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  • INTERNAL MARKETING Every company has two lives.
  • . And that is why this part - what we call "Internet marketing" - was created.

    Apply Savvy To Internal Communications | Alf's Articles, Shoestring Marketing | Alf Nucifora
  • . That, after all, is what marketing is all about.
  • . The marketing functionaries, who so assiduously apply their specialized skills to promoting a new product or introducing a new ad campaign, are seldom called upon to apply the same skills to internal marketing issues.
  • . They can also involve specific functional initiatives such as advising staff about new product introductions (from marketing), plant and capital improvements (from manufacturing) and new acquisitions (from finance).
  • . Most internal marketing activities exhibit a singular lack of imagination…dull staff meetings, boring, self-serving management newsletters, crowded, unattractive notice- board announcements, and memoranda from department heads written with all the empathy of an appliance instruction manual.
  • . Why not approach internal marketing as you would an external marketing campaign with a laying out of goals, objectives, strategies, tactics, timing, budget and projected results.
  • . Most companies are dismal at the practice of internal marketing because they fail to appreciate the importance of a commitment to the practice.

    Micro Persuasion: Coca-Cola Internal Marketing Blog Leaks Out
  • Steve Rubel explores how social software is transforming marketing, media and public relations.
  • . | Friday, October 08, 2004 Coca-Cola Internal Marketing Blog Leaks Out Today I discovered what appears to be a that's being developed for internal/knowledge management use by The Coca-Cola Company.
  • . It appears that the site is being developed by, Coke's online marketing firm.
  • . The blog site has categories set up for online marketing, corporate blogging, and internet trends.
  • . Friday, October 08, 2004 in, | TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: Listed below are links to weblogs that reference : » from Il semble que Coca-Cola soit en train de développer un blogue, réalisé par, leur firme de marketing Web.
  • . Scoble and Rubel pointed me in the direction of it but now the marketing people at Coke have realised they need to password this new top secret blog otherwise it will Tracked on Sunday, October 10, 2004 at 05:23 PM » from Hispanic Marketing Beware of the Internet.

    Marketing Update
  • JUNE 2005 INTERNAL MARKETING Marketing finds a niche in driving cultural change Internal marketing used to be such a simple thing: an occasional product training day, a product launch at the annual sales conference, and a few memos to staff.
  • . The Australian Marketing Institute’s May webinar, ‘Internal marketing’, presented two case studies of internal marketing success, one which saved an Australian icon from oblivion and another that brought discipline and focus to a fragmented, uncoordinated recruitment operation.
  • . DFR builds local marketing strength – nationwide The webinar’s second speaker was Tania Crosbie, national marketing manager for Defence Force Recruiting (DFR).
  • . (Crosbie is a Manpower employee.) DFR won the internal marketing award at the 2004 AMI National Awards for Marketing Excellence and the best government campaign for the local area marketing guide it created for the 250 Army Reserve units across Australia.
  • . DFR has continued to develop and improve the marketing guide, including putting it online.


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  • site search |   Dictionary of Marketing Terms >> >> Term search matches (1 found) : internal marketing - Marketing to employees of an organization to ensure that they are effectively carrying out desired programs and policies.
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    Internal marketing and e-learning success
  • . > > > Internal marketing and e-learning success By Steve Dineen, chief executive, fuel Too many companies invest significantly in e-learning programmes but fail to give enough thought to how to really make them work and are subsequently disappointed with the results.
  • . A full internal marketing campaign is required to ensure high levels of take up and completion rates.
  • . It is very important for motivation and marketing that the initiative has clear branding and identity, whether it be a logo, image or name, to raise the profile and perceived value of the programme.
  • . This is a one-off piece of marketing collateral that can be used via email, the Intranet and public display units highlighting the e-learning opportunities available within the organisation and the benefits of learning in this way.
  • . A FREE practical guide to the effective marketing of e-learning can be obtained from fuel by emailing

    Selling Communications : Workplace Marketing: Internal Marketing Linked to Your Business Goals
  • | Internal Marketing Linked to Your Business Goals Targeted Business Development works best when all employees, salespeople and resellers are focused on delivering your marketing promises.
  • . Delivering the Marketing Promise The most efficient, targeted business development effort fails if your employees, salespeople and resellers fail to deliver the promises made in your marketing.
  • . helps clients develop internal marketing programs that get all critical people focused on achieving business goals.
  • . It is an integrated process that links the customer marketing process to internal marketing so that there is a clear understanding throughout the organization about goals and how each individual can contribute to success.
  • . An internal marketing strategy focused on promoting and rewarding desired behaviors.
  • . ^^ ^^ Internal Marketing Communications As a full-service Targeted Business Development company, Selling Communications specializes in executing strategic internal marketing programs, including: Employee newsletters that link external business goals to internal communications.

    Internal Marketing - Editorial - CMO Magazine
  • Search: The Resource for Marketing Executives > Lingo Lab A Marketing Glossary Internal Marketing ADVERTISER Spreading the word inside a company.
  • . In some ways, it is more important than external marketing, because without proper buy-in from employees, no new initiative is going to get off the ground.

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  • . All interesting stuff… Here is my take: Internal Marketing - this is purely marketing on the inside at a more tactical level.
  • . It's about including employees as an important segment to get "marketed to." It's usually alot of hype unless great care is taken to link to reinforcement systems in the corporate culture…and then it isn't marketing any more…it's organization development.
  • . Question: Do marketers do organization development? Do HR people do marketing? Hmmm?? Internal Branding - corporate culture development and alignment of external brand with internal everything - people strategy, facilities strategy, performance management, values development, leadership development, etc.

    Through the loop - BrandLoop #7: The need for internal communications
  • . This BrandLoop examines the internal face of the brand and how this affects the process of Internal Marketing in the organisation.
  • . There are many signals that Internal Marketing can be just as potently used as external marketing.
  • . From Old to New There are some clear changes in the expected pattern of employment in the future and it is useful to look how Unisys summarise these prospective changes: Future Employment Drivers Old Employment Office-based Local Technophobic Insourced Service = a privilege New Employability Free-ranging Global Technology-dependent Outsourcing Service = a right Each of these drivers is increasing the need for Internal Marketing.
  • . However, to date, there has been a considerable knowledge gap about the effectiveness of components of Internal Marketing.
  • . To reinforce this point, a study by Intercommunic8 reported in Marketing Week showed that 85% of companies did not even have a human resources or marketing budget for internal promotions.
  • . To build its knowledge base in this area, Through the Loop awarded a prize to reward Margaret Baker Moss of Kingston University for marketing insight.

    Relationship marketing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Relationship marketing is a form of that evolved from direct response marketing in the 1960s and emerged in the 1980s, in which emphasis is placed on building longer term relationships with customers rather than on individual transactions.
  • . Contents Development of relationship marketing The origins of relationship marketing observes: "What is surprising is that researchers and businessmen have concentrated far more on how to attract customers to products and services than on how to retain customers".
  • . 1982) and Jag Sheth at Emory, both of whom were early users of the term "relationship marketing", and by marketing theorist Theodore Levitt at Harvard (Levitt, T.
  • . 1983) who broadened the scope of marketing beyond individual transactions.
  • . In practice, relationship marketing originated in industrial and b-2-b markets where long-term contracts have been quite common for many years.
  • . Academics like Barbara Bund Jackson at Harvard re-examined these industrial marketing practices and applied them to marketing proper (Jackson, B.B.

    Marketing: Internal Marketing/Drip Campaign
  • Marketing: Internal Marketing/Drip Campaign > > Answers to one of · · · · Subjects About Expertise I can answer questions on marketing, marketing planning, product management, advertising, sales promotions, sales planning, merchandising, direct marketing, and sales management.
  • . Education/Credentials MASTERS IN SCIENCE MASTERS IN BUSINESS ADMINSTRATION You are here: > > > > Internal Marketing/Drip Campaign Topic: Expert: Date: 2/22/2006 Subject: Internal Marketing/Drip Campaign Question Good Morning Leo, I recently joined the art and design group of a large financial institution and have been tasked with growing our groups business internally with a budget of almost nothing.


    Dental Marketing: The Magic of Internal Marketing

  • » » » » » » » :: :: DENTAL MARKETING: THE MAGIC OF INTERNAL MARKETING Dental Marketing: The Magic of Internal Marketing Are you doing everything you can to build patient relations and attract new patients? by Tyson Steele We are constantly getting calls from dentists who want more new patients and are considering various marketing programs.
  • . External marketing is perceived as glamourous and easy.
  • . Unfortunately, in our opinion, it rarely works as well as internal marketing.

    Global-Investor Bookshop : Internal Marketing by Mohammed Rafiq and Pervaiz K Ahmed'
  • . If you need to know more about internal marketing, or want to know how to make it more effective, then this is the book for you." - John Ling - Marketing Business, June 2002 Bulk copies and accounts If you need bulk copies of Internal Marketing , or are interested in opening a corporate account, please .
  • . Internal Marketing Ref No.
  • . 157 Author Atlantic Richfield Company: using internal marketing to implement change This case illustrates Atlantic Richfield Company’s (ARCO) use of internal marketing to manage IT-led change.
  • . The case is very useful in highlighting the role of internal marketing research (IMR) in the development of appropriate internal marketing plans.
  • . The case also shows how internal marketing ef.....
  • . : reward and organise your employees This case focuses on the recognition and rewards aspect of internal marketing.
  • . : reward and organise your employees This case focuses on the recognition and rewards aspect of internal marketing.
  • . The case is useful to make the point that external marketing (i.e.
  • . In other words, internal marketing is a key complement of external ma.....
  • . 160 Author Barnardos: enhancing corporate identity through Internal marketing The case illustrates how Barnado’s used internal marketing to improve corporate image and corporate understanding inside the organisation. @CallCenter