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    Fresh Market Corn, Commercial Vegetable Production Guides, North Willamette Research and Extension Center
  • SEARCH Fresh Market Sweet Corn for Fresh Market Zea mays Last revised September 7, 2004.
  • . Note: This file contains only information specific to production of sweet corn for fresh market.
  • . Normal sugary (susu) corn is the standard corn grown for processing and much of the fresh market.
  • . Fresh market shelf life is extended because of the slower conversion of sugars to starch after harvest.
  • . This level of outcrossing is probably not discernible by fresh market buyers or consumers.
  • . Where large plantings are made for fresh market production, a distance of 250 feet is recommended between Isolation Classes I, II, and III.
  • . In small sequential fresh market plantings, plant all varieties of one Isolation Class (I, II, OR III) together in a block located 250 feet or more from a block containing sequential plantings of varieties of any other Isolation Class.
  • . Fresh market growers may choose to hand-top the late flowering plants or suckers in 10 or 20 rows adjacent to the later planting.

    Producing Peanuts for the Fresh Market
  • Producing Peanuts for the Fresh Market Producing Peanuts for the Fresh Market E.
  • . Production of fresh market peanuts, also referred to as 'green' or 'boiling' peanuts, varies widely as to size of operation and cultural practices.
  • . A homeowner may grow a few plants in the garden for family use, or a small farmer may grow, harvest, and market a crop in his local area with little or no additional help, while large commercial producers may provide peanuts to supermarkets, roadside stands, and to food processors that can the peanuts after they are boiled.
  • . Florida is a major producer of fresh market peanuts because of its long growing season, and sandy soils that are conducive to peanuts having bright hulls, an important feature for some markets.
  • . Most of the northern and panhandle counties have farms that harvest various quantities of fresh market peanuts.
  • . Producing peanuts for the fresh market requires planning and facilities that do not apply to production for the dry markets.

    2006 Florida Citrus Pest Management Guide: Management Options for Non-Bearing Groves and Fresh or Processed Fruit
  • . Florida citrus is marketed either for the fresh market (50% grapefruit and specialty varieties, 5% round oranges) or processed market.
  • . The pest management strategies employed by growers for fruit destined for these different markets can differ considerably; therefore, management expenditure will differ, too.
  • . Simply put, it is not necessary to achieve fresh market fruit quality in a processing fruit production operation, as external cosmetics play no role in consumer acceptance of citrus products.
  • . Given that the profit margin for processing fruit is less than that for fresh market production, the inputs, including pest management, should be proportional in order to realize the maximum profit potential.
  • . In the production of fresh market fruit, a high level of control of external blemishes is needed to achieve maximum profitability.
  • . Thus, with additional fungicide and miticide application to control melanose and a high level of control of rust mites, oranges can be marketed fresh.

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    Complaint : U.S. v. Eastern Mushroom Marketing Cooperative, Inc.
  • . DATE STAMP: 12/16/2004 COMPLAINT The United States of America, acting under the direction of the Attorney General, brings this antitrust action against Eastern Mushroom Marketing Cooperative, Inc.
  • . Under Capper-Volstead, farmers have a limited immunity from the antitrust laws to act together voluntarily in "collectively processing, preparing for market, handling, and marketing" their products, and "may make the necessary contracts and agreements to effect such purposes." Capper-Volstead provides no immunity, however, for cooperative members to conspire to prevent independent, nonmember farmers from competing with the cooperative or its members.
  • . For example, one deed restriction reads: This property shall never be used for the cultivation, growing, marketing, sale or distribution of fresh mushrooms, canned and/or processed mushrooms or related endeavors.
  • . The Defendant is an agricultural cooperative whose members are engaged in the production and sale of fresh market mushrooms in interstate commerce.

    UC Vegetable Research & Information Center
  • This page was updated on Tuesday June 11 2002 Vegetable Preparation for Fresh Market Preparation for marketing vegetables begins with harvesting (maturity selection and some quality control) and, depending upon the commodity, may include some or all of the following: product assembly, receiving, cleaning, trimming, sorting grading, sizing, waxing, packaging, packing, cooling, ripening initiation, curing, storage, unitizing, and shipping.
  • . Vegetables may be prepared entirely at the shipping point (most commodities), partly at the shipping point and partly at the destination market (tomatoes, potatoes), or mostly at the destination market (commodities shipped to prepackers in destination markets).
  • . Select products of desired maturity for the intended markets.
  • . Harvest maturity influences susceptibility to handling damage, ripening required (if any), shelf life, size, length of cooling cycles required, and market availability.
  • . Separate products by market quality (grades) either before or after sorting.

    Texas Citrus - Grower Marketing Outlets
  • Grower Marketing Outlets Merritt Taylor, Charles Hall and Gustavo Molina* The Texas citrus industry aims to produce premium quality fresh fruit.
  • . The bulk of the fresh crop is marketed through commercial channels, but small proportions go into the gift fruit market and local sales.
  • . The market utilization of Texas citrus is shown in Table 1.
  • . Excluding export, gift fruit and back-door sales, it is this fruit that must be graded, inspected, packed and shipped under regulations established in the Federal Marketing Order.
  • . Market utilization of Texas Citrus.
  • . The gift fruit market is a low-volume but premium quality component of the fresh market.
  • . This specialized pack and market command a high markup.
  • . Local use includes fruit stands, flea markets and roadside sales as well as direct orchard sales.
  • . Flea market and roadside vendors are usually independent of any production operation, except for a few small orchards.
  • . However, a large proportion of Texas concentrate is repacked as frozen concentrate and single strength and blended juices marketed under the private labels of the respective processor.

    Texas Citrus - Market Promotion
  • Market Promotion Merritt Taylor, Charles Hall and Gustavo Molina* Prior to the 1983 freeze, Texas citrus production and value exceeded the combined total production and value of all other tree fruits and nuts in the state.
  • . The Texas citrus industry must, therefore, pursue aggressive and effective promotion and marketing strategies to maintain and expand its share of the total citrus market, primarily for fresh fruit but also for processed products.
  • . TexaSweet is under contract to the Texas Valley Citrus Committee (TVCC), which administers the Federal Marketing Order for Texas citrus.
  • . Market promotion activities are primarily directed to wholesale and retail levels to encourage the purchase and further the promotion of fresh Texas citrus.
  • . Market research is essential to determine market preferences, market trends and perceptions regarding Texas citrus and to enable the most effective use of the limited funds available for the promotion of Texas citrus.
  • . TexaSweet has contracted with the Texas A&M University Market Research Center and others to conduct market research over the years.

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    Asparagus Production Management and Marketing, Bulletin 826
  • Ohio State University Extension Horticulture and Crop Sciences Asparagus Production Management and Marketing Bulletin 826 Costs The major expense in asparagus production is the initial cost to establish the crop (Table 4).
  • . Direct Marketing Before planting asparagus, growers should make sure that they have carefully sought out markets for their crop.
  • . This may influence their marketability.
  • . Several fresh-market outlets are available for asparagus.
  • . Being close to large population centers is an advantage for direct marketing asparagus to consumers via a roadside stand on the farm.
  • . Pick-Your-Own Marketing Asparagus is one of the more difficult vegetables to market by pick-your-own, but success is possible with considerable consumer education and orientation.
  • . After these flushes occur, the growers will find themselves with large amounts of spears ready to be sold, often more than can be sold through the farm or roadside market.
  • . Up to this point, direct marketing has been discussed as growers selling on the farm or at the roadside market, or in other words, selling primarily retail to the consumer.

    Fort Collins Farmers' Market
  • . Collins Farmersí Market.

    Dried and Fresh-Cut Flowers
  • . In the past, fresh-cut flowers have dominated the floral product market.
  • . Currently, the market share for floral items has changed, with dried flowers and silk flowers increasing in their share of total dollars spent on floral items.
  • . The markets range from dried floral bouquets, which may be stored for great lengths of time, to fresh-cut flowers, which may have a vase life as short as one week.
  • . If a pick-your-own marketing strategy is to be used, access from public roads is critical.
  • . Marketing strategy, type of plant and labor efficiency help determine the size of the flower bed.
  • . If a pick-your-own marketing strategy is used, individual beds should not be wider than 3 feet to minimize damage to flowers by customers.
  • . Planting Ideal planting dates depend on desired market and on type of plants.
  • . In North Dakota it is not possible to use outdoor flower beds to raise fresh-cut flowers for the fall through Mother's Day market.
  • . However, North Dakota producers may be able to compete in the June fresh-cut flower market and in the dried flower markets.

    Southwest Marketing Network: Success Stories
  • Southwest Marketing Network Expanding Markets for Southwest Small-Scale, Alternative, and Minority Producers Success Stories Do you have a success story that you'd like to submit? us with information about the project! Four Corners States , Arizona An article in The Business Journal--Phoenix reports that as development surrounds them some farmers are selling most of their land and turning to agritourism to make a living on what remains.
  • . The project also documents the best ways to clean, preserve, and prepare the foods, as well as the most effective way to market them.
  • . , Utah A West Jordan, Utah, farm that is successfully marketing goat's milk products, including cheese, raw milk, yogurt and handmade goats milk soaps.
  • . , Colorado A group of beef producers from western Colorado successfully developed a direct marketing approach that emphasizes that their products are "natural” beef products grown without hormones or feed additives.
  • . Focuses on 17 Western farms with successful direct-marketing enterprises.



  • Markets Division PROMOTIONAL EVENTS 2006 The Piedmont Triad Farmers Market is located in the center of a thriving metropolitan area.
  • . To help introduce more people to the market, and to the farmers who actually farm for a living, we have several promotions during the year to bring attention to fresh fruits and vegetables that are "in season".
  • . June 24 10-2 In celebration of June Dairy Month, the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market, Guilford County Extension Service, and the 4-H Club will host “Dairy Day”.
  • . A marketing specialist will be on hand with peach related brochures and free samples of peach ice cream.
  • . 10-6 Craftsmen from throughout the region will be at the Market with quality handmade and homemade crafts.
  • . 28 2-5 99.5 WMAG and The Piedmont Triad Farmers Market present the ninth annual Great Pumpkin Hunt on Saturday, October 28th from 2:00pm-5:00pm.

    NC Marketing Facilities - WNC FARMERS' MARKET
  • . The market was first opened in 1977, and is now open all year round, and seven days a week.
  • . The market has a small dealers building and two large wholesale buildings consisting of more than 38, 000 square feet.
  • . These buildings offer produce year round to grocery stores, restaurants, institutions, and roadside markets.
  • . The Moose Cafe located south of the main market entrance features a mouth-watering menu of farm-fresh produce and a beautiful view.
  • . As you can see, the WNC Farmers Market provides both the opportunity for entertainment and affordable shopping.
  • . Market Manager, Mike Ferguson invites you to come "Down on the Market" and see for yourself what FRESH AND VARIETY is all about.

    Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Exemption under the test marketing provision
  • Acts and Regulations - - - - > Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exemption under the test marketing provision The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Regulations have provisions to test market new product standards for the grading, packaging and marking of these products prior to a regulatory amendment.
  • . These test marketing provisions would provide the opportunity to evaluate new marketing ideas on the marketplace prior to making permanent regulatory amendments.
  • . If the test market is successful, the Regulations would be amended.
  • . Overall, test marketing provisions will make the Canadian industry more competitive in the marketplace.
  • . Test Marketing List 05-1 Product Starting Date Nature of Test Market Location of Test Market Apples 29 November 1996 Tags on apple bags - stamped or printed with required labelling information.
  • . This test market has been accepted and will be incorporated into the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Regulations .
  • . Meanwhile, the Test Market will continue until the amendment is made. @CallCenter