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  • SECTORS INTERNET THEMES: | Odimo (ODMO), grey market online watch retailer with soaring marketing costs, prices IPO at low-end of range by on Feb 14th with stocks:, Luxury goods retailer Odimo (ticker: ) raised $28 million in an IPO led by CIBC World Markets, but the offering priced at the low end of the range.
  • . Spending on marketing: 9% ($3.8 million) of revenues in 2003, 12% (also $3.8 million) in the first nine months of 2004.
  • . How comfortable will investors be holding stock in a company that sells grey imports (see quotes from the S-1 below)? Note that marketing costs rose from 9% of revs in 2003 to 12% in 2004.
  • . The S-1 comments: "Marketing expenses for the nine months ended September 30, 2004 increased 100.8% to $3.8 million from $1.9 million for the nine months ended September 30, 2003.
  • . The increase was primarily due to increased online advertising costs." But it gets worse: for the September 2004 quarter alone, marketing costs increased 247%! Note that Odimo has a very different supply chain in the diamond market than Blue Nile . : Grey Marketing Means Business
  • Grey Marketing Means Business Contributor - Whilst Mick Jagger's sixtieth birthday is newsworthy and spawns numerous pop phycology articles on Baby Boomers, let's be honest, marketing to the 50+ consumer generally bores the pants off most marketers.
  • . What do we mean by the 'Grey market'? Many people associate the term 'grey market' with the sale of products by unauthorised distributors or cross-border trading.
  • . This is a huge single market category that spans 30-40 years of a person's life as a consumer.
  • . Clearly it is a complex market group that subdivides into many sectors.
  • . "Too often marketers lump together the fit, wealthy fifty-something with the ill, cash-poor 75-year old" There are some common characteristics that span all the 'grey market' sectors.
  • . Let's retain the simple definition of the grey market being the 'over 50s' but remember the breadth of consumer types it includes Is it important? Not only is the 'grey market' important it is becoming more so.

    gray market: Definition and Much More From
  • On this page: gray market gray market n.
  • . [ + .] Gray Market 1.
  • . An unofficial market where new issues of shares are bought and sold before they become officially available for trading on the stock exchange.
  • . Trading in gray or "when-issued" markets can provide a good indication of demand for a new issue.
  • . In this case, items that were manufactured abroad and imported into a country without the consent of the trademark holder would be a gray market good.
  • . Knowing how the primary and secondary markets work is key to understanding how stocks trade.
  • . grey market The grey market (or gray market ) refers to the flow of goods through distribution channels other than those authorized or intended by the manufacturer or producer.
  • . Unlike those on the, grey market goods are not illegal.
  • . will buy the product where it is available cheaply, often at retail but sometimes at wholesale, import it legally to the target market and sell it at a price which provides a profit but which is below the normal market price there.

    HP Nets $1.8M in 'Gray Market' Case
  • . Sallee recently pleaded guilty to federal charges for his participation in what prosecutors say was a scheme to fraudulently acquire computer equipment at substantial discounts and then resell the products on the "gray market." While gray market items are not necessarily "illegal, " often times those products are often outdated, faulty, and come with expired warranties, or warranties that are not valid in the U.S.
  • . Industry research shows that gray market activity accounts is estimated to be a $20 billion industry and growing.
  • . According to court documents, Sallee unlawfully obtained computer equipment at substantial discounts from Compaq Computer, resold the equipment on the gray market, received payment for the equipment, and deposited the money into two bank accounts in Butler County, Ohio.
  • . "The recovery of funds represents another victory in the battle to fight gray market fraud.
  • . HP continues to closely monitor and pursue individuals and corporations that engage in fraudulent behavior to obtain equipment for resale in the gray market, " said Nikolaj Sjoqvist, director, brand protection and pricing, HP Global Operations.

  • info: GREY MARKET

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    HP’s Assault on Grey Market Backed by VARs
  • Breaking eBusiness and Search News | WebProNews Search Part of the HP’s Assault On Grey Market Backed By VARs Alex Bard Expert Author Published: 2006-06-07 Last week, CRN online disclosed news that HP had announced its Serial Number Tracking Program would be launched this summer.
  • . The program requires VARs and distributors to "log and track serial numbers on all product sales and delivery documentation." This was welcome news to resellers as part of Hewlett-Packard's continuing battle against the grey market in the UK.
  • . Dave Poskett, director at HP's Solutions Partner Organization UK and Ireland, said: "We have a huge focus on the grey market.
  • . We look favorably on anything HP does to eradicate grey market activity." Tracking grey market products has been a continuing problem for HP and its VAR partners.
  • . "The grey market is a problem.
  • . Some resellers have been unwittingly caught out because they have bought stock from less ethical distributors." Greg Carlow, managing director of Repton, said HP has to take some responsibility for grey marketing.

    Haymarket Events : Older, Richer, Wiser 2006 - Turning Grey Into Gold : Programme
  • . Increase contacts and gain fresh insights into best practice techniques from professionals who market to baby boomers across various industries.

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  • . LATEST JOBS West London Oxford SW London Award-Winning Agency South West London NEW LISTS Select by job function, salary, industry or region.
  • . Click on the link above or call now on 0113 275 3912......." 41, 000, 000 consumers available for multi-channel direct marketing campaigns.
  • . Call us on 01923 478068 LATEST NEWS Asrecommended aims directory at grey market by Daniel Farey-Jones Brand Republic 27 Mar 2006 Asrecommended: new directory LONDON - Direct response publisher Asrecommended is launching a directory aimed at the over-50s market, which will be delivered to 1m UK households in September.
  • . Ben Allan, managing director of Asrecommended, said: "The over-50s market is a key new target area for Asrecommended with the population in this age group at an all-time high and possessing 30% more disposable income than their younger counterparts." Other publications from the three-year-old company include Insurance, Loans & Mortgages, Motoring and Money.

    Marketing Terminology Glossary: Grey Market
  • Glossary of Marketing Communications Terminology | I | X | Z Grey Market Sometimes called 'silver market'.
  • . Term used to define population over a certain age - usually 65 websites photography collateral material video/multimedia print advertising © MCMXCVI - MMVI (all rights reserved) • MSH Marketing Group, Inc.

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    Nortel: Partners - Grey Market and Secondary Market - Enterprise
  • . All too often, unsuspecting customers are enticed by the lower prices grey marketers may offer, only to find out later that their product has been altered, is outdated or manufacturer discontinued, or that the manufacturer warranty is no longer valid.
  • . More importantly, the questionable integrity of grey market equipment undermines the authorized distributor's ability to provide manufacturer services.
  • . Nortel is working on many different initiatives in parallel to make a difference in combating grey marketing to the Enterprise.
  • . AGMA is a non-profit organization, whose members' combined annual revenues exceed $296 billion, and with mission to ensure the highest product quality standards, uphold customer satisfaction, protect brand integrity, improve standards for intellectual property enforcement, mitigate the counterfeiting of branded products, and stem the unauthorized flow of goods into the gray market - globally.
  • . AGMA provides a platform for sharing the best mitigation practices the industry can employ to reduce the unauthorized flow of products into the gray market.

    Grey market : informations and services on the grey market
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    IPA: Research Pack - The Grey Market and Advertising
  • Members: 17827 Guests: 77091 Total: 94918 IPA SEARCH Research Pack - The Grey Market and Advertising Greys Older People Oldies These research packs have been compiled as bibliographic reference tools for users to browse and follow up directly.
  • . Jones London: Sage Publications, 1999 ISBN: 0761912436 Understanding the older consumer: the grey market By Barry Gunter London: Routledge 1998 ISBN: 0415186439 Portraying older people in advertising magazine, television and newspapers By Thomas E.
  • . Robinson New York: Garland Publishing 1998 ISBN: 0815332157 The definitive guide to grey marketing By K.
  • . Lavery Millenium ADP, 1998 ISBN: 0953269507 Financial services marketing to the elderly and retired By K.
  • . Davis (ed.) London: Market Assessment Publications, 1997 ISBN: 1861111436 Handbook of communication and aging research Edited by Jon F.
  • . By Jennifer Hiscock Marketing, 30th November 2000 The net is grey Precision Marketing, 16th February 2001 Saga can go on air but will the over-50s get a voice? By Torin Douglas Marketing, 1st February 2001 Three tips to keep in mind By Candace Cortlett Advertising Age, 10th July 2000 Saga's portal to target affluent 'grey' market: Marketing By Ben Rosier Marketing, 13th April 2000 Close-Up: Live Issue/Advertising To Over-50s - Grey targets the over-50s but rival shops remain sceptical.

    JM1G Summary & Biography - American Marketing Association -
  • site search | How Does Enforcement Deter Gray Market Incidence? Kersi D.
  • . Fisher Executive Summary Gray market activity—that is, the sale of genuine trademarked products through distribution channels unauthorized by the manufacturer or brand owner—has become increasingly common across a wide range of industries, from beauty and hair care products to fine jewelry, automobiles, and industrial equipment.
  • . The prevailing advice to manufacturers that wish to limit gray marketing of their products is to undertake severe enforcement of their resale restrictions.
  • . However, there is no evidence that strict enforcement by itself deters gray market incidence.
  • . This article represents an effort to examine whether and how enforcement deters the incidence of gray market violations.
  • . Building on insights from economics, law, and sociology, the authors propose that in addition to severity, the certainty and speed of manufacturers’ enforcement actions have a bearing on the incidence of gray market violations.


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  • . s health and beauty care division also emphasized shopper marketing.
  • . Grey Marketing.
  • . This sector is of increasing importance to marketers, but despite extensive press coverage is ...
  • . have a good grasp of grey marketing issues.
  • . grey advertising marketing association This vital intelligence is also the prerequisite for successful relationships with franchisees, licensees and Senior Executives.
  • . Grey Marketing Team is a fake company listing fake jobs on Monster, HotJobs and who-knows-who-else ...
  • . The Grey Marketing (William Craven)are running similar employment scams as Corbin ...
  • . Grey Marketing Information and Resources.
  • .
  • . Grey Marketing ...
  • . So provided you are serious about finding great Grey Marketing information, add us to your favourites.
  • . Grey Direct, a world-leading direct marketing agency with a focus on maximizing return on investment.

    Marketing Science Institute: Report Summary 87-109
  • . 87-109 How Multinationals Can Cope With Gray Market Imports S.
  • . Tamer Cavusgil and Ed Sikora; 26 pages; 1987 Classifies types of strategic actions management can take to counteract gray market activity; illustrates arguments with examples of how multinational corporations have acted when confronted with gray market competition.
  • . Subject Strategies to control parallel, or "gray market, " importing.
  • . Type of Report Analysis of problem as it affects multinational corporations (MNCs); summaries of how individual manufacturers have confronted gray market threats to their markets.
  • . Objective To classify the different types of strategic actions for continuing gray market activity into broad categories and identify them for management consideration.
  • . Method Defines gray marketing in terms of international marketing; cites different kinds of damage that gray marketing can do to multinational corporations; describes conditions which can lead to increased gray market activity; presents and classifies different responses to gray marketing that are available to marketers.

    Marketing Science Institute: Report Summary 90-116
  • . 90-116 The Gray Market Threat to International Marketing Strategies Louis P.
  • . Bucklin; 43 pages; 1990 Develops mathematical model of interaction between the international gray market, manufacturers, and authorized distributors for improved private and public response.
  • . Subject A study of the operation of the international gray market, known as parallel importation, and its effect upon profitability.
  • . Type of Report A review of secondary data of the international gray market leading to the construction of a mathematical model of the interaction between the international gray market, manufacturers, and authorized distributors.
  • . Objective To derive a better understanding of the effect of the international gray market upon consumers, manufacturers, and distributors and provide the basis for improved private and public response.
  • . Audience Marketing executives affected by the international gray market and academicians concerned with international trade and distribution.

    Gray Market
  • | :: :: GRAY MARKET The gray market refers to those goods that are legitimately imported from abroad, carry a recognizable trademark or brand name, and are sold at significant discounts outside of the manufacturer's normal channels of distribution.
  • . The practice of gray marketing has affected a wide range of consumer and other products, including personal computers, automobiles, perfume, cameras, watches, film, and semiconductors.
  • . The profits of gray marketers are sensitive to international exchange rates, and they tend to thrive during times when the U.S.
  • . Gray marketing is a form of arbitrage, in which gray marketers buy goods in markets where prices are lower and sell the same goods in different markets where prices are higher.
  • . The greater the price differential, the great the profits for gray marketers.
  • . For example, with currency problems plaguing Asian countries in 1997 and 1998, the market there for some types of heavy machinery dried up and prices declined substantially.

    Alliance for Gray Market and Counterfeit Abatement - AGMA Global
  • General Gray Market Counterfeit Product Impact of Gray Market and Counterfeit Product Importance of AGMA Q.
  • . Who are the founding members of AGMA? The Alliance for Gray Market and Counterfeit Abatement (AGMA) is a non-profit organization incorporated in 2001 and is comprised of leading technology companies committed to addressing the global impact of the gray marketing and counterfeiting of technology products.
  • . In order to achieve these goals, AGMA will engage in the following activities: • Promote channel compliance and risk assurance • Develop and encourage industry best practices for brand protection and related issues • Investigate all legal avenues to deter criminal activities that feed gray market and counterfeit goods • Educate the industry, customers, investors and other stakeholders • Enlist domestic and foreign governments, state and local law enforcement Q.
  • . Who should join AGMA? Alliance participants are executives and senior managers involved in brand protection, quality assurance, customer satisfaction, operations, finance, security, channel management, sales, marketing, law and other fields.

    Ruling deals setback for John Deere's fight against grey market goods - The Business Review (Albany):
  • . Choose Another Market: Search Latest News > > > Highlights Email Alerts Get the latest local business news in your inbox.
  • . Bizjournals Directory Find local business services by clicking on a category Business Pulse Survey: Ruling deals setback for John Deere's fight against grey market goods The Business Review (Albany) - April 3, 2006 by The Business Review The for the Federal Circuit has directed the to reconsider its ruling prohibiting domestic sales of John Deere harvesters that were produced for the European market, according to Albany, N.Y., law firm Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti P.C.
  • . of Plattsburgh -- with violating federal trademark laws by marketing the harvesters in the United States.
  • . The company argued that the harvesters, which were produced in the United States and Europe, were "grey market goods, " and in May 2004, the trade commission agreed.
  • . law, "grey market" goods are produced by the owner of a United States trademark, but not authorized for sale domestically. @CallCenter