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  • .   / | Main page content: Internal market thrives within Europe's golden triangle By Tobias Buck in Aachen, GermanyPublished: June 13 2006 03:00 | Last updated: June 13 2006 03:00 Spend a little time in the triangle of flat, windswept countryside between Aachen in Germany, Maastricht in the Netherlands and the Belgian city of Liége, and you would believe that all is well in the European Union's internal market.
  • . "Here, the internal market is a success story, " says Frank Malis, who heads the international trade department of Aachen's chambers of commerce.
  • . They complain that the internal market - a complex web of rules and rights that ensures goods, services, capital and people can move freely between the Union's 25 member states - is under attack from all sides.
  • . Now, in a move to breathe new life into what many regard as the crowning achievement of European integration, the Commission has made the "completion" of the internal market one of its top priorities.
  • . "The single market is not yet complete, with a need for better integration of energy and financial markets, removing obstacles to the free movement of labour, " a policy paper said last month. / Sponsored reports / Mastering Financial Management - Venturing for value
  • . Internal market for opportunity creation Derived from best practices in the venture capital industry, the internal market for opportunity creation is designed to create an environment that encourages the creation of new opportunities in a way that benefits both the overall business and the individual creator.
  • . In other words, a large corporation should represent a portfolio of differentiated opportunities that have some technology or market commonality.
  • . The internal market for opportunity creation is based on the following principles: ■ Open the market to all potential innovators and investors.
  • . Equity in opportunities can be bought and sold in both internal and external markets.
  • . Even in traditional industries, such as Coca-Cola and Citigroup, chief innovation officers enable aspects of the internal market and drive new products.
  • . The internal market drives innovation The ultimate aim of the internal market for opportunity creation is to use all the principles in concert and thereby shift internal thinking – to move away from the traditional model where management “pulls” innovation through the organisation, and towards a culture that “pushes” resources and ideas together without friction.

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  • Country files Thematic files On line services The internal market (May 29th, 2006) The main aims of the council will be to adopt a political agreement on the services directive and agree on a general approach to the 7th Framework Program for research.
  • . The internal market The establishment of a unified market is an essential element of European construction.
  • . In this case, it entails making the European Union (EU) a single trading area in which people and companies can work, move around and establish themselves as easily as in their own national markets to contribute to growth, employment and the formation of a European identity through increased trade.
  • . The Treaty of Rome (25 March 1957) gives priority to the progressive establishment of a common market, which is based on a customs union allowing for the free movement of goods produced in the European Economic Community (EEC).
  • . The Treaty also sets forth a common competition policy to ensure that the single market functions smoothly and a common commercial policy for relations with third countries, on the basis of a common external tariff.

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  • . Nur 11 % werden ihren TV-Werbeetat steigern, während 34 % beabsichtigen, mehr in Online-Marketing zu investieren.
  • . Mehr als 30 % der Medienunternehmen planen, die Ausgaben für die weniger teuren Medien zu steigern, einschliesslich Direkt- und E-Mail-Marketing.
  • . Seules 11% vont accroître leur budget publicitaire TV, tandis que 34% ont l'intention d'investir davantage au niveau du marketing en ligne.
  • . Plus de 30% des firmes de médias prévoient d'augmenter leurs dépenses du côté de médias moins coûteux tels que le marketing direct et le marketing par e-mail.
  • . Only 11% will increase their TV advertising budgets, whereas 34% intend to invest more on online marketing.
  • . More than 30% of media companies plan to increase spending in the less expensive media, including direct marketing and email marketing.
  • . Der neue Service, der im nächsten Frühjahr nach einer in diesem Herbst beginnenden Marketingkampagne eingeführt werden wird, wird BT Mobile Home Plan heissen.


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  • . Articoli Intranet: uno strumento di Internal Marketing di Nadia Nonis, Webegg 31 marzo 2003 L'Internal Marketing mira a informare e rendere partecipi le persone, appartenenti ad un'azienda, avvalendosi di due fattori: motivazione e coinvolgimento .
  • . L'intranet, intesa come un ambiente per la gestione della conoscenza, la collaborazione, la condivisione e la comunicazione, è un ottimo strumento per raggiungere entrambi gli obiettivi dell'Internal Marketing, perché propone alla persona un doppio approccio, quello di fruitore (figura passiva) e quello di proponente (figura attiva).
  • . Questo progetto permette all'azienda di evolvere, riducendo il time-to-market e aumentando la produttività e la collaborazione; la persona deve comprendere i vantaggi ottenibili dall'utilizzo di questo strumento e deve sentirsi attrice principale in questo processo.

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  • . Potential growth sectors identified in the (the O’Driscoll Report), which would benefit from implementation of the Directive, include education, intellectual, franchising, international sales and marketing, creative services, shared and outsourced business processes, supply chain management, construction related services, agriculture and bloodstock services and professional and consultancy services.
  • . This would be achieved by EU companies developing a scale and expertise through greater trade with the EU market, which would subsequently afford them greater opportunities in non-EU countries, such as the US.
  • . A substantial benefit, to Ireland, would arise from the opening of European markets to Irish producers.

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  • . Vertical marketing system (VMS) - In this form, the elements of distribution are integrated.
  • . The internal market Many of the marketing principles and techniques which are applied to the external customers of an organization can be just as effectively applied to each subsidiary's, or each department's, 'internal' customers.
  • . The fact that this is a captive market, resulting in a `monopoly price', should not discourage the participants from employing marketing techniques.
  • . Less obvious, but just as practical, is the use of `marketing' by service and administrative departments; to optimize their contribution to their `customers' (the rest of the organization in general, and those parts of it which deal directly with them in particular).
  • . Yet that distribution chain is merely assuming a part of the supplier's responsibility; and, if he has any aspirations to be market-oriented, his job should really be extended to managing, albeit very indirectly, all the processes involved in that chain, until the product or service arrives with the end-user.

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  • Relationship marketing is a form of that evolved from direct response marketing in the 1960s and emerged in the 1980s, in which emphasis is placed on building longer term relationships with customers rather than on individual transactions.
  • . Contents Development of relationship marketing The origins of relationship marketing observes: "What is surprising is that researchers and businessmen have concentrated far more on how to attract customers to products and services than on how to retain customers".
  • . 1982) and Jag Sheth at Emory, both of whom were early users of the term "relationship marketing", and by marketing theorist Theodore Levitt at Harvard (Levitt, T.
  • . 1983) who broadened the scope of marketing beyond individual transactions.
  • . In practice, relationship marketing originated in industrial and b-2-b markets where long-term contracts have been quite common for many years.
  • . Academics like Barbara Bund Jackson at Harvard re-examined these industrial marketing practices and applied them to marketing proper (Jackson, B.B.

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  • Government Affairs Login Password Search e-Commerce It is FEDMA's overall objective to promote the use the Internet as a direct marketing strategy and to provide a legal certainty for direct marketers and customers to trade online.
  • . This text provides a good framework for the development of on-line services in the EU market.
  • . FEDMA strongly opposes this view and will, in the coming months, undertake lobby activities to convince the European Institutions of the importance of the country-of-origin principle in order to sustain the basis of the EU Single Market in general and the growth of e-commerce and direct marketing specifically.
  • . Distance Marketing of Financial Services Directive In 2001, the European Council of Ministers agreed on a Common Position regarding the Proposed Directive on Distance Selling of Consumer Financial Services.
  • . FEDMA is opposed to the country-of-destination principle since it will create obstacles to a genuine Single Market for Financial Services and hinder the healthy development of e-commerce in Europe if a marketer has to apply all 25 national laws.

    The impact of internal marketing to market orientation concept and their effects to bank performance
  • ORIJ Contents Volume 5, Number 2 May - August 2005 The impact of Internal Marketing to Market Orientation Concept and their Effects to Bank Performance N.
  • . The above ascertainments highlight the importance of the initiation of Internal Marketing and Market Orientation in a bank institution.
  • . This paper presents a research study, which sought to explore the relationship between the Internal Marketing and Market Orientation.
  • . The discussion of findings contributes to understand how Internal Marketing and Market Orientation are linked to the adequacies of the bank and its eventual performance.
  • . Keywords: internal marketing, market orientation, service quality.

    India’s High Internal Marketing Costs Reduce Apple Demand
  • | Search > > Article India’s High Internal Marketing Costs Reduce Apple Demand Maurice R.
  • . Landes, USDA/ERS Efforts to expand market access for agricultural products typically focus on reducing tariffs and other border measures that impede trade.
  • . In India and other emerging markets, however, high internal marketing costs and marketing marginsor returns to importers, wholesalers, and retailers over and above their costscan also be an important barrier to trade.
  • . Even though Indias 50-percent import tariff on apples is one of the highest in the world, high marketing margins account for the largest shareabout halfof the consumer price of both domestic and imported apples in India.
  • . Behind Indias high marketing margins and costs is an array of factors related to the stage of economic development typical of emerging markets.
  • . The presence of relatively few importers in each of Indias major markets and secretive bidding practices common in markets for domestic and imported apples provide an opportunity for traders to maintain high margins.


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  • . E-Commerce Directive (2000/31/EC) The original on certain legal aspects of electronic commerce in the internal market (since adopted as Directive 2000/31/EC) contains a labeling requirement for UCE.
  • . From the Explanatory Memorandum:- Unsolicited communications The existing Article 12 of Directive 97/66/EC provides protection against unsolicited calls for direct marketing purposes.
  • . However, since the term call has been interpreted in a narrow sense some of the national transposition law has only created protection against unsolicited voice telephony calls for direct marketing purposes, with the exclusion of direct marketing messages by e-mail or other new forms of communications.
  • . Moreover, electronic mail for direct marketing purposes other than at the request of a subscriber (so-called spam), will be covered by the same type of protection as exists for faxes.
  • . This means that spamming will be prohibited except with respect to subscribers who have indicated that they want to receive unsolicited e-mails for direct marketing purposes.

    Professional football - a business like any other ? | European Union Sports
  •     | |       Policy Sections   Additional Content   Advertising        Saturday 17 June 2006 Published: Thursday 4 May 2006 | Updated: Monday 8 May 2006 |   Professional football - a business like any other ? In Short: In apublic hearing on professional football, organised in the European Parliament, stakeholders debated the consequences of implementing internal market rules for sports.
  • . A studyentitled Professional sport in the internal market, commissioned by the Internal Market committee (IMCO) of the European Parliamentand drafted by the Asser Instituut in The Hague and Lancaster University in the UK was publishedin September 2005.
  • . This can, and has already proved, however, to be problematic as sports does not operate under the same market conditions as other industries.
  • . Forthe relation between sport and internal market, see the Commission's Sport and internal market.
  • . A public hearing on Professional football - market or society? took place in the European Parliament on 3 May 2006. @CallCenter