• . Segnalati da MARKETING DI NICCHIA, CECCHI PAONE PUNTA A GAY E COMUNITA` ETNICHE (31/05/2006) Nell’immediato futuro ci sarà sempre più spazio per il marketing di nicchia, ovvero quello rivolto a particolari ‘community’.
  • . Nell’immediato futuro ci sarà sempre più spazio per il marketing di nicchia, ovvero quello rivolto a particolari ‘community’ .
  • . E’ questo il presupposto da cui è partito Alessandro Cecchi Paone (nella foto) per fondare la sua società di marketing Neworld .
  • . Abbiamo intervistato il giornalista e autore televisivo di Mediaset a margine di una lezione di marketing fatta a Ied Comunicazione, di fronte a 500 studenti, su invito di Turi Cervone, direttore dell’istituto di formazione.
  • . “ Negli Usa, la figlia di Dick Cheney, lesbica dichiarata, è la responsabile marketing per il mercato gay della birra Coors , mentre in Italia finora si sono viste solo alcune pubblicità che ammiccano all’estetica gay, come quelle di D&G e Campari.
  • . Ad ogni modo Neworld, che lavora in tandem con l’agenzia di pubblicità Dolci Communication di Torino, ha per ora ricevuto richieste di piani di marketing da varie aziende, tra cui 3 Italia, Siemens, City of London e Citroen”. - info - CONTATTI
  • . Redazione Internet: Pubblicità: Uffico Marketing: Ufficio Stampa: QUEEN OF THE WEEK Entra e scopri qual è il video musicale in heavy rotation su TUTTI I TEST DI GAY.TV Scopri quello che non hai mai saputo di te stesso.

    Marketplace: Gay marketing: stranger to the closet
  • Search: Tuesday, June 07, 2005 Gay marketing: stranger to the closet When it comes to acknowledging gays and lesbians, Main Street has been a bit slower than Madison Avenue.
  • . Blaine Branchik says that advertisers for Will & Grace and Queer Eye are nothing new — that gay marketing has been around for more than a hundred years.

    GAY MARKETING: Marketing for Gays & Lesbians with Gay Themed Products, Rainbow Gifts & Custom Printed Promotional Items
  • temporary tattoos fine awards rainbow "slinky's" Custom Printed Logo Products, Business Gifts, Promotional Items & Engraved Awards 2006 Gay Pride Promotions Name brand apparel , corporate gifts and ad specialties imprinted with your "custom" logo.
  • . Secure online transactions Promotional Products Magnets Direct Mail Awards Distributor Business Gifts Employee Recognition Marketing Items Sweatshirts Tech Logo Items Premiums We are not limited to our gay-friendly promotional products...we can offer you any product with your custom logo or message.
  • . logo candy! Thousands of New Products for 2006 ! 401-841-5646 800-520-1691 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Copyright ©, 1997-2006.


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    De Gay Krant
  • De Gay Krant Home Agenda Shop Columns Profielen Leden Mini's Reizen Relaties Wonen Erotiek » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » Zichtbare seks op ontmoetingsplaatsen moet hard worden bestreden Eens Oneens Geen mening / Weet niet Wekelijkse profielen TOP 10 Leden online (13)   De meeste bedrijven zien het nut van gaymarketing en adverteren in homobladen nog niet in.
  • . Dat is de belangrijkste conclusie van Marvin Burchartz, die een onafhankelijk marketingonderzoek verrichtte onder 85 bedrijven.
  • . Uit de afstudeerscriptie van de marketing-student blijkt dat er veel koudwatervrees in de reclamewereld heerst, als het aankomt op het benaderen van de homoseksuele groep consumenten.
  • . Zo wijkt de persoonlijke mening over gaymarketing van de respondenten sterk af van die, die ze toeschrijven aan het bedrijf: 50% van hen vindt gaymarketing een interessant segment, maar wanneer de mening van het bedrijf gevraagd wordt, antwoordt nog maar 32, 1% met positief.
  • . Burchartz stelt vast dat mensen inzake gaymarketing veel minder lef hebben wanneer zij een bedrijf moeten vertegenwoordigen, dan wanneer zij hun eigen mening geven.

    Gay and Lesbian Marketing - The Gay Directory Project
  • e.g; Bed and Breakfast LOCATION > > > | Link: 26 Sponsored Links - Christie Karis helps LGBT small business with business plans, SBA loans and marketing strategy.Christie Karis is a Seattle business planning consultant with 30 years experience.
  • . - Full marketing, promotions, event planning and advertising services for corporate, government and nonprofit clients interested in reaching the gay and lesbian consumer.
  • . - Online marketing services including website design, link popularity building for increased website traffic, search engine submission, website optimization, and more.
  • . - Full service digital printer in Denver, Colorado - Keep up to date with the latest developments in gay and lesbian marketing, gay advertising, gay media, strategy and gay research.
  • . - Wilde Marketing is a gay marketing agency offering comprehensive advertising, marketing communications, strategic and public relation services within the GLBT community.
  • . - Gay marketing specialist agency - develops strategies for reaching the gay market.
  • . | Find by keywords Browse within category 7 hours+ Displaying 1 to 6 of 6 presentations for marketing gay Hugh Cannon Date: 11/15/05 10:01 AM Length: 43 min.

    here! Interactive Media - Gay and Lesbian Advertising, Marketing, Media and Content - Gay Market Case Studies
  • Quick Start Publications Events Target Audiences $ Specials $ Gay Marketing Success: Case Study Presentations Marketing to the Gay Community on the Internet? Looking for valuable insights? A competitive edge? Attend This FREE Gay Market Seminar ONLINE Gay Marketing Successes: Case Study Presentations Orlando, FL Saturday, June 3, 2006 - 10:00 am to 12:00 pm Hotel Royal Plaza Harrington Ballroom 1905 Hotel Plaza Blvd.
  • . But how can you "think outside of the triangle" and advance your positioning in this increasingly competitive space? Our presentation will offer Several Case Studies , examples of gay marketing successes and challenges we can all benefit from, including: E-Mail Marketing - targeted vs.

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    Gay Marketing Articles - Marketing with Yahoo Groups for Adult Traffic
  • KLIXXX WEBMASTER NETWORK » | Subscribe for Weekly Klixxx News!   > > > Gay Webmaster Articles Group Sales by Brandon Palmer So you gave up on Yahoo Groups a few years ago when they shut down your porn group and deleted your creator ID? Well, Yahoo is still more than just a search engine for marketing or finding great porn sites.
  • . Yahoo Groups might just be the best marketing scheme you haven't been using.
  • . We'd make a lot of money for very little effort in a weekend, while practicing our target marketing skills at the same time." Yahoo Groups stopped listing porn in their group directory a long time ago, but some great links pages have created a veritable switchboard of connections to niche porn groups.
  • . Example: Emmanuelle also stresses the importance of community as the defining marketing aspect of groups.
  • . This will ensure that your group is never left without an admin!" It's an undeniably important means of extremely targeted marketing.

    Category:Marketing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • . D F G L Pages in category "Marketing" There are 180 pages in this section of this category.

    Brand New Day - BusinessWeek Online
  • . Burt Helm is taking over as Marketing Editor, and will be contributing to this blog.
  • . Ballew is not a marketing guy.
  • . But if he is on this bandwagon, where are the people who actually do control GM's marketing budgets and stategies above the brand managers? What do I know? Right? Though GM's sales and marketing chief Mark Laneve, responding to a criticism I leveled against what Buick is doing these days with its advertising, told me I was "over-informed" about GM's advertising.
  • . And besides deals such as marketing and distributing Ray Charles's last CD and then Antigone Rising, Starbucks has also been a very good aggregator of music ( I like the Sam Cooke collection it has lately been selling).
  • . Ford's creative product needs juicing up, according to the admissions of both Fields and sales/marketing chief Francisco Codina.

    Marketing to the Gay Community
  •   Menu Information v7n Forums Editorials V7N Directory Scripts Book Reviews Tools of the Trade Marketing to a group doesn't need to mean endorsement of a group's views.
  • . Marketing to the Gay Community Expendable Income The estimated annual value of the gay and lesbian market is $515 billion.
  • . Taking a Stand According to the proponents of marketing to the gay community, it is important for a company to take a stand .
  • . Brute Force Marketing - Just a Click Away Need to get your message out there? .


    V7N - The Ultimate Internet Marketing Resource

  • . Try it today! Recently added articles Despite all the hype, SEO is not the end all, be all of Internet marketing.
  • . A common misconception is that SEO is Internet marketing .
  • . Some SEO professionals call it search engine marketing .
  • . SEO isn't marketing.
  • . The article is in two parts: Discusses branding and the value of brand in Internet marketing. MOVIES - How will it fly?
  • . And "Superman Returns, " which will cost about $300 million to release with marketing costs added in, faces formidable competition from the latest installment in the blockbuster franchise "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, " which opens nine days after "Superman" lands in theaters.
  • . marketing partners like Topps aren't even going to bother pretending, why should we?" Defamer asked.
  • . Warners has bought "Superman Returns" advertising time on Logo, a year-old digital cable channel in 20 million homes that calls itself "the channel for Gay America." An informal poll of six veteran Hollywood marketing executives at rival studios revealed sharply divided opinions over how — or even if — "Superman's" gay attention would affect the film.
  • . But four of the movie marketing executives, all of whom declined to speak on the record, said gay "Superman Returns" interest presented two potential box-office problems.
  • . Bob Witeck, whose Washington marketing and public relations firm specializes in campaigns aimed at gay, lesbian and bisexual consumers, said an issue for any firm is to entice one constituency without alienating another.

    LesbiaNation - New Research Shows UK Brands Poised to Jump Into Gay Market in 2006 - - New research results from the US reveal that in 20
  • . “With very few exceptions UK brands are missing out on significant profits due to being poorly served by their existing marketing agencies, as they fail to keep pace with this clear global marketing trend, ” added Johnson.
  • . According to Whitehall, gays and lesbians make up around six percent of the total UK population and Johnson says brands must utilise better targeted gay marketing to reap increased profit opportunities in a gay market now valued annually at more than £70 billion earnings.
  • . Johnson presents the keynote address at The Pink Pound Marketing Conference on June 22 in Millbank, London.
  • . Conference producer Jean Collingwood of Ingenious Group believes the need for British business to understand gay marketing is now more imperative than ever.
  • . “New legislation will come into force in just a few months under the Equality Act which will outlaw discrimination in the provision of goods and services to lesbian, gay and bisexual people, as well as in advertising that will affect every single sector of the marketing community, ” says Collingwood. @CallCenter