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  • . Kensington Market has always been a place for Toronto's immigrants.
  • . Largely excluded from the mainstream retail life of the city, these emigrants drew on their tradition of open-air markets and set up stalls in the front, back and side yards of their houses.
  • . Up to the early 1950s, Kensington Market was the core of Toronto's Jewish community.
  • . This mix has evolved into a colourful, lively, dynamic, and at the same time, intimate atmosphere that makes the market one of Toronto's most interesting neighbourhoods.
  • . Kensington Market sits on the western fringes of Chinatown just west of Spadina roughly stretching to Bellevue Ave to the west, Dundas to the south and College to the north. | London Shopping | Kensington Market London | 49-52 Kensington High Street | London hotel and vacation experts
  • . To satisfy your hunger head for the Market Square.

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  • . Is Nike’s Presto Exhibit community art or marketing? The Presto Exhibit is an art, music and lifestyle showroom set up by Nike in Toronto’s Kensington Market.
  • . This is really a stage for them.” Randy Weyersberg, Director of Marketing, Nike Canada Based on the images that are presented from the Exhibit, do you get the impression that Presto is a venue for Nike or for artists and community? What gave you that impression? 2.
  • . Neither the Presto producer nor the Nike marketing director manager is critical of the Opresto protesters, yet the protesters are highly critical of the Exhibit.
  • . Max Valiquette works for youthography, a youth-oriented marketing company that created the Presto Exhibit.
  • . If marketers are so involved with this project, do you think the main purpose of the Presto exhibit is to market clothes, or to help community artists? 4.
  • . Considering the company’s goals and operations, do you think Presto was created more for culture or for marketing? 5.
  • . Visit the Kensington Market website ( to examine its representation of the Presto Exhibit.

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  • . "Most of us were caught a little bit by surprise by the growth trajectory, " admitted Rob Humphrey, director of marketing for Kensington, a maker of computer peripherals and now one of the biggest makers of iPod accessories.
  • . But the simple design of the iPod, plus Apple's iTunes store, quickly helped Apple to dominate the market.
  • . "For us it's great because the decision to buy an iPod is reinforced when consumers see all the accessories, " said Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice president for worldwide iPod marketing.
  • . Humphrey of Kensington, which makes about a dozen iPod accessories, called the accessory market "a real phenomenon, " adding, "I've never seen anything like it in my career." Few have.
  • . Some creations, like Mickey Mouse for or Barbie dolls for , created an enormous market for accessories, but most of those items, like the Mickey Mouse watch or the Barbie Dream House, were licensed or made by the same company that created the original product.
  • . In contrast, Apple has encouraged a free-for-all, and its own share of the accessories market remains small.


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  • . It is sometimes referred to as the "South" or "Central" district, or more frequently as "the (downtown) core." Some of these names such as "The Fashion District" are (or were) used as marketing for the areas or by BIAs; this area is actually called "King-Spadina" by locals.

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  • « » LAST IN NEWS: [10-09-2003] OTHER NEWS: Up Front Letters to the Editor News Feature Du Maurier infiltrates T.O.'s party scene with sneaky new marketing scheme News Marketers hope they have the keys to my imagination but I know the Vibe is just a hunk of metal Insight Mayoral front-runner Barb Hall’s grassroots credentials are known far and wide, but she’s been toeing a more right-of-centre political line as the race for mayor heats up.
  • . On the really tough issues, Hall’s platform is not so different from that of her ch News OCAP readies for Grit fight as John Clarke's future hangs in the balance News A decade later, anti-racism education is still non-existent in the classroom News Are shrinking oil supplies going to take dinner right off your table? News News I wasn't on Saddam's payroll, says self-styled Brit revolutionary George Galloway If all goes well in the Market, other areas of the city will see car-free weekends.
  • . Edited By Rick McGinnis MARKET ON AUTOPILOT WILL A CAR-FREE KENSINGTON LEAD TO GENTRIFICATION OF THE BOHEMIAN ENCLAVE? BY JENNIFER POLO For more than a decade gentrification has threatened, and Kensington Market, the bohemian enclave off Spadina, has valiantly resisted the winds of development change.

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  • . Nobby Akiha, Vice President Marketing, Actuate Corporation When you sell hundreds of books and software titles to millions of individuals and businesses, targeting your efforts is critical.
  • . VP of Marketing and Business Development, Nolo Indigo Partners are highly productive senior professionals with experience across the marketing mix.
  • . Beth Johnson, VP of Marketing Services, Plantronics My experience with Indigo Partners has been outstanding.
  • . Jeff Smith, Senior Director of Marketing, Instill Corporation Indigo Partners has demonstrated the ability to work with senior management to develop and implement concrete strategies and business models for Internet companies.
  • . Russ Siegelman, General Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Kleiner Perkins recommended Indigo Partners to help us prepare a strategy to enter a new market.
  • . They assisted in developing and implementing the product strategy, working efficiently with our engineering, sales and marketing teams.

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  • . Community Arts Committee Andy Moro Chair Co-founder and director of Red Pepper Spectacle Arts, an active community arts organization and storefront in Kensington Market.
  • . Red Pepper produces the Kensington Market Winter Carnival Festival of Lights and the Kensington Market Harvest Festival .
  • . She was the Assistant Dean and Chief Marketing Officer at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, where she wrote about Integrative Thinking, and developed the Rotman brand to become the leading business school franchise in Canada.
  • . Stephen’s Community House in the Kensington Market area.

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  • . Past positions include Managing Director of Corporate Affairs, Marketing and Development at TVOntario, Executive Director, Zoological Society of Metro Toronto, and 15 years with the North York Board of Education as a teacher, department head and principal.
  • . Andy Moro Co-founder and director of Red Pepper Spectacle Arts, an active community arts organization and storefront in Kensington Market.
  • . Red Pepper produces the Kensington Market Winter Carnival Festival of Lights and the Kensington Market Harvest Festival .
  • . In addition to her work as a promoter and producer of theatre, concerts and events, Tina assists corporate, institutional and private sector clients meet their fundraising, marketing and sales goals.

    V&A - Marketing the V&A
  • ABOUT US Marketing the V&A Marketing a museum is the process of identifying the needs and wants of the visitor and delivering benefits that will satisfy or enhance their  experience.  Marketing also helps maximize the performance of the museum.
  • . It is a complex activity requiring extensive creativity, planning, organisation and problem solving.  The following is a short introduction to the way marketing is carried out at the V&A.
  • . At V&A South Kensington, the process is mostly handled by the Marketing Department and  Press Office working in tandem, led by the Director of Public Affairs.
  • . Separate departments based at the V&A Museum of Childhood and the V&A Theatre Museum handle marketing for their respective sites.
  • . The V&A's trading arm, V&A Enterprises, manages the marketing of V&A publications and products.
  • . Marketing Objectives The V&A has several key marketing objectives: To increase visitor numbers To build the V&A's brand (the values that the V&A wants to be known for) To increase public awareness of services and events To increase revenue through temporary exhibitions To attract new audiences The Museum also has commercial objectives to increase revenue through a variety of different sources, including the museum shops, publications, events and catering.

    Kensington Mortgages
  • . Alison believes strongly in customer service and works together with all of Kensington's employees to motivate and inspire the Kensington team to be the best in the market.
  • . Alison joined Kensington from Barclays where she was on the Board of Barclaycard as Director of Marketing and Communications.
  • . Keith joined Kensington from The Mortgage Business where he was Sales and Marketing Director.
  • . Ian Giles - Marketing Director, Kensington Mortgages Ian leads a team that delivers strategic market planning, products, marketing communications and customer value management.
  • . Ian spent from 1991 to 2000 with Mortgage Trust, rebranded as First Active, the UK arm of the Irish Bank, ultimately becoming Director of Marketing.
  • . He spent 2 years as Head of International Marketing at Misys plc, the global software group, before becoming a founding director of Purely Mortgages, the low fee mortgage broker, in 2004.
  • . After successfully building Purely’s marketing and PR proposition, he joined Kensington Mortgages in December 2005.

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  • . has more executive jobs in marketing each month.


    Volunteer Opportunities with Connexions

  • . Marketing Intern Connexions offers a four-month unpaid internship as a Marketing Intern.
  • . Responsibilities may include copywriting, phone surveys, market research, prospecting, networking, attendance at meetings and trade shows, and helping to produce customer newsletters, Web pages, and other marketing materials.
  • . You will gain experience in a range of marketing tasks, working for an organization focused on producing services and publications for and about the news media, and for organizations looking for media attention.
  • . You should have a flair for copywriting, an interest in the news media, an awareness of current events, and a desire to gain marketing experience.
  • . The Connexions office is in downtown Toronto, near College and Bathurst, five minutes west of Kensington Market (or four streetcar stops south of the Bathurst subway station).
  • . The Connexions office is in downtown Toronto, near College and Bathurst, five minutes west of Kensington Market (or four streetcar stops south of the Bathurst subway station).

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  • . It collected data via an anonymous questionnaire from 311 retail companies representing 26 different vertical market segments, excluding restaurants, bars, vehicle dealers, auto service stations and direct catalog sales.
  • . Pure Magic! The Magicard 300 performance and reliability places it very much at the quality end of the plastic ID card market, but we also ensure that our prices are competitive.
  • . Security Door Controls 3580 Willow Lane Westlake Village, CA 913612-4921 805/494-0622 Kensington to Market Master Lock Computer Security Device Master Lock and Kensington announced a joint venture in which Kensington will market The Master Lock Universal Notebook Security Cable -- formerly known as The Leash, introduced by Kensington earlier this year.
  • . That slot, also known as the Kensington Security Standard, is available on approximately 65 percent of all notebooks on the market.
  • . "The reputable Master Lock name combined with Kensington's leadership position in the security market raises the awareness of theft and gives consumers an option for protecting their valuable investments, " said Peter Dupont, president of Kensington.

    The Background
  • . During one of my frequent 'back to square one' periods, I decided to studymarketing to see if that would throw any light on the problem.
  • . Three monthsof intensive reading at the Holborn library in London, which specializesin books on marketing, provided me with a new role game to play: as a marketingconsultant.
  • . I got it, when, in 1970, I discovered thehippie market in Kensington High Street, London.
  • . The hippie colonies, centered around Kensington Market, were not just idling life away in a drug induced state of euphoria, thesepeople were making serious money from real industry and effort.
  • . In this hippie market, even the casual employees, working in the small crampedupstairs trading units, were earning more money per week than most youngengineers.
  • . Starting out with a tiny stall, on the top floor of Kensington Market, withintwo years I had shops and trading units all over London and had more moneythan I had ever seen in my life before.

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  • . Respond Marketing’s Business Directory features Columbiana County businesses commited to providing timely responses and professional service to our members.
  • . Request a Quote Marketing Submit your FREE request for marketing and receive competitive price quotes from qualified businesses in your area.

    New Alliance Puts Kensington on Top
  • . As part of the alliance, Kensington will globally market and distribute Kensington-branded versions of Mobility's power product family, including several next-generation products and products to be developed by the two companies.
  • . "Developing relationships with companies that produce market-leading technologies is key to meeting and surpassing the expectations of our customers, " said Paul Easthope, President of Kensington Technology Group.
  • . "This alliance with Mobility Electronics immediately positions us at the forefront of the emerging market for combination AC/DC power adapters for notebook computers, handhelds and cell phones.
  • . The Kensington brand, commitment to product innovation, strong marketing and breadth of distribution, combined with Mobility's leading AC/DC power technology, creates a tremendous opportunity to grow sales and market share." "This strategic alliance is our most important step yet in establishing a worldwide leadership position with our combination AC/DC power adapter technology and product family, " said Charlie Mollo, CEO of Mobility Electronics.

    MicroStrategy - UK Financial Services Company Kensington Mortgages Selects MicroStrategy for Business Intelligence
  • . “Throughout the selection process, MicroStrategy demonstrated great professionalism and a real grasp of our business requirements, ” said Alastair Pate, Director of Marketing & Strategy at Kensington Mortgages.
  • . Selecting MicroStrategy was a long-term strategic purchase for Kensington.” Approximately 150 employees across five UK-based underwriting centers, as well as its sales, finance, IT, marketing, human resources, strategy and customer administration departments, will use the MicroStrategy platform to perform near real-time analyses against a SQL Server® data warehouse containing nearly 2, 000, 000 records, or 100, 000 mortgage applications.
  • . Kensington Group plc is the only independent lender in its market listed on the London Stock Exchange.
  • . About MicroStrategy Incorporated Founded in 1989, MicroStrategy is a worldwide leader in the increasingly critical business intelligence software market. @CallCenter