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  • Already a member? | Content Related to this Topic 13 This Article'sTable of Contents Strategic marketing analysis Product Consumer customers marketing Encyclopædia Britannica Article Page 5 of 96 The marketing process > Strategic marketing analysis > Market segments The aim of marketing in profit-oriented organizations is to meet needs profitably.
  • . For example, the personal transportation market consists of people who put different values on an automobile's cost, speed, safety, status, and styling.
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  • . An example is the former Cocoa Marketing Board of Nigeria (which, after 1977, functioned as the Nigerian Cocoa Board and controlled marketing of tea and coffee, as well).

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  • Already a member? | This Article'sTable of Contents Market Segmentation marketing Student Encyclopedia Article Page 8 of 17 Market Segmentation When Henry Ford was manufacturing automobiles, he wanted to sell them to everyone.
  • . This is called mass marketing.
  • . Rock videos, on the other hand, are directed primarily at a youth market.
  • . This is called target marketing.
  • . Makers of soaps and detergents direct their products at a mass market, while sellers of caviar aim for a select clientele: those who can afford their expensive product.
  • . A mass market is by definition very large.
  • . Target markets, however, need not be small.
  • . The teenage market in the United States, western Europe, and Japan is quite large.
  • . The senior-citizen market is constantly increasing.
  • . Target marketing involves developing the right product for the segment of the population to be reached.
  • . Marketing research is used to identify specific target populations and their buying potential.

    IIR USA - Large Scale Events, Conferences, Seminars - Solutions, Skills, and Knowledge
  • . Whether you are looking to increase revenues, cut costs, understand new laws, regulations or technologies, protect market share, develop a profitable new sales channel, or simply network with other business leaders , IIR is the "one-stop-solution-shop" for all of today's business challenges.

    Phoenix Marketing International - About Us - News - Unbanked: Why Some Say the Time is Now
  • Precision and Prediction Through Market Management June 7, 2006 Unbanked: Why Some Say the Time is Now From: American Banker Wednesday, June 7, 2006 By H.
  • . The moves by the two populous states highlight two of the forces helping the market for providing financial services to the unbanked to gather steam - the development of card technology and government policies that encourage its application in this area.
  • . As more than 400 people gather in Chicago for a nearly sold out conference on the underbanked that begins today, many observers agree that now is an opportune time to enter this underserved but potentially huge market.
  • . “The financial institutions are trying to figure out where their next growth will come from in the next 10, 15, and 20 years, and the underbanked represents one of the last untapped market segments, ” said Jennifer Tescher, the director of the Center for Financial Services Innovation, a Chicago unit of ShoreBank Corp.
  • . That’s a huge market, ” said Leon Majors, the president of Phoenix ESP.


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    A Basic Guide to Exporting - Developing a Marketing Plan
  • Developing a Marketing Plan As you can imagine, many foreign markets differ greatly from the United States.
  • . Once you have decided that your company is able and committed to exporting, the next step is to develop a marketing plan.
  • . A clearly written marketing strategy offers six immediate benefits: Because written plans display strengths and weaknesses more readily, they are a great help in formulating and polishing an export strategy.
  • . Market Research To successfully export your product, you should examine foreign markets through research.
  • . The purpose is to identify marketing opportunities and constraints abroad, as well as to identify prospective buyers and customers.
  • . Market research encompasses all methods that a company can use to determine which foreign markets have the best potential for its products.
  • . Results of this research inform the firm of: the largest markets for its product, the fastest growing markets, market trends and outlook, market conditions and practices, and competitive firms and products.

    SEC Charges Ford Credit with Unlawful Marketing of "Ford Money Market Account"
  • . In sales materials for its so-called "Ford Money Market Account, " Ford Credit promoted the accounts as comparable to a traditional money market investment.
  • . Ford Credit's sales materials emphasized that the accounts paid a guaranteed interest rate slightly higher than the average rate paid by money market accounts and highlighted features of the investment typically present in checking and money market accounts offered by banks or mutual funds.
  • . As such, Ford Credit violated Section 5(b)(1) of the Securities Act when it used those sales materials to offer the "Ford Money Market Account." Linda Chatman Thomsen, Director of the Division of Enforcement, stated, "This action is a product of the Commission's risk-based investigation probing the $28 billion marketplace for so-called corporate money market debt offerings.

    International Marketing
  • International Marketing: The Global Marketplace Globalization of Markets and Competition : Trade is increasingly global in scope today.
  • . A purely domestic firm focuses only on its home market, has no current ambitions of expanding abroad, and does not perceive any significant competitive threat from abroad.
  • . Such a firm may eventually get some orders from abroad, which are seen either as an irritation (for small orders, there may be a great deal of effort and cost involved in obtaining relatively modest revenue) or as "icing on the cake." As the firm begins to export more, it enters the export stage, where little effort is made to market the product abroad, although an increasing number of foreign orders are filled.
  • . In the international stage, as certain country markets begin to appear especially attractive with more foreign orders originating there, the firm may go into countries on an ad hoc basis—that is, each country may be entered sequentially, but with relatively little learning and marketing efforts being shared across countries.

    (market.html) Marketing Resources: Stetson University duPont-Ball Library Virtual Collection
  • Marketing Resources Library Home SUBSCRIPTION DATABASES: MARKETING RESOURCES (Stetson University Use Only) ABI/INFORM Global has the complete text for many business articles and indexing or abstracts (summaries) for others.
  • . Includes PROMT(r), a comprehensive coverage of companies, products, markets, and technologies; hundreds of industry newsletters; and Investext Plus-- the same research and analysis tools used at top investment banks, consulting firms, and law firms.
  • . LexisNexis provides links to a great range of full-text business, industry, marketing and accounting sources.

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    PSU Library -- International Marketing
  • International Marketing | See also related guides listed on the .
  • . INTRODUCTION Researching the foreign market for U.
  • . Data must be gathered from a variety of sources in order to develop a marketing plan.
  • . This guide highlights some of the most useful foreign market information sources and offers suggestions for locating others.
  • . Please see our guide, , for help finding statistical data for international marketing research.
  • . GT150 .C85 Basement / Reference, 2000 Developing capital markets in Eastern Europe : a business reference Printer Publishers HG5430.7 .A3 L56 Basement, 1992 Doing business in Russia : basic facts for the pioneering entrepreneur Oasis Press/PSI Research, 2nd ed.
  • . Annual HF294 .W75 2nd Floor / Reference, 2003 World Market Share Reporter Gale Research HF5410 .W67 1999-2000 2nd Floor / Reference, 1999-2000 GUIDES TO SPECIFIC FOREIGN MARKETS World Consumer Markets on CD-ROM Euromonitor Publications 2000/2001 World Consumer Markets is a global database of consumer market size data spanning 52 countries.

    Marketing Resources
  • Marketing Resources SM B E G K L O Q U V X Y Z Those interested in marketing on the Internet will find a lot of good information here.
  • . Adweek Online 's goal is to "provide comprehensive information to advertising, marketing and media professionals." With a pro magazine look and lots of content online this site is worth the click.
  • . Larry Chase, "a veteran of the information superhighway, " was formerly in print advertising and is now a web marketing consultant and self-described "web junkie." There's fascinating reading here from his articles and press quotes, and you can sign up for a free subscription to Web Digest for Marketers .
  • . This excellent collection of "all the key resources you’ll need to develop, write, edit, publish, market, and promote your Web site" offers Web publishing, marketing, and promotion resources, a marketing information page, and an outline of a proposed Internet marketing textbook.
  • . Articles from this print journal, focusing on financial services marketing issues, are available online.

  • - - Other Links: Statistical Information - - - - - - - What is your geographic market? International, United States, State, MSA, City, Zip code area? What market is being measured? All methods of arriving at market share produce estimates.
  • . Here are some ways to calculate market share: Company Comparisons Market share estimates = Industry sales compared to Company sales Caution : Industry sales do not always equal product sales.
  • . What if a company handles several brands of food? Try , , trade associations or trade journals , Market Share Reporter, and periodical databases such as , , and (search strategies are provided with the sources below).
  • . By the way, Market Share Reporter obtains its information from some of the sources just listed.
  • . Brand Comparisons Some options: survey consumers, use customized market research reports, , Simmons Choices III National Consumer Survey (cd-rom available from computers in the Campus Library).
  • . Searchable by company name, country and region, SIC code, product codes, industry, concept term (market share, ranking, forecasts, users, etc.), marketing term (ad volume, sales, distribution channels, etc.).

    Market Wire Business News: Feelgoods International Ltd. Retains Hamlin Marketing Group to Assist in the Development of the New Facial Cosmetic Line for the US Market - MSN Money
  • . Retains Hamlin Marketing Group to Assist in the Development of the New Facial Cosmetic Line for the US Market advertisement Related information Stocks mentioned in this article FEELGOODS INTL LTD NEW Feelgoods International Ltd.
  • . (PINKSHEETS: FGNL) is pleased to announce that the company has retained the Hamlin Marketing Group of Martinsville, Virginia to assist in the branding of Feelgoods International's new facial cosmetic line for the United States market.
  • . The Hamlin Marketing Group will concentrate on brand development, product positioning, packaging design, advertising, public relations, media planning and placement, promotion, and licensing.
  • . Hamlin Marketing Group is a full-service, global marketing firm providing clients with expertise in market research, product design, and packaging as well as licensing and product placement.
  • . "With noteworthy marketing and research experience, coupled with their knowledge in multiple industries, Hamlin Marketing Group will provide Feelgoods with findings and conclusions that will help guide us in our new and exciting entry into natural and organic beauty products, " stated Marcel Maurer, CEO of Feelgoods International Ltd.


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