• . The Association promotes responsible commercial shellfish aquaculture through market research and promotion, active involvement in public education, participation in policy formation at the state and national levels and directed research.
  • . NFI’s commitment to its membership is global seafood market development and advocates the interests of the industry in Congress and federal regulatory agencies.
  • . Their membership, covering Alaska to Mexico, is involved in a broad range of issues, including environmental protection, technological advances, shellfish safety, regulatory issues, marketing and research.
  • . Government Agencies DACS Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture Marketing is charged with increasing and maintaining the economic base of Florida’s seafood and aquaculture industries.
  • . Their site provides research reports on marketing specific seafood and aquaculture species, promotion materials, wholesale suppliers directory, trade leads, financial assistance and the Source Directory, which is a buyers guide to Florida seafood and aquaculture products.

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  • . Salmon tested farmed at six stores: Dean & DeLuca in SoHo ($16.95); Grace's Marketplace ($28.99) and Leonard's ($19.95) on the Upper East Side; M.
  • . Slavin & Sons wholesale market at the Fulton Fish Market ($4.50 a pound for whole fish) and its Brooklyn retail store ($5.99); and Wild Edibles at the Grand Central Market ($20.99).
  • . Officials at Craft Technologies said that a sample from Whole Foods Market in Chelsea ($14.99) seemed to show that the fish had been farmed at one time and had escaped into the wild.
  • . A whole salmon sold to this reporter as wild from Slavin's in the Fulton Fish Market was pulled from a box marked "farmed Canada." "I know you are looking at the label, but believe me, " the clerk at Fulton said.
  • . Slavin, he said: "How do you know he is an expert? We do not misrepresent." The Times tested two salmon fillets sold as wild by Grace's Marketplace, one labeled "Rainforest, " indicating it came from Washington State, the other "Columbia River." Joe Doria Jr., an owner of Grace's, said that one of his suppliers, Alaskan Feast, had sold wild Alaskan troll king salmon to the store.

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  • | Coastwatch Holiday 2005: Carteret Catch: New Marketing Project Promotes Local Seafood It is a bone-chilling morning in the historic fishing port of Gloucester, Mass.
  • . "We are here to try to sharpen our marketing skills, " says Styron, owner of Quality Seafood in Cedar Island.
  • . Domestic commercial fishers and seafood dealers are being affected by international markets, he adds.
  • . "Fuel prices are killing us." Inside, Steve Parkes of Whole Foods gives Styron and others from the Carteret community an overview of how the company markets high quality seafood.
  • . The group also wants to increase demand for local seafood and boost revenues to local fishers, seafood dealers and restaurants, according to North Carolina Sea Grant seafood technology specialist Barry Nash, who is helping to develop the marketing program.
  • . EAST COAST TRIP Last winter, the RCCI group took the week-long trip to Whole Foods and other East Coast markets and facilities to learn how to market products in different ways, according to O'Sullivan, an NC A&T farm management and marketing specialist.

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  • . In 1983, hestarted Indian Cove Seafood Market, which he continues to run.
  • . In 1989, Tollefsen helped found and now serves as president of the New YorkSeafood Council, a marketing organization that is also involved ineducation and lobbying.
  • . Rick Lofstad Jr., 40, president of the Long Island Fish Exchange, has made a home for himself at the fabled Fulton Fish Market inManhattan.
  • . Inletsells more than 200, 000 pounds of fish a week including sea bass, flukeand flounder-straight to Fulton Fish Market.


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  • . For example, on the East Coast, lemon sole is not a species, it is a size of flounder, according to Richard Lord of Fulton Fish Market Information Services.
  • . Food and Drug Administration has put together a list of approved market names.
  • . The agency suggests stores use both the market name and the FDA name until customers adjust to the change.
  • . The marine council's quality-assurance program was developed because "we wanted to undertake a program that would demonstrate the New York seafood industry's commitment to quality and wholesomeness without waiting for the federal government to pass mandatory legislation, " said Roger Tollefsen, president of the project and owner, with his brother, of the Lobster Inn in Southhampton and the Indian Cove Seafood Market in Hampton Bays.
  • . The program is self-policing and when a retail member passes voluntary inspection, the merchant is permitted to display a Seafood Quality Assurance Seal, designed to function much like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, said member Chris McManus of the Hewlett Fish Market in Hewlett.

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  • Research Clears Path From Northeast to World's Biggest Seafood Market by Judith Hogan New York Sea Grant Fernando Goyeneche wants to expand his company's horizons by selling seafood products to Japan.
  • . But accessing the marketplace and determining what products are in demand is not simple, even though Goyeneche is no stranger to the ins and outs of seafood exporting.
  • . But he's a bit stumped about how to get started in the Japanese seafood market.
  • . "What I'm looking for is specific information on how to get started in this industry, information on the marketplace, what the Japanese consumer wants, " said Goyeneche.
  • . It wasn't until he read a magazine article that he learned of New York Sea Grant research involving both the Japanese seafood market and the American fishing industry, and began finding answers to his questions.
  • . The article describes the workings of Japan's Tokyo Central Wholesale Seafood Market, Tsukiji, and details the seafood qualities Japanese consumers want, offering an outline of what it takes to sell to Japan, the biggest seafood importer in the world, and Tsukiji, the largest seafood market in the world.

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  • . Johnson & Associates Seafood Marketing, Market Research and Employment Services 425-747-2757 Fax: 425-747-2672 www.hmj.com www.fishjobs.com -----Original Message----- From: Andrew Strak <> To: <>; <> Date: Saturday, June 05, 1999 2:37 PM Subject: Re: seafood auction Plese follow the link encosed below to New York Fulton Fish Prices and go down the list to telephone/fax contact numbers.

    Fernandina and North Florida Coast: Florida Seafood and Aquaculture
  • www.FL-Seafood.com the web site of the Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture Marketing Division of Marketing and Development Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services 2051 East Dirac Drive Tallahassee, FL 32310-3760 Division of Marketing and Development Nelson L.
  • . There he made valuable contacts at the Fulton Fish Market for the future distribution of his shrimp before returning to Fernandina in 1912 to found his own company.
  • . Corbett purchased a small area for a fish market in downtown St.

  • Benefits

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    Cortez: Florida Seafood and Aquaculture
  • www.FL-Seafood.com the web site of the Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture Marketing Division of Marketing and Development Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services 2051 East Dirac Drive Tallahassee, FL 32310-3760 Division of Marketing and Development Nelson L.
  • . At this time the mullet were still being salted, but markets had been established in nearby Tampa and the fish were transported there by boat.
  • . After the boats unloaded the passengers, they would leave with the iced fish and return to Tampa where the fish were loaded onto trains destined for northern markets.
  • . It became a small fresh fish market and sandwich shop.
  • . This fish house closed in the late 1980s but was reopened in 1994 by a local fisherman and is operating again today as a commercial fish house and fresh fish market.
  • . In the 1970s, innovations in packaging, such as large freezers, helped the industry by allowing shipment of fish, including mullet roe, from Cortez to new markets as far away as Japan, Taiwan, and Hawaii.

    Freelance Painter
  • . She Covers the Waterfront For 15 years, Rauam has made it her business to paint New York City's Fulton Fish Market -- and business has never been better.
  • . At 4:30 a.m., when most New York movers and shakers are still hugging the pillow, Rauam revs up her battered '87 Toyota "street car" and heads downtown to work at the fish market.
  • . The Fulton Fish Market is a Big Apple institution that has been open every day, in all weather, since 1822, and Rauam loves it.
  • . Part of the historic South Street Seaport at the tip of Manhattan, the market operates much as it did in the 1800s, running flat out from 9 p.m.
  • . I go around and do sketches, learn about a subject and pick up the ambiance." While the city sleeps, Rauam captures the contrasts in the market's early morning bustle, the history in the seaport's old red brick buildings, and the action in the harbor.
  • . At first, the fish market guys used to call Rauam "da artist." She must have looked a bit odd to them.
  • . Nowadays, she's like a member of the Fish Market family: one of the unloaders even bought two of "da artist's" paintings.

    The New York Observer Real Estate: Financial District Archives
  • . - Matthew Schuerman November 15 09:16 PM | Laro Service Systems—represented by former Mayor Giuliani’s deputy Randy Mastro----meaning it will continue to unload fish even after the market moves to the Bronx.
  • . The city is appealing and the market is expected to stay where it is in the meantime.
  • . September 26 02:47 PM | that the Fulton Fish Market's move to the Bronx is being delayed yet again.
  • . The Bronx fish market, which will supposedly generate 700 jobs in the borough and $1 billion in economic activity to the South Bronx, was supposed to be up in a few weeks' time.
  • . The Fulton Fish Market is scheduled to be redeveloped.
  • . We could discourse about demographics in lower Manhattan, or marketing strategies of real estate firms, or whatever that thing is she is lying on.

    Virginia Wines - News - Virginia is for Lovers…of Seafood and Wine Media Event on February 10th in NYC Showcases Virginia as a Food & Wine Destination
  • Virginia is for Lovers…of Seafood and Wine Media Event on February 10th in NYC Showcases Virginia as a Food & Wine Destination Contact: Wendy Martin / CommuniQué Marketing / (804) 257-7256 /, Michele Rhudy / (804) 320-2923 /, Mary Davis-Barton, Virginia Wine Marketing Office / (804) 371-7685, Shirley Estes, Virginia Marine Products Board (757) 874-3474 RICHMOND, Va.
  • . For a complete listing of Virginia wine events, the public may visit www.virginiawines.org, or call the Virginia Wine Marketing Office at 1-800-828-4637 to receive a free copy of the Virginia Wineries Festival and Tour Guide.
  • . Even New York City’s Fulton Fish Market is a key distribution hub for Virginia seafood.


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  • . “Helping Atlantic Canadian exporters enter and succeed in international markets is key to this Government’s goal of building a strong economy in Canada for the 21st century, ” said Minister McGuire.
  • . Participants in the mission also gained a better understanding of the New York City market by visiting the Fulton Fish Market (the largest fish and seafood wholesale market in the United States), participating in a guided tour of New York grocery chains and retail outlets, and attending an information session on shipping fish and seafood products across the U.S.
  • . For Wayne Walker of Casey Marketing of Digby, Nova Scotia, the trade mission to New York raised awareness of Atlantic Canada as a supplier of quality seafood.
  • . “This mission will help seafood exporters like us expand our geographical market beyond Boston to New York and beyond, ” said Walker.
  • . They met with major industry players, and toured the largest wholesale market in the US.

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