Jefferson Provost: Music sharing is viral marketing

  • . A couple of days ago, I was running iTunes in my office, and it discovered someone else's shared iTunes library and made it available to me.
  • . I have no idea whose library it was, but their tastes overlapped with mine in several areas, so I started playing some of the stuff that they had and I didn't.

    Publishers Marketing Association - Newsletter
  • The Who, What, Why & How of Library Marketing Linda Murdock October, 2002 Let’s start with why–that is, why I’m writing this article.
  • . I recently went to the library with the intention of getting a list of every public library in Colorado, home state of Bellwether Books.
  • . I realized I could touch on the bigger national libraries with the larger budgets by using PMA’s library program.
  • . But I also knew that this program did not include every public library, not to mention all the other kinds of libraries out there.
  • . "Collections/Development" & "Acquisitions" Become familiar with these two terms, because they are the "who" of library marketing.
  • . That’s about enough for more than 3, 000 $8 paperbacks a year and a lot fewer hardbacks, depending upon whether the library is getting a discount or not (more about this later).
  • . What Can Prompt a Purchase Most, like Sybil Harrison, the Collections/Development Manager for Jefferson County Public Library near Denver, take their positions seriously.

    How to Market to Us (Library of Congress)
  • > > Doing Business Doing Business How To Market To Us | How To Market To Us | Point of Entry The primary point of entry into the Library of Congress purchasing system is the Office of Contracts, located in the John Adams Bldg, Room 325, 2nd St, S.E.
  • . To conduct marketing activities on-site at the Library of Congress, vendors should contact the Contracts and Logistics Services for further guidance prior to canvassing our downtown offices.
  • . Getting on the Bidder's Mailing List All prospective offerors seeking to do business with the Library of Congress must first fill out the Standard Form (SF) 129, "Solicitation Mailing List Application", and return it to the Library of Congress by e-mail to, or mail to Contracts and Logistics, LA-325, 101 Independence Avenue, S.E., Washington, D.C.
  • . In order to conduct business with the Library of Congress, vendors are required to be placed on our Bidders Mailing List and all vendors must enter our database for payment by Electronic Funds Transfer.

    Library of Congress Information Bulletin - November 15, 1993
  • November 15, 1993 Millennium Approaches New Foundation Assists LC in Developing Products Panoramic city maps from the late 1800s, federal period wallcoverings, and jewelry inspired by the Library's Great Hall are just a few of the LC products introduced in September as part of an initiative to bring the riches of the Library and its collections to the public.
  • . "This pilot program is designed to spread the word about what the Library has in its extensive collections and to gain some added funds to support those collections, " said Chief of Staff Suzanne Thorin.
  • . Through the new LC Pilot Consumer Product Development Program, the Library can license consumer (as opposed to bibliographic) products.
  • . The first products on the market this fall were 14 items in a four-page "Library of Congress" insert in the "Wireless" and "Signals" catalogs.
  • . Rivertown has sent test mailings of the Library inserts to about 8.5 million people.
  • . Once responses are compiled, the company will know more about the types of products customers want, according to Pat Gray, a program specialist in the Library's Cataloging Distribution Service.


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    1001 Ways to Market Your Books: Chapter 16: Marketing Books to Schools and Libraries
  • . Library Marketing DM2 , 2000 Clearwater Drive, Oak Brook, IL 60523; 800-321-4958; Fax: 630-288-8390.
  • . American Library Association , 50 E.
  • . Cataloging Distribution Service , Library of Congress, Washington, DC 20541; 202-707-6100.
  • . They no longer offer free displays at library conferences.
  • . Authors @ Your Library : .

    Library Assessment: Effective, Practical, Sustainable
  • Sponsored by Library Assessment Conference Building Effective, Sustainable, Practical Assessment Charlottesville, Virginia September 25-27, 2006 Conference Side Events Pre- and Post-Conference Workshops Introduction to Survey Analysis with Neal Kaske Neal, with more than 30 years of broad experience in the field of library and information science, will walk participants through the basics of conducting survey research and quantitative research analysis.
  • . Before that he was Manager of the Engineering & Physical Sciences Library at the University of Maryland Libraries in College Park.
  • . His areas of current research are developing and measuring the effectiveness of electronic services and the general evaluation of library especially from a users’ perspective.
  • . He is active in the American Library Association and writes on the topic of research for portal: Library and the Academy.
  • . Department of Education, Library Programs, where he directed discretionary library research and demonstration grants.

    J-MRL - Internet Links by Subject
  • Library Site Search: Check out this great collection of internet links collected by J-MRL librarians.
  • . Math, Science & Technology - sites compiled by the J-MRL library staff Math - gateway to many calculators - great for adults who want to figure out percentages, interest, batting averages, etc.

    Memorial Library: Who Publishes What
  • . This guide lists directories published since 1990 and held by Memorial Library.
  • . A glance at the call numbers will quickly reveal that there is no consistency in the their classification, nor is there standardization in the assignment of Library of Congress subject headings.
  • . Anyone wishing to find additional sources, especially older works or newly published ones, should try the following headings in the library catalog: Authorship Periodicals - Directories Periodicals, Publishing of Scholarly Periodicals - Bibliography [Subject term] - Periodicals - Bibliography Those interested in the process of peer review and other aspects of journal publishing might wish to consult the following: Publication Peer Review: An Annotated Bibliography .
  • . [Memorial Library Reference PN 162 P73 1993] Another useful guide to periodical directories is: Periodical Directories and Bibliographies , edited by Gary C.
  • . [Memorial Library Reference: Z 6941 P47 1987] Note: An asterisk indicates that the directory provides acceptance rates for articles submitted for publication.

  • Benefits

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    Network Marketing Training Library - Resources for MLM Success from Doug Firebaugh
  • skip to: | The Network Marketing Training Library for MLM Success | / / / The Network Marketing Training Library Home PFHeat MLM Network MarketingTraining Articles WisdomFire Daily Audio MLM Training Archives What are your MLM prospects seeing and feeling from you? Discover the Secrets of Reflecting Success .
  • . Welcome Welcome to the Network Marketing Training Library for MLM Success The MLM Network Marketing Training Library was developed especially for you.
  • . We will be also be including in The Network Marketing Training Library many brief audio “FireStarter” Trainings from Doug, including the archives of the Daily MLM Training Audio “WisdomFire”-which is listened to around the world daily.
  • . We have only three rules for The Network Marketing Training Library : No Gum Allowed.

    ALA | Successful Academic Marketing Case Histories
  • Academic and Research Library Campaign Getting Started: Case Histories The following articles offer ideas and insights into developing a marketing communication program for your library: American University Library: Check-it-Out Yourself By Helen R.
  • . Goldstein On Monday, April 2, 2001, American University Library users took a step back in time.
  • . As users entered a specially decorated lobby they were greeted by Thomas Jefferson, Frederick Douglass, Louisa May Alcott, Angela Davis, a Civil War Soldier, and other costumed figures on hand to promote the library’s new self-check system.
  • . Planning for the award-winning promotion began early in February 2001 when a group of staff volunteers met to consider participating in the 3M ™ Library Systems’ Check-It-Out Yourself Day promotion.
  • . What benefits does the SelfCheckä library system provide for our users? They can save time by checking books out any time the library is open.
  • . How could we link literature, history, and other information in the library to the promotion? Why not have costumed literary and historical figures make a visit? How would these characters travel to the library? In a time machine, of course! Our message for the day: “Save Time, Any Time with the 3M Self-Check ‘Time Machine’” Members of the planning team left with assignments to complete and more questions to ponder.

    New York University | Bobst Library: Research Assistance -- rg77.html
  • . Lodging, Restaurant and Tourism Index [computer file] West Lafayette, IN: Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management Institute, c1996- Bobst REF6 Standalone Terminal # 4 .
  • . URL: Use Dow-Jones Interactive to browse leading newspapers, news magazines and newswires, search 6, 000 newswires, magazines and journals, search essential business, government, industry websites, find company, industry, country and market reports.

    Seminar Abstracts
  • . All seminars will be held on the 3rd Floor of the Jefferson-Madison Library, on Market Street between 2nd St.
  • . Occasionally, when the Library is unavailable, Seminars will be held at the Chamber of Commerce Building at 5th and Market Streets NE.
  • . & 2nd St.  Bring your parking ticket and stamp it at the Library front desk for two hours of free parking.
  • . SCORE wishes to thank the following banks for their generous support: Date Time - (Room) Seminar 6/17/2006 09:30 AM - (Library - M) 7/22/2006 09:30 AM - (Library - J) 7/29/2006 09:30 AM - (Library - J) 8/5/2006 09:30 AM - (CHAMBER OF COMMERCE) 8/12/2006 09:30 AM - (Library - J) 8/19/2006 09:30 AM - (Library - J) Seminar Abstracts Starting Your Business : This seminar is designed for persons who are starting a new business.