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  • . Rayport , Founder and Chairman of Marketspace, LLC, a Monitor Group company Melissa Jazmines , Moderator, American Marketing Association These days, competitive advantage and market success often derive as much from how you sell as from what you sell.
  • . Rayport, who spent nearly a decade at Harvard Business School teaching todays top executives about technology and marketing, provides strategies you can employ in your own organization to better understand and serve your customers.
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  • . Focus Forward Online: Exclusively dedicated to fulfilling your web based market research needs.
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    Hedging vs. Forward Cash Contracting A2-62 April 2005
  • . Forward Cash Contracting Robert Wisner, extension economist, 515-294-6310 Chris Hurt, Purdue University Corn producers will want to compare hedging in the futures market with forward contracting in the cash market.
  • . Hedging provides the flexibility to reverse a market position because of changes in crop growing conditions, changes in the condition of stored grain, or changes in price outlook.
  • . A position in the futures market can be terminated by offsetting the position.
  • . To hedge successfully, producers must understand futures markets, cash markets, and basis relationships.
  • . They must trade in the futures market and will have to involve more people such as a commodity broker and a lender in their market decision making.
  • . Margin money is required to maintain a position in the futures market.
  • . Hedging involves extra marketing cost, including brokerage commissions and interest on margin money.
  • . It is an important marketing tool for establishing price while retaining considerable marketing flexibility.

    Establishing a Forward Price with a Futures Contract - Grain Marketing Boot Camp
  • . Taking an unprotected position in the market is called “speculation”.
  • . This may be done anytime before the actual grain is sold into the local cash market (local elevator), prior to planting, after planting, or even after harvest (storage).
  • . Since most futures contracts are negated before the delivery (expiration) date, I will need to sell the grain in the local market at the same time I negate (buy back my futures contract).
  • . The gains on my futures contract will negate the loss in the local cash market.
  • . As futures contracts get closer to expiration, the local cash price and the futures price tend to get closer, thus making it unprofitable to deliver the grain to a distant market.
  • . Then it becomes more profitable to sell in the local market and accept the losses in the futures market (having to negate your contract by purchasing it back at a higher price).
  • . This is not an endorsement of any particular marketing tool.


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    Forward Contracts - Grain Marketing Boot Camp
  • . An example of a forward contract would be the selling new crop grain many months before harvest if market conditions lead one to believe that prices will be lower at harvest, which in Illinois is not uncommon.
  • . Can take advantage of carry in the market.
  • . Disadvantages of Forward Contracts Price locked in keeping the producer from participating in a market rally.
  • . This is not an endorsement of any particular marketing tool.

    AgBioForum 5(3): Marketing GM Foods: The Way Forward
  • Volume 5 // Number 3 // Article 6 | Marketing GM Foods: The Way Forward Peter W.B.
  • . Although the biotechnology industry has developed a number of new technologies and products and marketed them effectively to producers, the biotechnology industry has almost completely ignored the need to market these products to consumers.
  • . One facet of the marketing literature suggests that innovative products need to be proactively positioned in the market either as a replacement for what exists or as an addition.
  • . The literature suggests that innovations like GM foods must be placed in the market in such a way as to allow consumers to test and compare the new products against existing products.
  • . We suggest that although the biotechnology industry did this effectively with producers and for a few output-trait whole foods, it has relied on the concept of substantial equivalence embedded in regulatory regimes to justify ignoring the concerns of consumers for most of the GM foods currently in the market.

    Business Finance
  • . The business finance market is so highly fragmented that it is almost impossible to navigate for funding ...
  • . The business finance market is so highly fragmented that it is almost impossible to navigate for funding ...

    Talking Bout My Generation: The Evolution of Online Marketing Research | WTN
  • ADVERTISEMENT Search: | News by Topic Featured Events May 28–Aug 28, 2006 Jun 22, 2006 Columnists News by Date 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 Tech|Know Talking Bout My Generation: The Evolution of Online Marketing Research • Published 10/26/03 • • Utilizing reliable market research on an ongoing basis is the most effective way to ensure a successful marketing campaign.
  • . Nevertheless, for many companies, the benefits of conducting marketing research and the costs of conducting marketing research always seem to be at odds: Marketing research can be expensive.
  • . This is why market-savvy companies of all sizes are going online for answers -- answers provided by their customers.
  • . Inside Research, a newsletter for the market research industry estimates that 23.6 percent of all market research spending this year will involve Internet surveys, compared to 10 percent in 2000 and 33 percent projected by 2006.
  • . The Internet has proven to be quicker, more accurate and less expensive then traditional market research methods.

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    Sloan-C View
  • Marketing Online Programs- We Are All Marketers Keith Bourne Sloan-C Director of Marketing In October and November, Sloan-C held an online seminar focused on addressing many of the marketing issues facing institutions offering online programs.
  • . Administrators, marketers, faculty, instructional designers, and others all came together to discuss a topic that is usually relegated to just the marketing communications staff.
  • . It wasn’t surprising because marketing is an activity that affects every aspect of an institution.
  • . Marketing needs to be a consideration from every person in the organization.
  • . Examples of marketing-oriented activities: --When faculty members develop courses for the upcoming semester --When an institution considers a new program focus to meet a new area of student interests --When a researcher writes a proposal for a research grant --When a new faculty member is considered for tenure All of these activities are commonplace among your own activities and all have marketing implications.

    Joel Makower: Two Steps Forward: Green Marketing: Lessons from the Leaders
  • Search This Blog Archives by Category Recent Posts Blogs I'm Tracking | Green Marketing: Lessons from the Leaders I’ve been tracking the opinion polls on green marketing for nearly two decades now, and I’ll admit to several moments: the same polls revealing pretty much the same optimistic data over and over and over.
  • . For example, there’s the, published every year since 1991 (except for last year) that breaks the green consumer market into five segments.
  • . green-marketing strategist Wendy Gordon, who refers to the “30:3 ratio.” As Gordon, who is the author of a 2002 booklet, , put it in a : "Thirty percent of people claim to be concerned about the environmental and ethical integrity of products and services they purchase and yet only three percent translate this attitude into behaviour.” One big problem is companies’ lack of understanding about how to address consumers on environmental and social issues.
  • . Marketers assume, for example, that “making the world a better place, ” or some such sentiment, is enough to sell a company or a product.

    Joel Makower: Two Steps Forward: Ideal Bite: "Keeping It Real" . . . and Fun
  • . Since the late 1980s, a succession of market researchers have told us that they’re out there -- in big numbers: millions of Americans, and millions more Europeans, Japanese, Canadians, Australians, and assorted others.
  • . Each year since 1991 (except 2004), Roper (now NOP World) has conducted a that provides market segmentations of green consumer groups based on surveys of 2, 000 U.S.
  • . And problematic for companies that all too often rely on the Same Old Marketing Tactics when trying to reach values-based shoppers.
  • . The result is that consumers are left with relatively few green choices, and company marketing gurus (having “proven” that there’s no market for green products) move on to whatever's next.
  • . That’s where, a venture launched this month by two sales and marketing vets, could be just what the eco-doctor ordered.
  • . Ideal Bite is trying to connect these two worlds through dual offerings: a slick aimed at educating and aggregating an audience of conscientious shoppers, and a market research service for companies to help them “get a direct dial right into these consumers and ask their opinions, ” in the words of Jennifer Boulden, one of firm’s co-founders.

  • . Jupiter Communications is a market research company providing comprehensive strategic analysis of the consumer interactive industry through conferences, research reports, newsletters and executive briefings.
  • . (9/96) The FIWG is part of the Electronic Commerce actions of the European Commission (DGIII) and the G8-10 Pilot Project (Global Market Place for the SME's) .
  • . (4/97) A market for exchanging Java objects.
  • . Providing statistics on the success of WWW commerce and marketing.
  • . At the Web Marketing Information Center you'll find links to more than 300 on-line articles about effective Web marketing and to on-line resources for business.
  • . (5/97) High tech marketing and advertising.
  • . This course offers the opportunity to understand the major changes that information technology is causing in the discipline of marketing.
  • . Research program on marketing in computer-mediated environments Survey of Web users.
  • .   Presenting and offering commentary on marketing and marketing resources on the Internet.


    Marketing Science Institute – Conference Calendar

  • .   June 26 - 30, 2006 Haas School of Business University of California, Berkeley The purpose of this meeting is to provide a setting for academic researchers interested in competitive strategy in marketing to meet and discuss research in this area for an extended period, exchange ideas, and engage in collaborative work.
  • . August 23-25, 2006 UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management Los Angeles, California Jointly sponsored by ISMS, the Marketing Science Institute (MSI), the University of California at Riverside, Columbia Business School, and UCLA, the 2006 Marketing Dynamics Conference builds on the inaugural conference hosted by the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University and last year’s conference hosted by the University of California, Davis.
  • . The purpose of this meeting is to provide a setting for academic researchers interested in marketing dynamics to meet and discuss research, exchange ideas, and engage in collaborative work.
  • . MSI's conference on new competition and new opportunities will examine key aspects of marketing strategy that are affected by these changes.

    Press Releases
  • catalog only other site sections > > > > > SurModics and Donaldson Announce Strategic Marketing and Distribution Relationship with Corning Life Sciences MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA (May 9, 2006) - SurModics, Inc.
  • . (NYSE:DCI) today announced a strategic marketing and distribution agreement with Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW), through which Corning Life Sciences will provide worldwide marketing and distribution of nanofiber cell culture products for in vitro (laboratory based) cell culture research and drug discovery applications.
  • . The distribution agreement is intended to bring the SurModics-Donaldson jointly developed nanofiber products to customers more quickly by taking advantage of Corning Life Sciences' market leading position in plastic and glass labware for use in cell culture and drug discovery applications.
  • . "Corning Life Sciences is an outstanding partner to market and distribute the Ultra-Web Synthetic ECM technology into the cell culture and drug discovery marketplace, " said Bruce Barclay, President and CEO of SurModics.

    Remarks By George Deikun, USAID/India Mission Director - U.S. Embassy New Delhi, India
  • . Finally, I would like to commend the team at ASSOCHAM and President Agarwal for their initiative in bring us together here today I know I don't have to say a lot to participants in this conference about the principles behind and importance of commodity or futures markets.
  • . I would like to start with some observations about markets in India and why they interest the agency I represent - the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
  • . Commodities available in India's markets - some of which are produced across Southeast Asia - have attracted buyers from countries to the east, north and west for at least two millennia.
  • . In the past, India was a known leader in international commodity markets, and is now seeking to regain that status.
  • . A number of current Government initiatives are indicative of the concerted effort to improve these markets.
  • . Marketing regulations are now changing and new arrangements and forms of organization are being encouraged.

    Examples: Page Forward Design Search Engine Marketing
  • . Not only did Pet Beautiful want Page Forward to design, develop, and market the site, but they also wanted to know which products to develop for sale on the internet.
  • . Page Forward conducted internet market research and helped Pet Beautiful develop their online catalog by identifying which products were being sought on the internet.
  • . FEATURES internet market study and consultation site design and development secure credit card purchase capability expandable shopping cart features photo demonstration :: :: © 2006 page forward design, llc.

    Jonathan Schwartz's Weblog
  • . Expanding SPARC beyond Solaris to Linux opens new markets for everyone.
  • . It's why I to drive the conversation in the market, as well.
  • . I'd like to review the thought processes that led to these decisions, and provide color on our going forward market focus and R&D priorities.
  • . Just after last quarter's earnings call, I initiated a top to bottom review of our markets, our R&D portfolio, and our overall corporate resourcing.
  • . So first, I'll address Sun's market focus.
  • . I've heard a consistent message - the internet's growing at an incredible rate - and for many of our customers, the network has become core to how they engage their markets and create competitive advantage.
  • . We will focus on those companies, from startups to global players, that see network computing as their principal route to market, principal vehicle to differentiate, and principal competitive weapon.
  • . The market isn't shrinking, nor will our field presence, channel focus or partnering efforts.

    Real Estate Marketing and Web Development » Blog Archive » HomeGain Makes Another Step Forward Into Real Estate Market
  • Saturday 17th of June 2006 « | » 01 Feb 2006 09:34 am HomeGain Makes Another Step Forward Into Real Estate Market Looking through todays news I spotted this announced by BIRDVIEW Technologies - one of the well known Online MLS Service providers and lead management systems for real estate professionals.
  • . 7 Responses to “HomeGain Makes Another Step Forward Into Real Estate Market” Says: The homegain/ birdview marketing relationship should provide a pretty good tool for agents to receive additional leads.
  • . HG is pretty much trying to monopolize the market at the same time not providing any services to your clients.
  • . They market themselves very successfully.

    PRESS RELEASE Feelgoods International Ltd. Retains Hamlin Marketing Group to Assist in the Development of the New Facial Cosmetic Line for the US Market
  • . Retains Hamlin Marketing Group to Assist in the Development of the New Facial Cosmetic Line for the US Market ZURICH-KLOTEN, SWITZERLAND -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 06/08/2006 -- Feelgoods International Ltd.
  • . (PINKSHEETS: ) is pleased to announce that the company has retained the Hamlin Marketing Group of Martinsville, Virginia to assist in the branding of Feelgoods International's new facial cosmetic line for the United States market.
  • . The Hamlin Marketing Group will concentrate on brand development, product positioning, packaging design, advertising, public relations, media planning and placement, promotion, and licensing.
  • . Hamlin Marketing Group is a full-service, global marketing firm providing clients with expertise in market research, product design, and packaging as well as licensing and product placement.
  • . Highlighted Links "With noteworthy marketing and research experience, coupled with their knowledge in multiple industries, Hamlin Marketing Group will provide Feelgoods with findings and conclusions that will help guide us in our new and exciting entry into natural and organic beauty products, " stated Marcel Maurer, CEO of Feelgoods International Ltd. @CallCenter