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  • . What's interesting to me about the somewhat random attention is that it comes from the information market, newspaper, and Austin communities.
  • . We hope this is only the start of other interesting combinations of overlapping communities all over the country.We're currently at about without any real marketing effort.
  • . Once the viral marketing effort picks up a little steam and we work out the kinks of editorial processes and potential technical bugs, we'll officially "launch" to the fanfare of heralds and muses... -- My Name is Daniel and I am a Genre Addict
  • . search: My Name is Daniel and I am a Genre Addict by Daniel Cook Contents Marketing Lessons First, I'm assuming that if you are already making king-of-the-genre titles, you don't need my help.
  • . What saddens me is the multitude of games on the market that don't heed the basic lessons of catering to genre addicts.
  • . A master of this marketing strategy is Peter Molyneux.
  • . The titles he is associated with are some of the most innovative games released on the market.
  • . Eventually he retracted some of his statement, but I believe his ability to tap into a genre addict feeding frenzy heavily contributed to Fable's success in the market.
  • . A few large publishers can generate this blast of great marketing.
  • . Indy developers are particularly in a bind since they are additionally hampered by a very poorly developed channel and marketing apparatus.
  • . Luckily, there is an untapped market of dead genres that are too small for the big publishers to bother with.
  • . "We'd been told for years that the turn-based strategy market was bad, so when we made Galactic Civilizations we budgeted for it to only sell 30, 000 units.

    Wired 13.01: Rocket Man
  • . No one knows how big the market for seats into space might be.
  • . In return, Branson gets bragging rights to one of the cooler breakthroughs of the early 21st century, with rocket-powered marketing opportunities that could fuel excitement - and sales - in his entire 200-company holding group.
  • . Commercial spaceships will lead the way for private investment in what has been a government-funded vacuum, bringing a new physics of market forces to outer space.

    Serviceable Available Market (marketing) - What does SAM stand for? Acronyms and abbreviations by the Free Online Dictionary.
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  • . As the old continent's population ages, companies, which until now have largely ignored the over-50 consumer market, are starting to take notice.
  • . Unless they are in the business of selling retirement homes or hearing aids, companies have turned a blind eye to this graying market.
  • . This isn't a mere feeling, it's fact: according to a report published in the Economist magazine in 2002, companies still spend over 95 percent of their marketing and advertising budgets on the under-50 age groups.
  • . "Marketing for seniors is definitely behind the European age pyramid, " says Frédéric Serrière, head of Senior Strategic consultancy and author of several books on marketing for seniors.
  • . "There is a growing awareness that this market is important, but people don't think they have to look into it now.
  • . It's going to take some time." So why are companies not taking greater notice of this valuable market? Our youth-obsessed society doesn't help.
  • . The marketing and advertising industries are often dominated by young people who are not interested or focused on their parent's generation. | Pharmaceutical Brands | Global Branding Locally Implemented| brands | brand | branding news
  • In vast global corporations it is hardly surprising that the brand morphs on its journey from development at HQ to local advertising in small markets on the other side of the globe.
  • . It is natural that the local marketing organizations in Chile and China think they have better insights into their respective markets than the global brand team.
  • . “At AstraZeneca the global brand is designed and built in a partnership between the global brand team and representatives from our major markets, focusing on the top six that account for 80 percent or so of sales.
  • . There is no ‘hand over’ of the brand in these markets—they are part of its development.
  • . They answer to their local marketing director, not the global branding team, and their primary responsibility is the financial success of products in their market.
  • . They may even use market research to get the answers they want and demonstrate that their idea is better then the global one.” In other words bad branding boils down to big egos.

    Space Tourism Industry Tackles Host of Marketing Questions
  • . While people already are making down payments or deposits for tickets to fly on rockets that in some cases are more artwork than hardware, marketing research is vital if commercial space tourism experiences are to be designed on the basis of a sound understanding of consumer choice behavior, said Geoffrey Crouch, professor and chair of marketing in the School of Business at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia.
  • . Crouch and his colleagues — Timothy Devinney of the Australian Graduate School of Management, and Jordan Louviere at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia — are engaged in new space tourism market research, work they said is being done as rigorously and as scientifically as possible.
  • . Many of them said getting the personal spaceflight industry off the ground — and keeping it there — will take marketing savvy and   knowing the needs, expectations   and fears of your space passengers .
  • . Firms like Virgin Galactic, a space tourism venture backed by Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, have begun work shaping the early market by focusing on suborbital space travel with an eye toward eventually providing trips into low Earth orbit for paying passengers.

    ::Generalities - Star Wars Combine::
  • . Yet these expenses are dwarfed by the credits required for advertising and marketing to re-educate the public.
  • . 2.3/ Dissolution because of Disinterest : If the faction has emitted stocks, and if more than 66% of these faction stocks are sold to the market, the faction owner and the faction leader will be notified.
  • . If 2 weeks after the warning, there is still more than 66% of the stocks remaining on the market, then the faction is considered as unattractive and non-dynamic.
  • . 2.4/ Effects of the Dissolution : The faction assets are sold to the market for their current market value.
  • . 3/ Stock and Stock Exchange : Currently there is no active stock market.
  • . Once a stock market is opened, the rules for variation of stocks will be used If it was not done previously, and if the faction is not a government, then its owner may decide to join the Stock Exchange (when available).
  • . The owner may sell these either to the Stock Exchange for their Market value, or he may directly give them to another faction or character for the price they agree on together.

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    Gamasutra - Feature: 'Postmortem: Stardock's Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords '
  • . April 5, 2006 Feature: 'Postmortem: Stardock's Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords ' Today's main postmortem feature gives a unique look at the development, publishing, and marketing of Stardock's Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords as told by Stardock Founder and CEO Brad Wardell.
  • . In addition, because our publisher's financial issues became critical in the middle of release, Stardock ended up taking on an increasing amount of the marketing and support burden.

    pseudorandom: Marketing Archives
  • . The radio tuner and speaker are simply Apple trying to grab more of the iPod accessories market, and while the tuner seems nice, the speaker is ugly enough that I never would have guessed it was from Apple.
  • . Posted by Frank Boosman at 04:59 PM | December 29, 2004 Virgin Marketing In this month's Wired on -- and no, I will not call him "rebel billionaire" -- Sir Richard Branson's new (AKA Sub-Orbital Tourism for the Wealthy and the Comfortably Well-Off) is a great explanation of why, in the end, Virgin wants to send people into space: Will Whitehorn is barking orders into a cell phone.
  • . "We're like a little investment bank with a marketing department, " he explains.
  • . This will go down as one of the cleverest uses of a $100 million marketing budget ever.
  • . When marketing slogans are patently untrue, they become silly and counterproductive.
  • . Marketers, you have been warned.
  • . Posted by Frank Boosman at 07:22 AM | May 31, 2003 Premises, Premises comes word of, a "peer-enforced marketplace for new ideas" -- like, but with robust tracking of idea authorship, so as to enable idea sales.

    News: 24 November 2005 HONG KONG — Moon tours, galactic dreams and UFO sightings - Synovate survey quantifies Asian space beliefs
  • The global market research company driven by curiosity     Moon tours, galactic dreams and UFO sightings - Synovate survey quantifies Asian space beliefs 24 November 2005 HONG KONG — Alien encounters and UFO sightings, along with a fascination for outer space, are alive and strong in Asia according to survey results released today by leading global market research company, Synovate.
  • . A representative sample of consumers aged 15-64 were interviewed via telephone in the markets of China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and South Korea.
  • . Contact for this press release Communications Manager, Asia Pacific 9/F Leighton Centre 77 Leighton Road Causeway Bay Hong Kong Telephone: +852 2837 8277 For Chinese media: Marketing Manager 9/F Leighton Centre 77 Leighton Road Causeway Bay Hong Kong Telephone: +852 2839 0682 About Synovate Synovate, the market research arm of Aegis Group plc, generates consumer insights that drive competitive marketing solutions.

    Stephen Attenborough, CEO of Virgin Galactic | Executive Interview
  • Saturday, June 17 - 2006 | : Browse related articles Stephen Attenborough CEO of Virgin Galactic Virgin Galactic expects to start taking $200, 000-a-ride passengers into space in 2008, with the world's first commercial space travel for the mass market.
  • . Perhaps not surprisingly Sir Richard Branson and his team are to talk to the Dubai authorities this week about building a second spaceport in Dubai, which is also a desert location with clear skies, and is never been slow to miss a good global marketing opportunity.
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    Testimonials: A word to companies

  • . Our activities focus on research and development, the production and marketing of biological starters for environmental use.
  • . It’s a very important issue for us since our market is truly international and 60 % of our turnover comes from exports.
  • . The Belgian market covers only 5 % of our clientele.

  • . Our activities focus on research adn development, the production and marketing of biological starters for environmental use.
  • . It’s a very important issue for us since our market is truly international and 60 % of our turnover is realised from export.
  • . The Belgian market covers only 5 % of our clientele, we are forced to work with neighbouring countries.

    Galactic Interactions » Rant
  • . It’s more marketing than science.
  • . And, yes, I know, in the modern capitalist world, Marketing Is All.
  • . They call them “anti-piracy” regulations, but really they are “enshrine the market dominance of the current movie and music publishers as law” regulations.
  • . (That’s a nicer thing to say than to suggest that they’ve been outright bought, which, even given how cynical I am, I don’t think is true of of all of Congress.) You’d think that if the parties followed their own public advertising, the Republicans woud express horror at this kind of market regulation at all, and the Democrats would express horror at this kind of regulation that protects big corporate interests from individuals rather than the other way around.
  • . Rather, they are laws designed to ensure that those with power now can squelch any innovations that might threaten their current power and market postiion without any need to innovate or adapt on their own. @CallCenter