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  • You don't have JavaScript turned on! New & Existing Businesses New & Existing Businesses | Market Research Appropriately analyzing and accessing potential markets for your company's products and services requires extensive research.
  • . And, once you’ve launched an exporting strategy and are actively selling your products and services on the global scene, you’ll need to stay abreast of the economic, political, and social conditions in those markets that could have both short-term and long-term effects on your business and ability to export.
  • . Oklahoma-Specific Export Research The Oklahoma Department of Commerce compiles and publishes a variety of reports and publications designed to track the state's export activity in a variety of markets and give potential exporters the information they need to trade internationally.
  • . Reports currently available include: NEW NEW NEW General Export Research Many sources of domestic and international market information—ranging from simple trade statistics to in-depth market surveys—exist.

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  • . Postgraduate Programs To serve better education and research in today's global markets, GSB renovated new programs of MBA, and Ph.D in April 2002 under the concept of "Global Business".
  • . Management program deals with Business Administration, Marketing Strategy, Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations, Business History, Corporate Finance, Operations Management, Production Management Systems, International Management, Management and Organization in Multicultural Society, Types of Firms, Small Business, and Venture Management.
  • . Finance & Distribution program focuses on International Monetary Economics, Foreign Trade, Securities Market, Development Finance, Monetary Theory & Practice, Financial Institutions, Monetary Policy, Marketing Economics, and Distribution System.

    Leo Melamed - Essays & Speeches - The International Monetary Market of the CME
  • THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY MARKET OF THE CHICAGO MERCANTILE EXCHANGE Essay in The Merits of Flexible Exchange Rates: An Anthology Few things are more symbolic of flexible exchange rates than the International Monetary Market (IMM) in Chicago.
  • . Rather, I am best placed to reflect on the events surrounding the birth of our currency markets, to recall some of the noteworthy moments of the IMM's formative years and to answer questions about who we were, and whether we knew what we were doing.
  • . The 1972 Annual Report, the first to speak officially of its offspring, was not at all bashful in its assessment of what it had wrought: The opening of the International Monetary Market on May 16, 1972 was as revolutionary a step as the establishment of the first organized commodity exchange when that event occurred ...
  • . One year later, the first International Monetary Market Annual Report also focused on the era ushered in by the new exchange: The new era will afford us the opportunity to expand our potential into other areas within the monetary frame of reference.

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  • Ramsey Library Research Guides International Marketing | Countries & Cultures There are a number of great government publications that provide useful overviews of all the countries in the world.
  • . REF DESK G122 .U56a European Marketing Data and Statistics Market research statistics for the countries of Europe.
  • . Obtain from WCU through ABC Express International Marketing Data and Statistics Market research statistics for all the other countries of the world.
  • . Business Guides With the growth of the global marketplace in recent years, there has been an increase of published guides for doing business in foreign countries.
  • . REF HG 4538 .H36 2003 Market Research The motherlode of global market research produced by the U.S.
  • . Select GLOBUS & NTDB for access to these popular series: Country Commercial Guides Industry Sector Analysis Reports Best Market Reports ** Can only be used in Ramsey Library and requires a password.
  • . Detailed information on labor markets in foreign countries.


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  • . Multinational corporation strategic imperatives and organizational challenges, including financial, marketing, human resources, and other aspects of management.
  • . (Spring) 166 International Marketing Management (3) Robles, Riddle, Kirca Introduction to international marketing analysis and strategy, and the dynamic nature of international markets.
  • . Analysis of different types of international markets and formulation of initial entry strategies.
  • . (Fall and spring) 168 Foreign Market Analysis (3) Robles, Teegen Project course involving global market research for target market selection, market entry strategy and in-country marketing plan development and financial implications of recommended global marketing strategy.
  • . (Fall and spring) 173 International Banking (3) Park Theory and practice of international banking; analysis of international commercial and investment banking from a management perspective; subjects include current international monetary and financial environment, money and capital markets, and topical problems of international banking from a management perspective.

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  • . The European Union's "single market" and the Economic-Monetary Union; the transformation of formerly centrally planned economies; the changing Japanese economy and emerging Pacific Basin, with implications for the U.S.
  • . Various aspects of strategy are considered, including marketing, production, and financial strategy.
  • . 266 International Marketing (3) Robles, Riddle, Kirca International marketing strategy formulation, including market entry, local market development, and global market integration.
  • . The strategic challenge of global marketing formulation and local market adaptation, with attention to market conditions in mature, new growth, and emerging market environments.
  • . Emerging trends in international marketing.
  • . 267 Regional International Marketing Systems (3) Robles The business, economic, investment, and market environments in the world's most dynamic emerging regions of Asia and Latin America.
  • . Nature and impact of economic reforms, direct investment patterns, regional integration, and competitiveness in regional markets.

    Time Lending California, Inc. Today Announces Retention of International Monetary Resources as Its Investment Banking Firm Market Wire - FindArticles
  • . Today Announces Retention of International Monetary Resources as Its Investment Banking Firm , TIME LENDING CALIFORNIA, INC., a Nevada corporation (OTC BB: TIML) ("the Company"), also a mortgage company and a leader in marketing for the mortgage, real estate, insurance and other market driven industries, today announced that it has engaged International Monetary Resources, Inc.
  • . "Their vast experience will aid in our overall market support, which is where we have needed some more substantial professional help in the past." Mr.
  • . Riley, Managing Director of IMR, states, "Time Lending provides a platform for dynamic marketing for mortgage lenders, real estate, insurance, and other market driven industries, that positions the Company for significant growth." Newport Beach-based IMR will provide Time Lending with services ranging from the preparation of corporate documents to providing guidance and assistance in maximizing shareholder value.
  • . IMR is led by a team of Managing Directors that provides a number of strategic advisory services including: M&A, International Licensing/Commercialization, Retail Product/Service Distribution, Advertising & Marketing, and Shareholder Enhancement Services.

  • COURSE NUMBER: MBA268A.1 COURSE TITLE: Global Marketing Strategy UNITS OF CREDIT: 2 INSTRUCTOR: Ana Valenzuela E-MAIL ADDRESS: MEETING DAY(S)/TIME: Monday, 4:00-6:00 PM PREREQUISITE(S): BA 206, or at the discretion of the instructor CLASS FORMAT: Lecture + Cases + Class Project + Guest Speakers REQUIRED READINGS :  A course reader with business articles and cases for discussion.
  • . BASIS FOR FINAL GRADE:  Class participation, midterm case analysis and final project ABSTRACT OF COURSE'S CONTENT AND OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this course is to examine the role marketing plays in enhancing the success of a business firm facing globalization of competition and markets.
  • . This course will cover a wide variety of topics relating to the management of global marketing strategy, including but not limited to: · The growing importance of international marketing activities.
  • . · Frameworks for developing a global marketing strategy.
  • . · The impact of cultural diversity on international marketing strategy development.

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  • A COLLEGE FOR A CHANGING WORLD Resources and Links for Marketing Students, Faculty, and Executives Advertising - Advertising news and online archive of advertisements - Internet advertising and promotion resources.
  • . Publications related to marketing are for example Industrial Marketing Management and the International Journal of Research in Marketing - Emerald publishes management & library information services journals as well as a strong specialist range of engineering, applied science and technology journals.
  • . Publications related to marketing are for example the Journal of Marketing Research and the Marketing Intelligence and Planning magazine - Henry Steward Publications is an international publisher of professional and academic journals.
  • . Related to marketing they offer for example the Journal of Brand Management and the Journal of Vacation Marketing - Ingenta is a Web infomediary empowering the exchange of academic and professional content online - scholary journal archive; reliable and comprehensive archive of important Scholarly journal literature - Sage Publications is an international publisher of books, journals, and electronic media.They have a focus on business, marketing and management.

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  • | > > > Marketing 644 Winspear Business Reference Library Resources for Marketing 644 Selected information sources including: open access websites, Winspear databases, government documents, and international organization publications.
  • . (Market Access Database - European Union) Information on trade barriers in non-EU countries.
  • . (Market Access Database - European Union) Information on trade barriers in non-EU countries.
  • . Market Analysis Can get consumer profiles from the GMID database for South Africa, Morocco and Nigeria : Market and Country Research : International Marketing Insight Click on Globus & NTDB .
  • . Scroll down the page to the Market and Country Research section to find International Marketing Insight (IMI) Reports .
  • . Most African countries are mentioned in the IMI reports Reports focus on new developments including laws, trade regulations and marketplace changes.
  • . : Market and Country Research : Industry Sector Analysis Click on Globus & NTDB .

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  • International Marketing: A Research Guide Contents: | by author, title, and subject.
  • . Some useful subject terms include: export marketing investments and foreign and [name of country] marketing and [name of country] United States and commerce [name of country] and commerce and commercial policy and description and travel and economic conditions and economic development and foreign economic relations and industries and statistics for call numbers of periodicals.
  • . LOCATION: Morris Library - Reference (Ref HF1416.5 .B36 1992) An introduction to export marketing.
  • . Internationally Yours: Writing and Communicating Successfully in Today's Global Marketplace .
  • . Several chapters discuss marketing decisions and research.
  • . LOCATION: Morris Library - Reference (Ref HF1416 .M78 1997) Presents practical solutions to issues about doing business around the world including, export marketing, cross-cultural studies, intercultural communication.
  • . LOCATION: Morris Library - Reference (Ref HF54.5 .P33 1994) Examines a wide range of sources covering the core of business research: companies, industries, markets, and finance.

    International Economics Glossary: M
  • . , savings deposits and other relatively assets such as small certificates of deposit and money market mutual funds.
  • . Determines factor prices in competitive factor markets.
  • . Determines factor prices when all markets are competitive.
  • . , but especially the complete absence of a market due to incomplete or .
  • . , a marketing board typically buys up the domestic supply of a good and sells it on the international market.
  • . A among Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, known as the "Common Market of the South" ("Mercado Comun del Sur").
  • . in products sold on the domestic market.


    MKT 456/656: International Marketing

  • | eBooks - full text available - Open Access Contact the course instructor Please direct questions about this page to Updated 26 August 2005 MKT 456/656: International Marketing UNR's Best Online Resources for International Marketing About 3, 050 full-text scholarly publications, plus abstracts for 3, 850+ journals, in management, economics, finance, accounting, international business, and more.
  • . Use to find both US and international information on companies, industries, products and markets.
  • . Current market research-related information in four categories: industry reports, company information, news and country analysis.
  • . Market analysis reports for over 350 markets for the last five years.
  • . Selected World Wide Web Sources for International Marketing Business-Related Sites U.S.

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  • Monetary market heating up 11:32' 13/03/2006 (GMT+7) VietNamNet – The monetary market is heating up with changes to interest rates, capital raising schemes and promotional campaigns.
  • . Interest rates in international monetary markets have also grown.
  • . The interest rate for deposits in US dollars in Singapore’s Sibor market – as of March 6 th , 2006 – is 4.63313% per year for a one-month deposit, 4.82250% per year for three months, 4.990% per year for six months and 5.150% per year for a one-year deposit.
  • . As a result, short-term investments in the international deposit market help domestic commercial banks to actively bolster their reserves of US dollars.
  • . The market will determine the interest rate, but it has been predicted that it will be no lower than that of Vietcombank’s bond.
  • . Therefore, the bank expects to attract at least VND3, 250 billion, which will make a considerable impact on the domestic capital market.
  • . Also impacting on the market are commercial joint stock banks that are increasing capital.

    Brand USA: America's Attempt to Market Itself Abroad Using Advertising Principles is Destined to Fail
  • | Featured Views Brand USA: America's Attempt to Market Itself Abroad Using Advertising Principles is Destined to Fail Published on Sunday, March 10, 2002 in the Brand USA America's Attempt to Market Itself Abroad Using Advertising Principles is Destined to Fail by Naomi Klein TORONTO -- When the White House decided it was time to address the rising tides of anti-Americanism around the world, it didn't look to a career diplomat for help.
  • . Somehow, despite all the global culture pouring out of New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta, despite the fact that you can watch CNN in Cairo and Black Hawk Down in Mogadishu, America still hasn't managed, in Beers' words, to "get out there and tell our story." In fact, the problem is just the opposite: America's marketing of itself has been too effective.

    The International Business Program at The Fletcher School
  • . Among the ongoing projects at the Fletcher School are the study of innovation in international project finance for companies, banks, and government enterprises in both developed and developing countries; the politics of oil; international financial and environmental risk management; the interrelation of regulatory law of different states; and the regulation of international and developing country capital markets.
  • . He is the author of Management and Control of Foreign Exchange Risk (Kluwer, 1996) as well as over 25 articles on international risk management, multinational control systems, and international capital markets.
  • . Professor Klein's research focuses on exchange rate policy, and includes theoretical and empirical research on the efficacy of foreign exchange market intervention by central banks of the major industrial countries as well as devaluation policy in Latin America.
  • . Her research has focused on international comparisons of private sector training and its impact on firm competitiveness and workers' wages, youth unemployment, school to work transitions, race and gender issues in the labor market, and the impact of new technology on employment in telecommunications. @CallCenter