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  • Farmers' Market & Direct Marketing Capturing more of the retail food dollar is the goal of many Kentucky agricultural producers.
  • . Farmers’ markets, u-pick markets and other direct market outlets provide a means for farmers to reach this goal and for communities to enjoy convenient sources of locally grown, nutritious food.
  • . KDA supports these outlets through programs to assist producers in improving their markets and marketing skills.
  • . Market evaluations are available and on-site assistance can be provided to improve markets.

    KDA Division of Value-Added Plant Production
  • Farmers' Market/Direct Marketing Information Resources Kentucky specific publications Establishing and Operating a Community Farmers' Market AEC-77 f A great outline of the how-to’s of planning out your market.
  • . (University of Kentucky) Marketing Options for Commercial Vegetable Growers ID-134 Provides a side-by-side look at ways folks can market their fruits and vegetables.
  • . USDA Farmers' Market Site Includes a comprehensive list of farmers' market locations nationwide USDA Market News Find shipping point and terminal prices for commodities "How to Buy" Guides Consumer guides to buying fresh fruits, butter, canned and frozen fruits, canned and frozen vegetables, cheese, dairy products, eggs, fresh vegetables, meat, poultry, and potatoes.
  • . Other State publications Direct Marketing Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook (Arizona) Direct Marketing (Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas) What do I Need for Setting Up at Farmers' Market? Facilities for Roadside Markets NRAES-52 Produce Handling for Direct Marketing NRAES-51 Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service (NRASES) 152 Riley-Robb Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853-5071 607-255-7654 The Legal Guide for Direct Farm Marketing by Neil D.

    AEC-77: Establishing and Operating a Community Farmers’ Market
  • AEC-77 Establishing and Operating a Community Farmers’ Market Forrest Stegelin, Extension Marketing and Agribusiness Specialist Consumers today are expressing renewed interest in buying food directly from the farmer or grower.
  • . At one time, farmers’ markets flourished.
  • . Over the years, with improved transportation, improved storage facilities, and modern mass merchandising, local farmers’ markets slowly disappeared.
  • . Increasing transportation costs and consumers’ new awareness of the importance of fresh vegetables and fruit in the diet are creating new opportunities for marketing local production to consumers through farmers’ markets.
  • . Furthermore, community leaders are realizing the economic opportunities and rewards of farmers’ markets in the realm of community (metro and non-metro) development.
  • . What is a community farmers’ market? This form of direct marketing is located in or near a community and offers the market environment and market convenience where many sellers can sell their farm-origin products to many customers.

    Urban Village Farmers Market of the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Farmers' Market Association California, U.S.A Phone : 510 / 745-7100 Fax : 510 / 745-7180 Markets: | A FEW REASONS TO SHOP FARMERS’ MARKETS Many find that farmers’ markets can become a very pleasurable ritual in your life.
  • . For health, environmental, spiritual and culinary reasons, I believe we need farmers’ markets.
  • . In most parts of the world, the local market is the heartbeat of the community.
  • . Certified Farmers’ Markets are instrumental in preserving the diversity of California agriculture by providing marketing outlets for the small acreage growers of heirloom, culinary, ethnic, organic, no pesticide, and other specialty crops not widely grown on a large scale or found at traditional food sources.
  • . It’s also refreshing to know that you are buying food directly from the producer of that product, something required at a “Certified” farmers’ market.
  • . The interaction between you and the farmer is also a nice value in visiting the farmers’ market.
  • . Another good reason to come out and enjoy the weekly Farmers’ Markets is to eat and cook “seasonally”.


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    Welcome Oregon Farmers' Markets Association
  • • • • • • • • • • • > > > > > > > > Marketing to Farmers The number one customer in the farmers' market is the farmer.
  • . The market must provide farmers a viable farm direct opportunity.
  • . A market needs to have a critical mass of farmers for a successful market.
  • . Ask local farmers for leads Join Contact Contact Attend farm direct marketing conferences Research in the market's region Create a How to Sell Farmers on Your Market Choose a with adequate off-loading space and parking.
  • . Determine the market's day and time of operation based on surrounding farmers' markets schedules.
  • . Follow-up the packet with a personal phone call Show samples of posters, signage, street banners and press releases Introduce farmers to the core group of market organizers.
  • . Ask the farmers for their opinions to encourage joint "ownership" of the market.
  • . OFMA's provides links, contacts and excellent reading resources to help jump start a market.

    VDACS - Virginia Shipping Point Farmers Market System
  • Virginia Shipping Point Farmers Market System Each shipping point farmers market, constructed by the Commonwealth, provides the benefit for fresh fruit and vegetable producers of smaller volumes to have product commingled, graded, packed and cooled to meet volume produce buyers' specifications.
  • . Eastern Shore of Virginia Farmers Market P.
  • . Box 269 Melfa, Virginia 23410 Manager: James D.Stern Phone: 757.787.3842 Fax: 757.787.4375 Operated By: Eastern Shore Marketing Cooperative, Inc.
  • . Directions: Located just off Route 13 in Melfa on Virginia's Eastern Shore Southwest Virginia Farmers Market Rt.
  • . Northern Neck of Virginia Farmers Market 1647 Kings Highway Oak Grove, Virginia 22443 Manager: Rod Parker Phone: 804.224.1990 Fax: 804.224.1998 Operated By: Northern Neck Vegetable Growers Association, Inc.
  • . Directions: Located on Route 3, a short distance from I-95 on Virginia's Northern Neck | This information is provided by VDACS, Division of Marketing, Domestic Sales & Market Development 1100 Bank Street Richmond, VA 23219 Phone: 804.786.3951 Fax 804.371.7786 Go to the VDACS for additional contact information.

    VDACS - Directory of Virginia Agricultural and Consumer Organizations
  • Agricultural Organizations Agricultural Organizations - MARKETING Eastern Shore Marketing Cooperative, Inc.
  • . Stern, Jr., Manager 757/787-3842, Fax: 757/787-4375 Eastern Shore of Virginia Farmers Market James D.

    City Island Farmers' Market: Marketing Florida Agriculture
  • the web site of the Division of Marketing and Development Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Mayo Building, M-9 407 South Calhoun Street Tallahassee, FL 32399-0800 Division of Marketing and Development Nelson L.
  • . Bronson, Commissioner Local Community Farmers' Markets City Island Farmers' Market Market Location: Jackie Robinson Stadium parking lot on City Island Daytona Beach, Florida Year-round Saturdays, 7:00 a.m.

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    Florida Community Farmers' Markets: Marketing Florida Agriculture
  • the web site of the Division of Marketing and Development Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Mayo Building, M-9 407 South Calhoun Street Tallahassee, FL 32399-0800 Division of Marketing and Development Nelson L.
  • . Bronson, Commissioner Florida Community Farmers' Markets Community farmers' markets are a distinct part of our American culture and a unique feature of many Florida towns and cities.
  • . Each farmers' market reflects the area's charm with locally produced specialties for sale directly to the public.
  • . Fruits, vegetables, nursery stock and other commodities are available on a seasonal basis reminiscent of a bygone era when local markets were the heart of commercial districts.
  • . Please note that most community farmers' markets are open on a seasonal basis.
  • . Contact the individual markets directly for dates and hours of operation, and for information about how to rent booth space to participate as a vendor.
  • . Contact information for each community farmers' market is available by clicking on the market name listed in the grid below.

    EDP24 Farmers' Market
  • . Francis James, The Apple and Pear People "Our advertisements in the Eastern Daily Press Farmers Market and EDP24 website have proven to be a great success.
  • . In addition we have sold out at the farmers' markets at Norfolk Showground, Beccles (Ellough industrial estate) and Barsham.
  • . I would take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance and recommend local producers to advertise in this manner." Mark Burrage, Burrage and Associates "Just to say how well the response is going to the advert in the Farmers Market section of the EDP.

  • . Please note that Lewes, LINA, and Smyrna Farmers' Markets requires the completion of three separeate forms (Vendor Application, Vendor Guidelines, and Vendor Guarantee Form).

    Davis Farmers' Market Case Study
  • . The involvement of numerous community organizations, businesses, and individuals has established the Davis Farmers’ Market (DFM) as a center of local community life and culture.
  • . The ambiance of this market attracts large numbers of local families and students, as well as visitors from all around California, the U.S., and abroad.
  • . The market serves as a community gathering place, tourist destination, and source for a wide range of direct-marketed fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, prepared foods and crafts.
  • . The wealth of resources within the city of Davis and the university community have been important in the development of the Davis Farmers’ Market.
  • . History of the Market The Davis Farmers’ Market was started in 1975 by a small group of local organic farmers and community members.
  • . During its first year of operation, the market hosted about ten local growers.
  • . By facilitating direct sales from grower to consumer, DFM founders saw an opportunity to support small and beginning growers, who were often unable to compete in conventional marketing arenas.


    Farmers' Market Study Overview

  • Farmers' Market Study Overview Direct Marketing [ ] For farmers...

    Farmers' Market (Resource Management) - City of Santa Monica
  • . & Cloverfield Blvd) 9:30am-1:00pm Main Street & Ocean Park Blvd New ! Click to see which farmers' vend on Sunday WHAT'S FRESH - This week at the Market? Summer-style heat is bringing on some luscious berries just in time to complement the sweet peaches and nectarines that are covering the farmers' tables at markets throughout the Southland.
  • . This week Robert Poole's anxiously awaited boysenberries will arrive at the Wednesday market.
  • . Behind the Vegetables Inside the Fruit All four Santa Monica markets are Certified Farmers' Markets (CFM's).
  • . An estimated 900, 000 shoppers visit the markets every year.
  • . Collectively, they provide their customers year-round with a selection of fresh, seasonal produce that is pre-eminent among market programs in the state.
  • . Certified Farmers' Markets were established in 1978, when then-governor Jerry Brown signed legislation known as the Direct Marketing Act.
  • . There are three basic criteria for CFM's: (1) they must consist of farmers who possess a current Certified Producer's Certificate issued to them by their county's agricultural commissioner; (2) they must be non-profit entities, sponsored by the farmers themselves, a non-profit organization or a municipality; and (3) all produce and products sold at a California farmers' market must be grown or made in California.

    marketing supplies for farmers market vendors at Farmers Market Online
  • Farmers Market Supply Consolidated Labels Alph, Georgia Web Farmer's Market Online.

    Welcome to NAFDMA
  • . Welcome to NAFDMA North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Association is a trade association dedicated to nurturing the farm direct marketing industry.
  • . Its members support their family farms by selling millions of dollars worth of farm-grown produce directly to consumers at farm stands, farmers’ markets, pick-your-own farms, consumer-supported agriculture, agritourism venues, and other ever-growing innovations in direct producer-to-consumer agricultural marketing methods.
  • . You can learn about our, which brings farmers, market managers and others together for the good of the farmers’ market industry.
  • . Don't miss the chance to attend this unique educational opportunity! | Copyright 2006 North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Association.

    Farmers Market Nutrition Program - Louisiana Dept. of Agriculture and Forestry
  • > > > FARMERS MARKET NUTRITION PROGRAM Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry Bob Odom has announced receipt of a $251, 009 federal grant from the United States Department of Agriculture - Food and Nutrition Services, to fund the Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program for 2005.
  • . This program allows senior citizens to buy locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables at farmers markets and roadside stands.
  • . Through the grant, those who qualify will receive a book of four $4-coupons ($16), which can be used only to buy fresh fruits and vegetables from farmers at approved farmers' markets and roadside stands (or farm stands).
  • . Seniors who receive the coupons also receive a directory, listing the Farmers' Markets and Roadside Stands where the coupons can be spent.
  • . Seniors who receive commodities through the USDA - Food for Seniors Program; those who have a Letter of Eligibility for the Louisiana Purchase Card (food stamps); those who have a Letter of Eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI); or those who receive Medicaid are pre-qualified for the Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program because the income level to qualify for those programs is less than for this program. @CallCenter