Forecasting for Fertilizer Marketing Accurate forecasting of fertilizer demand is essential, both for companies producing, importing and marketing fertilizer and for governments in their efforts to monitor the development of agriculture.

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    Value Added Farm Food Markets Wisconsin: Developing a Market Plan
  • Updated: Friday, 01-Sep-2000 10:20:04 CDT Developing a Market Plan "FIND YOUR MARKET FIRST" is a catch-phrase you hear in North Dakota these days, where farmers are starting profitable value-added ventures to increase their incomes.
  • . Once you find your market, you want to keep and expand it.
  • . Explore the links below for more on developing a marketing plan.
  • . You can also return to our, because many of those articles also cover marketing plans.

    All state farm agent jobs |
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    Welcome to NAFDMA
  • . Welcome to NAFDMA North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Association is a trade association dedicated to nurturing the farm direct marketing industry.
  • . Its members support their family farms by selling millions of dollars worth of farm-grown produce directly to consumers at farm stands, farmers’ markets, pick-your-own farms, consumer-supported agriculture, agritourism venues, and other ever-growing innovations in direct producer-to-consumer agricultural marketing methods.
  • . You can learn about our, which brings farmers, market managers and others together for the good of the farmers’ market industry.
  • . Don't miss the chance to attend this unique educational opportunity! | Copyright 2006 North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Association.

    farm direct marketing ideas news and profiles at Farmer's Market Online
  • Farm Direct MARKETING MEAT DIRECT TO THE CONSUMER Selling directly to the consumer may significantly increase profits and prices above those received in conventional markets.
  • . Small-scale operators and part-time producers, in particular, have the opportunity to market additional services or special aspects of their product and realize significant price premiums.
  • . Large farms have plowed into the organic market attracted by the hearty profits and federal rules setting nationwide standards for organic food.
  • . Increasingly they are reaching out to customers at farmer's markets, in catalogs or on Web sites and through home delivery." THE BEST MARKET Some one has said that the great difficulty with farmers is that they sell at wholesale and buy at retail; and this difficulty is nowhere better shown than in the fruit business.
  • . Producers must address these attributes when marketing their products to foodservice establishments.
  • . OHIOANS WANT TO BUY DIRECT Ohioans are unquestionably interested in buying high quality fresh produce, according to an Ohio State University survey of "Ohio Consumer Opinions of Roadside Markets and Farmers' Markets." The survey of the general population in Ohio was designed to gather information regarding purchasing behavior and attitudes in regards to fresh fruits and vegetables.

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    CIAS: Managing a CSA farm 2: community, economics, marketing and training
  • Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems Menu Main Navigation Search Search our publications Categories Browse our publications on: Other resources Powered by Articles Managing a CSA farm 2: community, economics, marketing and training Community supported agriculture (CSA) farmers need communication and management skills to meet a variety of challenges in building a community of members, balancing income and expenses, marketing their farm, and obtaining training.
  • . This Research Brief focuses on community building, economics, marketing, and training.
  • . Diversified marketing Many farms combine CSA with other forms of marketing such as selling at a farmers market or to restaurants and retail stores.
  • . For example, if a crop is in short supply should it be included in the CSA delivery or be taken to the farmers market where it may fetch a premium price? The CSA farms in this study all provided for their CSA members first, unless they had a special planting set aside for another market.

    FRUIT LOGISTICA Virtual Market Place
  • FRUIT LOGISTICA Virtual Market Place Mehr Messe an 365 Tagen im JahrMore fair on 365 days per year Bitte haben Sie Geduld...
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    Maine Department of Agriculture: Market and Production Development
  • | State Search: | Search Agriculture Site: Market and production development division > > Food and Farm Products Marketing Food and Farm Products Marketing Visit our for listings of apples, berries, specialty foods and other farm products, , farmers markets, farm stands, and maple syrup information, information, community supported agriculture , restaurants and recipes, and related marketing information links.
  • . Subscribe to the Farmers' Markets Feed Working with a Portland advertising/marketing firm, and an Advisory Council of Maine producers, the Department launched the "umbrella" program with a high visibility Governor's kickoff in late July of 2000.

    Farm marketing, agri-tourism association announces first Board of Directors
  • | Farm marketing, agri-tourism association announces first Board of Directors Contact: 517-373-1104 Agency: Agriculture The steering committee of Michigan's newly formed Farm Marketing and Agri-Tourism Association (FMAT) announced this week its recommendations for the first board of directors for the association.
  • . The board of directors will be confirmed by FMAT's membership at its first annual meeting, to be held in conjunction with the Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable and Farm Market Expo in December 2006, in Grand Rapids.
  • . "The candidates recommended by the FMAT steering committee have shown a strong interest in building a solid organization from the ground up to represent the farm marketing and agri-tourism industry, " said Patrick O'Connor, Michigan State University (MSU) doctoral student and project leader.
  • . Vacant - to be filled at the December board meeting; 1-year term Representing Region 6 (Southwest Michigan) ? two board positions: Douglas De Leo, Big Blue Plantation, Bangor; 1-year term Steve Tennes, The Country Mill Farm Market, Charlotte; 3-year term.


    Georgia Farm Bureau Commodities/Marketing

  • Promote your farm through GFB’s Certified Farm Market Program W hen it comes to direct farm marketing, Georgia seems to rank among the best in the business.
  • . The Georgia Farm Bureau Commodities/Marketing Department not only markets grain and feed ingredients but also works hard to help market your entire farm.
  • . Through the Georgia Farm Bureau Certified Farm Market Program, we bring the consumer to the farm for their fresh grown produce and sell them an on-the-farm experience to boot.
  • . Whether you offer pick-your-own products, provide the best farm raised vegetables around, or offer customers the chance to land the “Big One” in your fish pond, you can market your farm in a variety of ways.
  • . A variety of services are available to you for assistance in marketing your farm.
  • . Some of these services are free while others only charge a nominal fee for some great information.One such service is the Georgia Farm Bureau Certified Farm Market Program.
  • . Our program is designed to help you become a better marketer of your products and services in a number of ways.

    Georgia Farm Bureau Commodities/Marketing
  • . T he Georgia Farm Bureau Marketing Department is the marketing agency for our farmer members, and its staff assists producers with marketing their grain and food ingredient procurement.
  • . The Marketing Department was formed to give producers an alternative market for their commodities and maintain competition in the market place.
  • . When Georgia Farm Bureau established the Marketing Association in 1964, our goal was to help producers receive the best possible price for their commodities.
  • . The Marketing Department offers marketing programs for cattle, hogs, grain, feed ingredients and processing apples.
  • . We also provide market information through the ACRES Market Information Program and through our Commodity Farm Line .
  • . For more info on this service, call the Commodities/Marketing Department at 1-800-342-1192 .
  • . Like to check options and futures prices on the Chicago Board of Trade or Chicago Mercantile Exchange right now? > Click • GRAIN The grain marketing program can market your grain direct and through cash or forward cash contracts.

    Welcome to the Marketing Pages of the Maine Department of Agriculture
  • . to learn about Maine food and farm products and about agriculture as a business, go directly to the section are available for download The " Connect " tab will take you not only to programs, such as, connected to the Department of Agriculture, but also to the searchable where Maine producers will find find information, resources and contacts for marketing and business development.
  • . You can also subscribe to the farmers' market feed.
  • . What’s Coming Up? - Of interest to Consumers Search our statewide listings for a Maine farmers market near you.
  • . Many markets open starting in May.

    An Overview of Small Farm Direct Marketing
  • An Overview of Small Farm Direct Marketing An Overview of Small Farm Direct Marketing M.
  • . Swisher, James Sterns What is direct marketing? Direct marketing refers to selling that is based on a personal, one-to-one relationship that ties farmers and consumers together.
  • . Many times this relationship is face-to-face, like at farmers' markets.
  • . How is direct marketing different from traditional (commodity) marketing? The goal of traditional marketing is to sell a commodity.
  • . Direct marketing focuses on marketing product differences.
  • . This mindset shift to direct from traditional marketing is the fundamental difference between these marketing strategies.
  • . On the other hand, instead of ignoring product differences, direct marketing relies on differentiation.
  • . Farmers who are successful at direct marketing profit from these differences (niches), rather than compete solely on price.
  • . How can small scale farmers use direct marketing to their advantage? Competing solely on price is rarely feasible for small scale farmers. @CallCenter