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  • . The band and I had an amazing time and we are looking forward to coming back.
  • . CARLETON PLACE, ON May 16 with Notre Dame High School Band I’m going to sit in with much lauded Notre Dame High School Band in Carleton Place.
  • . OTTAWA, ON: June 11 WESTFEST Ah, my first Festival appearance with a full band! And in my hometown of Ottawa.
  • . I love watching the tour documentaries of bigger bands and goal setting for the future.

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  • . Session Offered: Fee Band: 2 Description To make viable marketing decisions an organization needs to understand its customers and potential customers and the markets in which it currently operates or might enter.

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  • . These feeds search through the music world and give you their opinion on what they think the best bands out there are , like a friend you chat with about new albums.
  • . 06.15.2006 When/how did Band Of Horses become so damned popular? That's not a complaint, they're a fine band and deserve success, but I thought when they originally booked into Lee's Palace for Tuesday night that they were perhaps overestimating their draw - usually a new band (excepting Carissa's Weird) coming through town for the first time will do so at the cozier confines of the Horseshoe, but Band Of Horses not only got put in the much larger Lee's, but sold the damn thing out.
  • . 06.16.2006 Bob Dylan: 1995-05-17, Los Angeles [flac]* Bright Eyes: 2006-06-14, Toronto [flac]* Built to Spill: 1999-02-13, Portland [flac] John Cale & Band: 2006-06-11, Leuven [flac]* Lou Reed: 2002-08-31, Seattle [flac]* Neil Young: 2000-08-19, Homdel [flac]* Radiohead: 2006-06-14, New York [flac]* Radiohead:...
  • . Last night was slim pickings obviously -- most of the notable bands that played will have other...

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  • . Amanda Martinez Singer/songwriter and bandleader in the Latin music community.
  • . John Michelle’s career started at age 11 recording TV and radio jingles and voiceover, by age 13 she was lead singer in an R & B and jazz band.


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  • . B-roll is available via satellite, C-band feed: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2, 10:30 - 11:00 AM EDT C-Band, IA 6, Tr.
  • . 21, DL 4120 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2, 13:15 - 13:45 PM EDT C-Band, IA 5, Tr.
  • . 23, DL 4160 THURSDAY, JUNE 3, 13:00 - 13:30 PM EDT C-Band, IA 5, Tr.

  • . Their important natural heritage values will help Rouge Park to provide a continuous ecological corridor, including a 600-metre wide band of interior forest habitats, stretching from the Oak Ridges Moraine to Lake Ontario.
  • . Tasty Thursdays run from July 15 to August 26 and provide an opportunity to sample international dishes from ten of Toronto's restaurants, all set to live music from local up-and-coming bands.
  • . Mel Lastman Square's weekly concert series, Sunday Serenades , run from July 18 to August 2 and feature the city's best swing and big band acts - perfect for dancing under the stars.

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  • . Heeft u een goede band met uw eigen partijen, dan maken wij daar graag gebruik van.
  • . Die noemen wij 'standaard' - niet omdat uw product op de marketing-lopende band wordt gezet, maar omdat u zo profiteert van gezamenlijke inkoop met anderen.

    Canadian - Kaiser Bottom-Fishing Report - Kaiser Express 2002-04: Saskatchewan - Canada's rising diamond star? - Sat Jun 17, 2006
  • . While De Beers is not abandoning its G10 system, it has developed a much greater appreciation for variations in the relationship between indicator minerals and diamond potential in different cratonic settings.
  • . The key changes are the abandonment by De Beers of its supply management role in the rough diamond market, its encouragement of brand marketing as a way not just to share the diamond advertising cost but to expand the global advertising budget, and the arrival of the conflict diamond controversy.

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  • . Band-Aid the Bomb Another lesson: The site the developers intended to build was near an area in the South Pacific where nuclear testing had taken place.
  • . Many moguls who rushed to build web sites are now abandoning those sites.

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  • . I fixed it, and it’s probably about 70% of what it used to be, but it was in mint condition when I put it in that box, it was perfect." Matheson was in and out of bands that embraced folk and rock styles throughout high school and university.
  • . His last collaborative music project was with a band called Kennel District, also on the Noise Factory label, that has since disbanded.
  • . When I was in the band it was weird because I couldn’t (do solo work), I felt that if I had an idea I had to give it to the band.
  • . So I couldn’t devote my full time to it, Kennel District was my first priority." While mediating musical directions between his fellow band members, perhaps Beef Terminal was a manifestation of a musical direction he wanted to explore yet never had a chance to.
  • . It’s not like wanted to make Beef Terminal style music with this rock band I was playing in, it was two different things." When Kennel District disbanded it freed Matheson to fully realize his musical direction, and he returned to solo playing with a more focused vision.

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  • . Each gig will be broadcast on Channel 4 and E4, with excerpts from the gig, and behind-the-scenes footage, including interviews with the band.
  • . This will include a dedicated microsite, offering information on the band, competitions, and free downloads, as well as promotion on 3’s ‘Today on 3’ portal.
  • . April 04, 2006 in, , | April 03, 2006 Mobile TV a Key Theme at this year's CTIA Wireless Conference Wireless broadband, mobile TV and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) are key themes at this year's CITA (Cellular Telecommunication and Internet Association) Wireless conference, held in Las Vegas on April 5-7, according to analyst .
  • . "The momentum is towards ever-increasing speeds and ever-increasing complexity, " says Informa Principal Analyst Gavin Patterson.Cingular Wireless is expected to announce further plans for its rollout of HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access), while Sprint Nextel last week announced plans to start offering 1xEV-DO Revision A (which increases the data speeds and capacity of existing EV-DO or wireless radio broadband networks) i n Q1 2007.

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  • . Born in Toronto in 1971, he started his first band at age 12 on drums.
  • . He sang lead and played drums in rock bands for 10 years.
  • . Mike has worked and performed with Clarence Clemens (E Street Band).
  • . Throughout his career, he has performed with and opened for various artists including Steve Forbert, Dave Mason, Richie Havens, The Band, The Persuasions, Clarence Clemens and the Red Bank Rockers and Killer Joe (with Max Weinberg).
  • . Danny McBride is a Los Angeles based songwriter/musician/producer who has worked with dozens of name artists over the years as band leader and arranger/producer.


    Songwriting Articles - North by Northeast Music and Industry Conference 1998 - Part 1 (May Lebrun)

  • . Just over 400 bands and solo artists were scheduled to play at the many venues taking part in the conference.
  • . One rep stated, distastefully I thought, that bands like the Rolling Stones, with their longevity, are a thing of the past.
  • . He claimed that no songwriter or artist will ever have more than 3 or 4 albums in a lifetime and that the glory days when bands stayed together, playing and recording for years, are over.
  • . Two songwriters, one from the band, Rusty, and another from the band, The Doughboys, were there to give their views and advice on songwriting, both the business and the creative end.
  • . When he formed the band Rusty, he said it just suddenly "happened", without the struggling and the striving.

  • . B-roll is available via satellite, C-band feed: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2, 10:30 - 11:00 AM EDT C-Band, IA 6, Tr.
  • . 21, DL 4120 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2, 13:15 - 13:45 PM EDT C-Band, IA 5, Tr.
  • . 23, DL 4160 THURSDAY, JUNE 3, 13:00 - 13:30 PM EDT C-Band, IA 5, Tr.

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  • . Each band is quite different from the others, so it provides a nice balance of the different sounds developing in Canada right now.

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  • . One wonders, in one's smiley T-shirt and one's bandana, whatever next? Trevor Miller is fairly certain what's next.
  • . This had also been home to Chris Sullivan, legendary promoter from The Wag Club and Steve Strange who was famous for five minutes (with his band VISAGE).I'm not sure how it happened, exactly - but I ran foul of Harry Cook over a video shoot that went bad.
  • . The band I'd been managing CITY SUGAR had also dumped me, earlier that month.
  • . posted by trevor_miller_screenwriter | Saturday, February 05, 2005 Camp Freddy Pictured left is BRITISH ACTOR Tony Beckley, who played the character 'Camp Freddy' in the 1969 Michael Caine car-chase flick 'The Italian Job.'Pictured right is the band 'Camp Freddy' (Billy Morrison, Dave Navarro, Matt Sorum, Donovan Leitch, and Chris Chaney) who took their name from Beckley's character in the movie...I am listening to the Camp Freddy show on Indie 103.1... @CallCenter