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  • . Market liberalism meets ideological conservatism.

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  • . I believe that free-market conservatism is Truth and that the U.S.
  • . This, for me, makes conservatism a 'public good' in the Intro Econ sense of the term -- i.e., a conservative electorate is a public good in the same way that a clean environment or a healthy populace is a public good.& In other words, I alone would have paid for a benefit that my competition could also enjoy, free.

    Political Animal: Comment on The Free Market at Work
  • . That's the essence of his view of conservatism, that it's more a preference for avoiding unnecessary governmental solutions than a rigid opposition to anything governmental.

    Right Thinking, Big Grants, and Long-term Strategy
  • . Therole that conservative foundations have played inreinvigorating the intellectual, institutional andleadership base of US conservatism does not have asignificant parallel in the philanthropicmainstream.


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  • A RESPONSE TO CONSERVATISM Sidney Hook This article is adapted from an address delivered at the 1978 national convention of Social Democrats, USA.
  • . What modern day conservatism fails to realize is that the pursuit of justice can be distinguished from, but ultimately not separated from, the pursuit of happiness or human welfare.

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  • . It is also a thorough exposé of a bunch of big lies, from 'the liberal media' to 'compassionate conservatism.'"— Molly Ivins, bestselling author of Bushwhacked and Shrub "The media is a prism of political life as never before.

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  • . About 25 years ago it became the political arm of "Movement Conservatism, " and today it promotes not the general welfare but the commercial interests of corporate enterprise.
  • . Movement Conservatism is a self-serving and socially malevolent cabal of mega-corporations, right-wing in Washington, their archconservative foundation benefactors, and an intricate nationwide network of linkages in the communications media, religion, higher education, and law.
  • . In approximately 25 years, this is what Movement Conservatism has delivered, while trumpeting "free markets." Public policy is malfunctioning.
  • . How did the "free market" fantasy destroy the Republican party? First it had to be institutionalized as a coherent, secular theology, and that was done with skill, dispatch, money, and patience as Movement Conservatism took shape.
  • . Nuanced thinking is not a trademark of Movement Conservatism, however, and the need to apply the ideology was seen to be acute in the 1960's and '70's.

    Comment is free: Britain is a conservative country
  • · · Go to: Search: > Britain is a conservative country David Cameron's rediscovery of compassionate conservatism has enabled him to change the boundaries of the political debate.
  • . But a further look would show that this tension between principles is intrinsic to conservatism itself.
  • . Not only that, it is a crucial reason why conservatism has been so extraordinarily successful over the years as a political movement.
  • . Rather, it reflects genuine philosophical tensions within conservatism as a body of thought.
  • . Historically, in Great Britain these principles have clustered around two rival traditions: a liberal or libertarian conservatism concerned with free markets, localism and private property; and a paternalist conservatism that has prioritised community and social stability.
  • . We need a conservatism that is neither paternalist nor economically individualist; a conservatism that does not say either "big brother is looking after you" or "you're on your own".

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